Also on Q & A -the regions and farming

Also on Q & A this morning:

Can we reboot our regions?

The future seems grim for some of our regions that are facing flat-lining growth or even decline. But could there be a silver lining? Demographer Professor Paul Spoonley talks solutions in his new book, Rebooting the Regions.

And the man that runs New Zealand’s biggest farm talks about the future of dairy, doing more to fix our water problems and the changing face of modern farming. Landcorp CEO Steven Carden is interviewed by Corin Dann.

Joining our host Greg Boyed on the panel are political scientist Dr Bryce Edwards, former Labour candidate Dr Deborah Russell and businessman Sam Stubbs.


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  1. Zedd

     /  11th September 2016

    Interesting feedback about the minister & PMs comments that employers prefer ‘foreign workers’, because they are more reliable & not all on DRUGS.. inferring that many younger kiwis are !

    The difference now, being this current obsession with ‘work-place drug testing’ that did not exist until this current generation of young workers. Many in my generation (50+) also smoked the ‘herb’ BUT it was NOT such a huge hurdle to obtaining employment. (unless you were busted)

    methinks ‘Team Key’ are justifying their policies with this B-S.. to allow employers to pay minimum wage (or less) & exploit these foreigners :/

    • Zedd: “Many in my generation (50+) also smoked the ‘herb’ BUT it was NOT such a huge hurdle to obtaining employment”.”methinks ‘Team Key’ are justifying their policies with this B-S.. to allow employers to pay minimum wage (or less) & exploit these foreigners”.

      You can’t have it both ways – unions/govt demanding (quite rightly) that workers are safe in their workplace so H & S requirements/costs for employers sky-rocket but then on the other hand you want them to turn a blind eye to drugged out workers using heavy machinery and the like? The fines associated with a drugged out person causing injury (and/or death) are massive and it’s the employer that gets hit the hardest, not the employee.

      You obviously have no idea about the New Zealand workplace of today or the H&S requirements that employers must now follow by law & the penalties faced if found not to be complying.

      • Zedd

         /  11th September 2016


        talk about twist the issue upside down & inside out.. misinfo. ! 😀

        the flaw with it being, these ‘drug tests’ PROVE the person used a drug (or perhaps inhaled 2nd hand smoke) in the last few weeks.. BUT not that they are intoxicated on the job. They also ignore ALCOHOL use/abuse, which causes MORE harm to society as a whole ! :/

        I agree that people who drive or use heavy equipment on the job, should be monitored/tested.. BUT not all workers (blanket tests).. encouraging this B-S zero-tolerance to ‘DRUGS’ (mostly the herb) 😦

        • Zedd

           /  11th September 2016

          “WAKE UP !”.. we’re standing up for Freedom & LIBERTY !! 😀

        • Your reply shows a serious lack of knowledge as to the workplace of today.

          *Alcohol is not ‘ignored’ at all and figures as high (if not more) as drug use in H&S regulations. A lot of NZ workplaces have zero-tolerance policies to alcohol.
          *H&S standards can’t apply to a few workplaces, it has to apply to all workplaces in NZL.
          * Again it is the employers requirement to provide a safe workplace. H&S policies/compliance is extreme and costly – to turn a blind eye to people under the influence is not possible. Drug testing is getting better all the time.

          The only person who needs ‘WAKING UP’ is yourself……

    • Alan Wilkinson

       /  11th September 2016

      How are these foreigners being exploited? Is the taxpayer being exploited instead?

    • Actually old chap we have laws in this country that provide some very strong sanctions for the employers who deny workers their rights to pay and condition. Just about every day I read of Court cases prosecuting those who try it on. Try and look at what is going on in Indonesia China, any South Asian state, (India and Pakistan) Hong Kong etc etc. I think our laws are right, if not capable of improvement, but all in all we don’t do too badly. Take your gripes elsewhere mate!

  2. Zedd

     /  11th September 2016

    Under ‘Aunty Helen’ too much ‘Govt. interference’ was labelled ‘Nanny state’ by the ‘righties’ BUT they seem quite OK to support this nonsense, which I call ‘Granny state’ (1930s mindset).. WELL past its useby date !

    ‘Team Key’ say they are governing for all kiwis.. then we hear this stuff; which is the real group they are governing for : the Employers/fat-cats ONLY 😦

    • My response earlier was directed at Zedd, in case there is any confusion. Zedd have you ever discussed with any MP about what motivates them? If you can find me one NZ MP who does not say they are in Politics to help all of their constituents achieve their needs, then I will stand naked at my front Window for a week – you can pay any costs! Your Team Key comment is ‘bull shit” of the first order. Try to be factual in your comments please?

      • Zedd

         /  11th September 2016

        ‘Try to be factual in your comments please?’

        I just sez it… as I seez it.. as I’m sure we all do !? 😀


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