UK Update – Conservatives

Missy is back in action with a report from the UK and Europe. Report 1:


The big news today is that David Cameron has resigned from Parliament effective immediately. This has forced a by-election in his electorate, but it shouldn’t be an issue as it is a safe Conservative seat.

Last week Brexit Minister David Davis intimated that the UK would not be looking for a deal that necessary included remaining in the single market by saying it was very improbable that they would. He was rebuked by Theresa May, with a spokesperson saying that it is not right to be putting all their cards on the table before negotiations, and claimed that it was his opinion not Government policy. This has led some commentators to think that it will be a soft Brexit, whilst others think she is wanting to keep all negotiating points secret in order to execute a hard Brexit.

On Theresa May, and Brexit, she has stated that there will not be a points based immigration system after Brexit. Theresa May is not in favour of points based systems as she said it does not curb immigration, and does not necessarily bring in people who contribute to society, she is in favour of a work permit based system, where immigrants will have to have a job prior to migrating to the UK. This will include EU citizens as well.


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