UK update – EU, Corbyn

Another UK update from Missy:


The Irish cabinet today agreed to appeal the decision by the EU Commission over Apple. This was flagged the other day by Ireland, but today after an emergency cabinet meeting it was made official. This has been promoted by some commentators in the UK as showing the tide turning against the EU by the member nations, whether or not this is true time will tell. It will be interesting to watch, but will be a drawn out process.


Ooops he did it again! Corbyn has yet again caused controversy, and is facing criticism regarding intolerance in the Labour Party – this time on two counts:

1. Ruth Smeeth, has received over 20,000 threats since she spoke out against Corbyn over the report into Anti-Semitism in the Labour Party. One in particular is causing concern, where she was told the gallows would be a fine and fitting place for her. She is under police protection, and the Counter Terrorism unit are investigating a couple of the people sending the message. The messages have all been sent by people saying they are supporting Corbyn, and they have been sent (in her words) in his name.

Corbyn’s spokesperson said “Jeremy condemns all abuse, and no one responsible for it is a genuine supporter of Jeremy’s. He has repeatedly called for a kinder, gentler politics.”

Unfortunately what this shows is that no matter what Corbyn says his supporters are not listening to him, and his response is to bury his head in the sand and pretend they are not really his supporters. And because he is not strong, or decisive, in taking action against them they believe they have his tacit approval to act in this way – and no matter if they do, his inaction makes the public think they have his approval as well.

His supporters are showing Corbyn up to be a weak and ineffectual leader incapable of making the hard decisions required, and the less he does about this, the less he looks like a PM in waiting to the rest of the country. The problem for Corbyn acting on this is that he needs these people in order to keep his position, and it is now at a stage where if he did act, these ‘supporters’ could easily take things into their own hands and become violent – he really is in a no win situation now.

2. On Wednesday Corbyn gave a speech in which he said that Companies should stop the after work drinks as it was unfair on mothers who wanted to get home to their children, and it benefited men who did not feel the need to be home to look after the children. This was said at a speech to launch Labour’s policy on equal rights for women, which was (ironically) followed by a drinks party (obviously no after work drinks don’t apply to him).

I will assume he meant this comment to be positive for women, and about fairness for women in the workplace, the problem is it seems to have backfired on him as he has been accused of sexism on two counts – one by suggesting women are the only ones responsible for looking after children, and two by suggesting fathers don’t want to be home to help look after their children.

There are some that have also accused him of sexism on the grounds of assuming women don’t want to go out and socialise with colleagues after work, and those that have said he is being discriminatory against those without children – or with older or grown children – by suggesting they should be denied after work drinks because of those with younger children. Not to mention the whole implication that the Government should be able to have any say on how businesses and their workers interact socially, or after hours.

One big mess for Corbyn.

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  1. Missy

     /  3rd September 2016

    Blazer put this in Open Forum in response to this update:

    “the bulk of it,apart from the first paragraph of 1…cannot be taken very seriously.”

    You haven’t exactly said why it can’t be taken seriously, but I do find it interesting that you don’t think threats – that the police are taking seriously – against a Jewish female MP can’t be taken seriously, as for the second part for Corbyn, well to be honest no-one is taking his comments too seriously at all. But the problem this presents, is the more of these type of missteps there are the less like a PM in waiting he looks like.

  2. Missy

     /  3rd September 2016

    Going on past behaviour I would not be surprised if Blazer thinks I made up the stuff about Corbyn, to try and discredit him, so here are two articles on each issue, I am sure I can find some more. The after work drinks comment has generated a lot of discussion in the media and on twitter here.

    Another one on Ruth Smeeth:

    Blazer, I think you need to think before commenting, I have no agenda, no opinion presented, what I write in these updates is a summary of one or two things that have happened that I have managed to get to read in my very busy day. If you don’t have anything intelligent to contribute instead of waffly dismissal then I will refuse to respond in future.

    • Alan Wilkinson

       /  3rd September 2016

      Join the club, Missy. There were no takers yesterday when I ran a competition to remember the last time Blazer said anything sensible or useful.

      • Missy

         /  3rd September 2016

        I tried to come up with something, and came up with a half sensible comment…. if you take it out of context and forget everything else he has said.

        On reflection I may have been a little generous in saying half sensible…

    • Why do you bother engaging the troll Missy?? He is pretty pointless

      • Blazer

         /  3rd September 2016

        just looking at the survey results…massive downticks for the eviscerated lightweight RWNJ’s.

      • oooooh look someone has figured out how to game the voting tick buttons… aren’t they a clever little troll….

  3. Blazer

     /  3rd September 2016

    ooh look the ‘self made man’ re invented himself as a clever investor…after..his…inheritance!!BOL.


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