The Nation – housing again

Today on The Nation:

We take a look at the housing crisis. talks to about whether the Govt’s doing enough on social housing.

As Akl’s average house price breaks the million dollar barrier how do we hit the brakes? and John Bolton weigh in.

, , and are on the panel, with and on the Twitter panel

Migration is cyclical. Unaffordable prices cyclical AND structural.


Social housing stock in New Zealand


Affordability has been worsening for decades.


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  1. Tipene

     /  10th September 2016

    I think Vancouver has sorted it:

    Q: Now, which political party wishes to commit political suicide, by enacting similar legislation, when 1/3rd of the voting population lives in the very city (Auckland) that has spiralled out of control, housing-wise?

    A: None.

    Result: More of the same to come.

    It’s migration time indeed, but for Aucklanders out of Auckland.

    Most of the country voted for this outcome, and will continue to do so.

    • “I think Vancouver has sorted it”

      Considering they have only just implemented the policy I think it’s a bit premature to suggest they have the ‘magic bullet’ for housing affordability.

      Time will tell…..

      • Blazer

         /  10th September 2016

        Agree with you there.Mixed messages about price and volume coming through atm.Definately a step in the right direction .Natz need to get some guts and do the same.

  2. Blazer

     /  10th September 2016

    Are they racist in Canada…?’When a week ago we reported that in a long-overdue decision, the British Columbia government finally cracked down on Vancouver’s unprecedented “Chinese hot money” driven housing bubble …’Chinese hot money!!!!-team Key its only 3% all foreign buyers…..believe it …or not!

  3. Well, there you go, once the Police prove their point about the conspiracy in Court then they will be able to seize $1.3 Billion worth of property as “the proceeds of crime” like they did last month in a highly publicised case. Auckland is not Vancouver, and the real estate picture in both places probably differ in significant ways. The investment in Vancouver has its roots in Hong Kong and is not necessarily Chinese money- there is a lot of Hot Indonesian money floating around.


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