WaPo document archive on Trump

A book was published about Donald Trump last week – Trump Revealed

Trump’s response:


Washington Post’s response: ‘Trump Revealed’: The reporting archive

The Post is making public today a sizable portion of the raw reporting used in the development of “Trump Revealed,” a biography of the Republican presidential nominee published August 23 by Scribner. Drawn from the work of more than two dozen Post journalists, the archive contains 398 documents, comprising thousands of pages of interview transcripts, court filings, financial reports, immigration records and other material. Interviews conducted off the record were removed, as was other material The Post did not have the right to publish. The archive is searchable and navigable in a number of ways. It is meant as a resource for other journalists and a trove to explore for our many readers fascinated by original documents.

The archive is here.

NiemanLab responds: The Donald, documented: The Washington Post open-sources much of its Trump reporting

The Washington Post recently published a new biography of Donald Trump, for which the Republican nominee sat for more than 20 hours of interviews.

Now, in a welcome show of journalistic openness, the Post has published the raw materials that made up its reporting, including transcripts of those 20 hours with the Donald, for others to read — including other journalists.

Journalistic transparency is almost always a good thing — especially in the context of an extraordinarily contested race in which the media has been a frequent piñata, for reasons good and bad. (The Post has, at various times in this campaign, been both banned from covering Trump campaign events as press and given almost unthinkable candidate access for a book.) Like a data journalism project that releases its code on GitHub, or a documents-based investigation that puts its work on DocumentCloud, this effort by the Post is a move in the right direction.

News.com.au (via NZ Herald) responds: Massive 398-document archive on Donald Trump released they detail a number of fairly boring “things about the billionaire candidate we’ve learnt”:

  • Trump had a privileged upbringing
    Donald Trump benefited greatly from this, growing up in a world of wealth and privilege. He went to private school, was the only family in his neighbourhood to have a Cadillac, and was to follow his father’s business ventures.
  • Trump is proof celebrity life can be very lonely
    He himself admitted he doesn’t have a lot of people he can turn to. “He really doesn’t have the kinds of friendships that most people would describe… and never really has.” (so that goes back to well before ‘celebrity’ days)
  • Trump allegedly showed racial bias when renting his properties
    For example, an African-American man who went to inspect an apartment had his application denied, with the agent telling him there was no room. The following day his wife, a white woman, went for the exact same apartment, and was told they’d be delighted to have her.
  • Trump may have voted for Hillary Clinton 16 years ago
    When she was running for the US Senate of New York in 2001, he even had a fundraiser for the state Democratic Party in his apartment.
  • Trump may threaten you if you write a book about him
    “I just hope the book could be fair because, otherwise, you know, we’ll see what happens. But it would be nice if the book could be fair. But we’ll see.”
  • Trump (sort of) admitted he expressed initial support for invading Iraq
    In a 2002 Howard Stern interview, when Trump was asked if he was in favour of invading Iraq, he replied: “Yeah, I guess so. I wish the first time it was done correctly.”
  • Trump claimed he’s not an insulting person
    “I don’t feel I insult people. I don’t feel I insult people. I try and get to the facts and I don’t feel I insult people. I hear what you’re saying but I do not feel that I insult people. Now, if I’m insulted I will counterattack, or if something is unfair, I will counterattack, but I don’t feel like I insult people. I don’t want to do that.”
  • Trump refuses to believe his fans are insulting people
    The reporters asked Trump what he thought about his fans calling Hillary Clinton a “b*tch”, and wearing T-shirts that read: “Trump that b****”.
    “I have not heard that, I don’t like that. But I have not heard that. I would not be happy if I heard it. No, I have not heard it.”
  • Trump will hang up on you if he doesn’t like the question
    Donald Trump allegedly created his own press agent. The Post said he would call reporters saying his name was “John Miller”, but wouldn’t even bother to disguise his voice. He would then give them fake news tips, telling them he would be at glamorous events with glamorous people.
    Boburg: “Mr Trump, we just have two more questions and then we’ll let you run. The story today about John Miller. Did you ever employ someone named John Miller as a spokesperson? I think he hung up. I’m pretty sure he hung up.”

America’s response:



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  1. Pete Kane

     /  1st September 2016

    The visual support, that concludes Pete’s article, takes on even more meaning when you ‘meet’ the lead authors in person. I say lead authors, because as exposed many months ago there were at times dozens working full time on the book, particularly as staff left covering the declining field of nominees.



  2. Bezos hates Trump, Bezos owns The WaPO…. what a surprise the WaPo trashes Trump.

    A liar and career politician who looks after her own interests first versus a braggart, flip-flopper who no one knows what his policies really are? Great choice USA – your electoral system is producing rubbish candidates and needs reform. First step limit dollars able to be spent and curtail Super PACS…. lets see some real talent for once.

  3. Gezza

     /  1st September 2016

    WaPo. This bizzo about contracting names of celebrities and companies into a new ‘word’ is a riot sometimes.

    So, for our celebrity Party Leaders we’ve got:



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