Key rarks up UN

John Key rarked up the Security Council over it’s failure to sort out Syria in a speech to the UN General Assembly today (Tuesday US time), but it is as likely to make a difference as everything else over the last sixty years.

It may be a noble gesture but is likely to be as futile as everything else.

Key will chair a meeting of the Security Council tomorrow (overnight NZ time).

Stuff: Key blasts UN Security Council over ‘vested interests’ preventing action on Syria

Prime Minister John Key has blasted the United Nations’ Security Council’s lack of leadership regarding the crisis in Syria.

In a speech to the UN General Assembly in New York on Wednesday (New Zealand time), Key said he was “deeply troubled” at the Security Council’s failure to live up to its responsibilities “on the most serious crisis of our time, Syria”.

Key, who is chairing a high level debate on Syria at the UN overnight (New Zealand time) blamed “internal politics” within the council, and the sheer complexity of the Syria crisis, for obstructing a unified response.

He also condemned the vested interests that often got in the way of concerted action in preventing conflict spiralling out of control.

“There is no lack of mandate for conflict prevention. It’s in the (UN) Charter.

“There is no lack of information about escalating situations. We see the evidence of this – often in the most heartbreaking images in the media.

“The problem is that we don’t always have the will and we don’t use the tools available to us.

A major problem is that both the US and Russia are heavily involved in Syria, and both have the power to veto anything the Security Council decides, so the UN will remain helpless and hopeless.

When can you remember last hearing news like “The UN sorts crisis out in Xxxxx”?

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  1. MaureenW

     /  21st September 2016

    John Obama ….

  2. Alan Wilkinson

     /  21st September 2016

    The last thing the Security Council wants is to feel responsible. They much prefer that nothing happens and someone else gets blamed. That is the whole point of the veto along with ensuring that the big guns never get fired at each other.

  3. Gezza

     /  21st September 2016

    One News at 6 had John Key pulling no punches and lettting fly at the US and Russia and the ineffectiveness of the Security Council so it sounded like he’d grabbed the world’s attention with a firey speech, but when I googled for the international news headlines there weren’t any. 😡

    • MaureenW

       /  21st September 2016

      Sad to say this, but I think he is just a shill for the US position. Having his big opportunity and basically articulating no difference between US and NZ. Did he stand up for New Zealand and New Zealanders or just repeat the US mantra?

      • Gezza

         /  21st September 2016

        No he just repeated the Obama Kerry mantra that all parties should get behind the US & Russian effort to broker the ceasefire, and for all the warring factions to allow humanitarian aid in to the war zones, which is also the Russian line – but the subtext of the US is that Assad must soon step down so they can get their way there, and the subtext of Russia and Iran is that he must not, for the same reason.

        Expect Russia to push once more for the publication of the full text of the ceasefire agreement. Russia I think may have tricked them somehow. The US does NOT want to publish the details.


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