One News poll – September

The latest One News Colmar Brunton poll is worst for Labour, down 3 to 26%, around the same level of support for their poor 2014 election. The other bigger parties will be happy.

  • National 48% (no change)
  • Labour 26% (down from 29%)
  • Greens 13% (up from 12)
  • NZ First 11% (up from 9%)
  • Maori Party 2% (up from 1)

Refuse to answer 3%, undecided 10%

NZ First probably benefited from publicity from their annual conference.

Preferred Prime Minister:

  • John Key 38% (down from 39)
  • Winston Peters 11% (down from 12)
  • Andrew Little 10% (up from 7)

Fieldwork conducted 3-7 September, just over 1000 voters with a margin of error of 3.1%

One News: National rides high, Labour slips to lowest since election

Labour has been quick to attack the poll, leader Andrew Little saying the poll is “bogus” and he doesn’t accept it. He says he has seen other polls that tell a completely different story.

Mr Key says the poll is good for National and partly reflects the fact Kiwis are becoming increasingly optimistic about the strong economy.

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  1. Little regularly now in third place as preferred PM…………embarrassing

  2. Tipene

     /  12th September 2016

    If NZ First keeps this up, and surpasses the Greens as the third highest polling party – then Winston will have his crown, without requiring National’s investiture.

  3. Apparently Andrew Little has called the results “bogus”.

    • Conspiratoor

       /  12th September 2016

      He has to call them something pg. What would you call them if you were he

      • What Little meant is that National in reality are polling slightly higher than 48%……

      • “Bugger, must do better.”

        It has been pointed out that the last Colmar Brunton poll before the last election had Labour on 25.2% but the got 25.1% – perhaps there were a lot of bogus voters.

    • “Labour has been quick to attack the poll, leader Andrew Little saying the poll is “bogus” and he doesn’t accept it. He says he has seen other polls that tell a completely different story”. – One news.

      Most polls have Labour between 26-28% (‘poll of polls’ @27.3% before this poll) so not sure what Andrew Little is cherry picking.

  4. ‘Sigh’ at The Standard:

    Sure enough CV can’t wait more than a few minutes to put up a bullshit poll attacking Labour. Do you think he put up the recent Reid Research poll as quickly which showed Labour on 33?

    As someone who has access to UMR polls this Colmar poll strikes me as completely out of whack.

    That will be the better polling that Little is referring to.

  5. Anne at The Standard:

    I haven’t seen the item yet but Little needs to constantly show disdain for these polls – especially those involving TV1 and TV3. There is an inbuilt bias favouring National and it goes back decades. He needs to openly treat them with the contempt they deserve.

    He should also point out that the media generally is a disgrace by constantly giving the govt a free pass for their disastrous governance on many fronts while, at the same time, over-egging minor alleged indiscretions against Labour personnel.

    Sock it to em Andrew. The masses perceive politeness as a weakness.

    • Iceberg

       /  12th September 2016

      It’s hard to see the Standard as anything but a pisstake on poll days.

      How can that many people be so far down the rabbit hole when these polls come out?

  6. Pete Kane

     /  12th September 2016

    Gosh, not bad for the Nats in anyone’s language, is it?

    • They have been up and down quite a bit, but their last 3 CB results are 50, 48, 48 – they would have to be happy with that.

    • Considering the constant MSM barrage on the housing front I’d say an amazing result.

      Little must be feeling the heat – being a poor communicator & debater with no successful election campaigns behind him he will only go further down once the 2017 election campaigning begins – he needs runs on the board now.

  7. Blazer

     /  12th September 2016

    Little as preferred P.M up over 40%!!

    • Gezza

       /  12th September 2016

      It IS interesting that Little’s gone up from 7 to 10 in the Preferred PM poll – wonder why?

  8. Alan Wilkinson

     /  12th September 2016

    No change really. Labour still barking up the wrong trees. Greens sitting in them. Winston still hogging the camp fire and the Nats are partying in the cabins.

  9. Corky

     /  12th September 2016

    Exceptional result given the pounding National has taken over housing. Apparently the economy is buzzing along too. Only one thing National must do well before the next election, and that’s a great budget. I’m sure there’s a few voters out there voting for National who wouldn’t if the Left was a viable option. The Dipton Kid must make sure there are lollies for these folk to stop them wandering. Not that there’s much chance of that.


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