NZ First conference – policies

NZ First have announced several policies at their conference over the weekend. This far out from next year’s election these appear to be trying to position themselves for polls, in particular to compete with Labour for support.

Both Ron Mark and Winston Peters indicate that they are trying to portray NZ First as an alternative lead party to both National and Labour. They aren’t likely to get close to National but could give Labour a good hoozle up.

Yesterday education spokeswoman Tracey Martin’s announced a policy that would provide all tertiary students with free study as long as they don’t leave New Zealand for as long as they spent getting their education. This goes further than Labour’s free tertiary policy – and has been costed at $4.6 billion, presumably per year.

Today Winston Peters announced another education policy, to give all secondary pupils a pathway to get their driver’s license. The reasoning behind this was because over a half of Maori first offenders were pinged for driving with no license.

This policy also included NZ First’s core demographic – they say that retirees would do the teaching to drive.

Another policy announcement would fast track a heap more police officers to address crime problems.

Peters also intimated that Labour’s policy to build 10,000 houses a year was nowhere near enough and they would build many more, but gave no details.

Peters also attacked National and Labour numerous times in his conference speech, also attacked the Maori and Green parties a bit, and blasted online commenters and the media several times.

In particular Peters blasted TV One for not having him in Q&A this morning on an item on immigration.

Peters said they planned to use the Internet to bypass the media and speak directly to ‘the people’. He also said they intended to target the ‘missing million’, the non-voters.that Greens and Labour failed to attract last election.

More of my impressions of Peters’ speech in a separate post.

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  1. Kitty Catkin

     /  4th September 2016

    Just because someone is retired, they are not necessarily a good driver.

    Where are they going to find all these retirees ?

    Where are they going to find the money for all these schemes ?

    • Hello Kitty – I’m old, I’m retired, I know I’m a good driver – BUT: Do I really want to teach snotty teens to drive?? No way

      • Kitty Catkin

         /  4th September 2016

        Really ? Why would you pass up such a treat ?

        I like the bland assumption that retirees will WANT to do this.

  2. One News say that they asked Peters twice to appear on Q & A and both time he backed out. They then quoted him talking about lies in politics.

    • Kitty Catkin

       /  4th September 2016

      He must think that this is Greenland.

      ‘millions of forgotten New Zealanders’ ? Eh ? There are only 4,000,000 and a bit of us.

  3. artcroft

     /  4th September 2016

    You gotta love his work. With no facts to check and no reality to engage with it must take Peters the best part of ten mins to put his policy speeches together. I really want his job.

  4. Kitty Catkin

     /  4th September 2016

    The party slogan should be the Victorian saying

    ‘And the band played ‘Believe it if you like.’ ‘

  5. Kitty Catkin

     /  4th September 2016

    Did I hear him saying that 1,000,000 people didn’t vote ? He must have forgotten that many people don’t vote because they are too young, so can’t.

  6. Tipene

     /  4th September 2016

    NZ First spent $1.29 per vote in the 2014 election, which made them the second-most efficient party-in-parliament spend after United Future at .38c per vote, with NZ First securing 8.86% of the Party Vote.

    Now add an existing NZ First Electorate seat (Northland).

    Add to that a worldwide surge in anxiety regarding immigration.

    NZ First won’t need to seek out the missing voters – they will find NZ First.

    • Iceberg

       /  4th September 2016

      “which made them the second-most efficient party-in-parliament spend”

      Most useless statistic of the week. You know he’s in opposition, right?

      What you mean is that they wasted the 2nd least amount per vote?

      • Gezza

         /  4th September 2016

        NZ First could still end up getting more ‘fed up with the lot of them’ & despair votes by the time the election comes around. All I see from any of them is higgeldy-piggeldy patchy policies at the moment.


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