A Burr under the Green saddle

Lloyd Burr at Newshub echoes and highlights the hypocrisy of the Green Party over their apparently unconditional support of the Kermadec Ocean Sanctuary  at the expense of Māori treaty rights, something the Greens normally promote as sacrosanct.

Newshub: Greens have turned back on Treaty

By unconditionally supporting the Kermadec ocean sanctuary proposal, the Green Party is turning its back on the Treaty of Waitangi and its own Te Tiriti policy.

The Greens have always been a strong voice on Treaty issues and like to publicise that fact.

But its current support of the Kermadec legislation, which walks all over Māori rights, is a slap in the face for all its past rhetoric.

In fact, it’s hypocritical.

Burr details a number of issues where the Greens put a lot of importance on Te Tiriti.

  • The water rights debate during the asset sales saga? The Greens said “the Key Government’s rush to sell assets does not justify it ignoring its Treaty obligations”.
  • The  private members bill that would stop Māori land confiscations under the Public Works Act? The bill will “stop any more unfair confiscations of what is left of whenua Māori”.
  • Co-leader Metiria Turei’s Ratana speech a few years ago about how proud she was of the Green Party’s Māori policies? “We in the Green Party deeply believe in the benefits of honouring the Treaty,” she said.
  • The Greens saying it opposed the Trans-Pacific Partnership because “the damage it could do to Māori rights and the Māori economy”.

But the Greens, plus organisations closely associated with the Greens like Greenpeace – Māori versus the environmental lobby – see the Kermadec sanctuary as important enough to ignore rights negotiated by Māori under the Treaty.

The saga must be a kick in the guts for Green MP Marama Davidson who has been such a champion on Māori issues.

It must be a hard pill for her to swallow.

Where does co-leader Metiria Turei fit in to this? She makes a big deal about the importance of Māori issues. When it suits her.

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  1. Alan Wilkinson

     /  20th September 2016

    The Greens have no interest in respecting property rights either as environmentalists or as socialists. They are State-ists pretending to be highly moral Fascists controlling the planet for their own higher good. Tough luck if you are in the way.

  2. Gezza

     /  20th September 2016

    It would be good to see some comment from Marama.

    • … time to draft the Brown sheep out of the coalition flock …? [Just speculating wildly here]

      It’s a horribly cynical, ‘long bow’ view but so many little things point towards it IMO. The Green’s conveniently overlooking Treaty issues is one: Their Memorandum of Understanding with Labour another.

      Labour’s already lost most of their traditional Maori vote anyway; and now the Maori King has spoken out about them …

      Despite the Herald link above, Peters can still fall either way as Kingmaker on election night … His single most important proviso is he refuses to work with the Maori Party, or combined Maori-Mana, because he is “anti-separatist” (In the worst possible ‘Empire-and-Colonial’ throwback sense IMHO)

      National has more to gain by alienating the Maori Party and simultaneously smearing Maori-in-general by association; polarising and corralling their ‘key’ voter base and, arguably, showing their hand to Winston or at least “raising” his stake … “I plight thee my troth” …

      I actually suspect the deal was done long ago, prior to the Northland by-election …?

      A more perfect vehicle for coalition dissolution and reformation than the Kermadec Sanctuary could hardly be imagined. It puts the Maori Party and Maori-by-association straight into a Catch-22 leaky lifeboat with “anti-conservationists” graffiti daubed all over it … in addition to their already minority-of-population status …

      The issue might become ‘silent majority’ versus ‘moral majority’?

      I suspect it’s all shadow play thrown up by really nasty ‘behind the scenes’ stuff, and if it plays out this way, we may find out which of ‘silent’ or ‘moral’ are actually a minority? National’s credibility could just as easily be on the line?

      In many ways I hope I’m wrong …

      I see today the National Party are divided over whether they’ve apologised or not? And I’ve got the strangest feeling of deja vu …

      • Gezza

         /  20th September 2016

        Logically, going on history, wouldn’t the prospect of a coalition with Winston be more scarily unpredictable & politically life-threatening for National than sticking with the Maori Party?

        • Perhaps not Gezza, if National struck a ‘behind the scenes’, secret deal to field their weakest candidate in the by-election and basically give Winston the seat?

          In exchange for … What?

          12 x NZFirst seats this term compared to 2 x Maori Party … ?

          A pre-ordained Cabinet post … as per Minister of Foreign Affairs 2005 – 2008 …?

          His political career might be chequered but he’s pretty much run the gamut AND run the gauntlet with or against practically everybody …


          Rest assured, I’m with Maori and Peters on this, its about Treaty Rights and Consultation as expressed in Contract Law …

          If my scenario goes down it will be yet another indictment on [essentially] pakeha political parties …

          • Gezza

             /  20th September 2016

            Yes, I see your point. Still, difficult to forsee how they could cobble together a workable economic policy, and there’s the jinx factor to consider.

          • Labour and NZFirst managed to cobble together an economic policy, and IMHO Labour were about as Centre-Centre-Left then as National are now … giving reign to the FIIRE economy while minimizing social welfare to suitably ‘austere’ levels by Kiwi standards …

            Point taken about the jinx factor though Gezza.

  3. Corky

     /  20th September 2016

    Great stuff. That’s the beauty about political correctness….sooner or later, it must meet itself.
    Boy, has Metiria Turei got a problem. She’s got hard choices ahead. I wonder if she remembers how Donna Awatere Huata was treated by other Maori politicians because she was affiliated with ACT? She was despised. Thing is, those idiot Maori MP’s hating on Donna couldn’t see past their big noses that ACT was the only Party willing to protect property rights. I must admit, I’m kind of ambivalent about Metiria winding up like Donna.

    • Gezza

       /  20th September 2016

      Maybe Metz is just more likeable than The Donna? Metz is always up for the giggles, often during speeches, and Donna never was.

      • Pickled Possum

         /  20th September 2016

        Afternoon Gezza … a Burr under the Saddle, yep had one of those.

        My horse tried to throw me off when I hopped on him one fine day. When I jumped off, the horse stopped bucking. So thought hmm … Oh well back on the horse, just to have the same thing happen again! This time with a ferociousness that nearly had me eating dirt!.

        Jumped off and thought this must be one of those Burr situations Sure enough, after pulling off the saddle and close inspection of the blanket there it was ‘The Burr’
        A few hook grasses that caused an irritation, right on his Sensitive Spot,
        everyone got one of those eh.

        I always thought Donna had a sensitive spot that was continually being irritated and with Metria well I think to some, she is the Irritation. 😉

        #corky https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/K%C5%ABpapa


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