Hager at Williams v Craig

Dirty Politics author Nicky Hager gave evidence unwillingly in the defamation case between Jordan Williams and Colin Craig.

In the days leading up to this there was some PR positioning on Twitter, led by Matthew Hooton.

You know that was not true and the subpoena is pure PR.

I know first hand that: (1) it is true, (2) the subpoena is not just PR, & (3) you are spreading misinformation.

Geiringer has represented Hager. There was a lot more twittering over this.

This was clarified when Hager appeared in court yesterday – NZH: Colin Craig defamation trial: ‘Dirty Politics’ author Nicky Hager takes the stand

Hager originally agreed to give evidence for Craig but once the trial started he changed his mind.

“When the court case started it looked to be very personal and tawdry,” he explained.

“I did not want to be part of it anymore.”

He wrote to Craig’s’ lawyers and informed them of this, and in return was sent a subpoena ordering him to appear as a witness.

“Now, here I am,” he said.

There he was, for a short time. He read his statement and wasn’t cross examined.

Stuff summed up in Former Conservative board chair denies Colin Craig harassment allegations:

Hager gave evidence about the relationship between political blogs and the mainstream news media, and the media’s tendency to pick up stories of major political scandals broken by those blogs. 

He said Taxpayers Union founder Jordan Williams would “certainly have known” that Craig’s poem Two of Us would become a national news story after Williams leaked it to Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater.

“Mr Williams would certainly have known it would be picked up and publicised in mainstream media.”

Hager gave evidence to the influence Whale Oil had, making reference to the blog breaking the story of Auckland mayor Len Brown’s affair. 

At the Herald link  Colin Craig defamation trial: ‘Dirty Politics’ author Nicky Hager takes the stand there is video of much of Hager’s statement.

So Hager told the jury what is already widely known about Whale Oil and Dirty Politics. Craig’s defence team obviously thought it was important enough to get him up to Auckland to read for ten minutes.

But it didn’t end there, with both sides of argument claiming victory on Twitter on whether Hager volunteered to appear or not, with Hooton leading the storm.

There’s been a lot of side shows and interrelated issues and agendas surrounding this tawdry case.


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  1. Kevin

     /  22nd September 2016

    In other words Hager realised that Craig is a [can’t say for obvious reasons] and decided it wouldn’t be a good look going in to bat for him. Extremely reluctantly I have to give him a bit of credit for that. I wonder how many more on the Left are going to have the same realisation.

    • The most common impression from across the spectrum seems to be ‘a pox on both their houses’.

      Craig has done some very silly things, like the ’emotional relationship’ and all that entailed, like the sauna interview, and the booklet he sent to everyone with a mailbox in particular.

      But Williams has shone the spotlight on some very questionable things as well. He appears to have used a women and would appear to have knowingly used Whale Oil to promote a very tawdry agenda.

    • Alan Wilkinson

       /  22nd September 2016

      Lefties for Craig would make a great headline. But considering how intolerant both are, a marriage made in heaven?

      • A few lefties may have jumped on the ongoing train wreck but most are rubber neckers.

        Now Hager has shown his reluctance to stir up the muck it will be interesting to see how what Bradbury says and how he presents his statement.

        • Iceberg

           /  22nd September 2016

          Bradbury in Court supporting a millionaire who probably sexually harassed an employee. It’s beyond funny.

        • Gezza

           /  22nd September 2016

          I will be most interested in what Martyn weats to Court, & whether he talks loudly & moves around animatedly in his chair while he’s talking.

    • Corky

       /  22nd September 2016

      I give Hager credit for just appearing in public after Key destroyed him before the last election. Hager is now a ‘nobody.’ I wonder if he wants another beat before the upcoming election?

      • Conspiratoor

         /  22nd September 2016

        I doubt whether saint Nicky and his little band of useful idiots would agree with you there corks. Wouldn’t surprise me if he has another bunch of stolen emails ready to be released ‘in the pubic interest’ just before the next election. Cheers,c

        • Corky

           /  22nd September 2016

          ‘I doubt whether saint Nicky and his little band of useful idiots would agree with you there corks.’

          I’m sure they wouldn’t. There’s a term for that I have slightly rejigged: ‘dead men walking.’

    • Thored

       /  23rd September 2016

      [Please don’t keep changing your pseudonym. As is common on blogs for good reasons, there is a one person, one identity rule here. PG]

  2. Blazer

     /  22nd September 2016

    ‘tawdry’ you say….couldn’t possibly be part of that …old chap….one is very….amused!~

  3. Pete Kane

     /  22nd September 2016

    I see Hooton is taking the subdued approach.


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