Lester’s ‘little people’ or ‘Little people’

Ex Labour Party member Phil Quin (and others) have highlighted a comment by Welington candidate Justin Lester.

What Justin Lester’s “Little People” Tells us About Modern Labour

I was listening to the Newstalk ZB mayoral candidates debate this morning, and one exchange stood out. When asked about the Living Wage, Labour’s candidate Justin Lester said he supported it because he wants to support “the little people”.

Excuse me?

Who on earth does he have in mind?

Moderator Tim Fookes asked him to clarify.

Cleaners and security staff, Lester explained.

So, cleaners and security guards, as long as you know you are the little people and people like Justin Lester are here to save you, you have nothing to worry about. What condescending, messianic bullshit. 

I could write 100,000 words on why Labour is failing — in fact, I probably have –– without getting close to encapsulating Labour’s problem as well as this off-the-cuff truth bomb from Justin Lester.

What is not clear from the audio is whether Lester meant ‘little people’ or ‘Little people’.

Lester: …yet the little people only earning fifteen dollars, they don’t deserve an income…

Fookes: Who are the little people if you want to describe that Justin?

Lester: Ah, we’re talking about the cleaners, they security staff, the people who have the hardest jobs in our council…

So “we’re talking about”the “little people”or the “Little people”


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  1. Corky

     /  23rd September 2016

    I’d go with “little people.” I guess the Labour MP who told Duncan Garner Labours problem was they concentrated on losers was correct. I guess little people is code for losers.

  2. Iceberg

     /  23rd September 2016

    Reminds me of a variation of an old Bob Newhart joke

    “I don’t vote Labour, but I don’t mean to denigrate those who do. And for the people who do vote Labour, denigrate means ‘put down’.”

  3. Nick Ellis

     /  23rd September 2016

    “The little people, sorry I didn’t catch their names”
    Lou Reed on calling people the little people from 1978. (it’s cued to the rant, but if you like Lou Reed you may want to go back to the start of what is perhaps the best live version of Sweet Jane)

  4. Nick Ellis

     /  23rd September 2016

  5. Nick Ellis

     /  23rd September 2016

    • Joe Bloggs

       /  23rd September 2016

      That sort of post is more appropriate at the WO sewer, along with your other tasteless gratuitous put-downs

      • Nick Ellis

         /  23rd September 2016

        Someone’s in a good mood today. Calm down, they’re not real books. They are, though, perhaps the sort of book a man who uses the phrase little people might write. At least he didn’t call them the proles I guess.

  6. Maggy Wassilieff

     /  23rd September 2016

    I have it on good authority (Manolo) that the “little people” are “the deplorables”


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