Key: “Syria has become a byword for failure”

RNZ reports on John Key at the Security Council: Devastating Syria conflict ‘a byword for failure’

Prime Minister John Key has told the UN the conflict in Syria is a byword for failure and the international response has so far failed.

Mr Key chaired a heated Security Council session on Syria in which the US called for all planes to be grounded in key areas of the country to save the truce there, following an attack on an aid convoy.

Opening the meeting, Mr Key said the Syrian civil war the most devastating conflict of the 21st century and no other other issue more urgently demanded the attention of world leaders.

The conflict had created security threats that reach well beyond Syria’s borders and after more than five years of violence, Syria had become a byword for failure.

“Failure of the parties and their supporters to put peace, and the lives of innocent people ahead of self-interest and zero-sum politics. Failure to respond to the crisis early to prevent this tragedy. And a collective political failure, including by this Council, to do what must be done to end the conflict.

The problem was not a lack of direction, he said, as the pathway for ending this conflict was set out by the Security Council last December but the timetable for implementing them was never carried out.

“Today we all need to commit to restoring the cessation of hostilities, delivering aid to those who need it, and restarting political talks.

“Last week’s arrangement between US Secretary of State Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov represents the best hope we have seen in some time.

“We encourage Russia and the US to show sustained leadership and not let this opportunity slip away.”

The next few days would be critical in restoring the cessation of hostilities and getting humanitarian aid flowing, he said. “We urge the Syrian parties to abide by the arrangement. This Council should unite to back those efforts.”

But the US and Russia followed looking as though a solution in Syria may be as difficult to achieve as ever.

Lavrov called for an independent investigation into the convoy attack, and said all parties needed to take simultaneous steps to stop the war.

Kerry said the future of Syria was “hanging by a thread”. He said Monday’s attack, which killed 20 civilians, had raised profound doubt over whether Russia and the Syrian government would live up to terms of the ceasefire deal.

Moscow has denied being involved. An impassioned Mr Kerry faced off with Lavrov saying the bombing of the aid convoy raised “profound doubt whether Russia and the Assad regime can or will live up to” ceasefire obligations. Listening to Mr Lavrov made him feel like he was living in a “parallel universe”, Mr Kerry said.

Parallel universes:

  • The aims and ideals of the Security Council
  • What the Security Council achieves

Key tried hard but it was probably as effective as humming in a hurricane.

A five year hurricane of violence continues to devastate Syria and destabilise the world.

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  1. Gezza

     /  22nd September 2016

    Al Jazeera showed much of the speeches. John Kerry was angry because the penny had finally dropped that he has been being led around by the nose by Lavrov for months and been made to look like an amateur and a hopelessly outclassed idiot of a Secretary of State.

  2. “A five year hurricane of violence continues to devastate Syria and destabilise the world.”

    “Short memory must have a ….. Short …. short memory ….” – Midnight Oil

    A five thousand year plus hurricane of violence continues to devastate everything and profitably destabilise the world …

    Have you noticed its always the same? We always have to deal with this specific, individual, local conflict … We have to win this particular war to bring about ‘Peace’ ….

    • Some pretty amazing feminist theory on this subject too – conflict theory, feminist sociology and ‘the continuum of war’ … I haven’t cited any because online they seem to all be book reviews or very brief, as at Wiki … although with links contained therein …

      From an indigenous peoples’ perspective it may look more like colonisation, so-called or mythical ‘decolonisation’ and post-colonial re-colonisation …. all imperialist … all symptoms of Wetiko Disease …???

      • Blazer

         /  22nd September 2016

        Wetiko disease has a fair bit in common with…Anatidaephobia… a sufferer gezza may be able to elaborate.

  3. Blazer

     /  22nd September 2016

    after the yanks accidently breached the ceasefire the Russians made a valid point…who is running the U.S strategy,the Whitehouse or the ….Pentagon!

  4. Ironic really, it began there, ” The history of one of the earliest civilizations in the world, that of Mesopotamia, is a chronicle of nearly constant strife”, and perhaps it will end there too?

    Fat chance I say … but I guess there’s always hope …

    “Ban the bomb … Ban the bullet … Ban the BASTARDS who are FOR IT …
    Lest we forget, when that Moon gets red …
    You can take the war out of a soldier …
    But you can’t raise that soldier from the dead.”
    – Shona Laing, ‘Banned’, from “New on Earth” …

  5. Key: “Syria has become a byword for failure”

    I thought that was the Labour party, not Syria?

    • In many ways, “Western civilisation” are bywords for failure …

      And I say that fully cognisant of my own ‘hypocrisy’.


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