“You’ve shat on Rachel” – Williams

Jordan Williams appeared to be feeling the pressure at the end of the third week in his defamation trial against Colin Craig, getting emotional and frustrated in court today when called again, this time as the final witness.


NZH: Jordan Williams emotional and angry in court

Williams gave evidence in the first week, and was recalled today so Craig’s lawyers could question him further on a matter.

Stephen Mills QC quizzed Williams on Facebook messages between him and blogger Cameron Slater.

In the messages, Williams made inappropriate comments about a female friend while speaking to Slater about a political news story.

“For pursuit of your own political agenda, you are prepared to use people who are your friends for those wider political objectives,” Mills suggested to Williams.

Williams then became emotional and angry on the stand.

He denied he had “used” Rachel MacGregor by calling her as a witness at the trial, and said he had tried his best to protect her.

He called Craig, sitting in the public gallery, a “prick” and then directed his anger at Mills.

“You shat on Rachel in this case,” he said.

“You couldn’t help yourself.”

Some will see some irony in Williams lashing out at others for putting the spotlight on MacGregor. He can’t have been that naive that he thought he could use her claims and communications against others, ask for $900,000 in damages, without exposing MacGregor to some scrutiny.

Audio at Newstalk ZB: Heated scenes at Colin Craig trial

Video in One News coverage: ‘You’ve shat on Rachel’: Tensions run high in Colin Craig defamation case

– The tables are being turned on Jordan Williams with the defence accusing him of using a woman he was seeing to get a political story.
Source: ONE News

More of what was said can’t be published as it relates to another matter before the Court.

Earlier in the case it had been revealed that Williams distributed copies of communications from Craig to MacGregor against her wishes.

Other recent witnesses were supporting Colin Craig.

Bev Adair-Beets told the jury that she could tell MacGregor had a personal interest in Craig.

“I got the general impression that Rachel believed she held a special status of power over Colin. She could dictate what she was paid,” Adair-Beets said.

She said “as a woman” she “could tell” MacGregor was interested in Craig.

Adair-Beets gave evidence about going to see MacGregor around the time she resigned.

She said she was “very concerned about her “emotional state”.

“Rachel was adamant that she wanted money from Colin. She told me very clearly that she would get what she deserved and would do anything to get it.

“When I asked her what she meant she said ‘watch me, I’ll get it, I can get whatever I want’. She told me she was going to take a stand.”

In her evidence last week MacGregor said she had read Adair-Beet’s statement of evidence and strongly refuted her claims.

“In her brief of evidence, Bev says that she ‘moved into a job share of the role of press secretary’. This is not true or is at least highly misleading,” MacGregor told the court.

Kevin Stitt, who was a part-time administrator for the Conservative Party:

“I knew Colin very well and never had a reason to question his integrity or character,” Stitt said.

He told the jury that when he first heard the allegations against Craig in relation to his former press secretary Rachel MacGregor he was “sceptical of their truth”.

Stitt was responsible for emailing a link to Craig’s pamphlet Dirty Politics and Hidden Agendas – in which he allegedly defamed Jordan Williams – to thousands of Conservative Party supporters.

The first time Stitt saw the pamphlet was shortly before it was publicly released at a press conference in July last year.

He told Craig: “You’ve made some strong allegations here, Colin. Have you got evidence to back them up?”.

“He assured me he had,” Stitt said.

Angela Storr (Conservative Party membership manager in 2014 who worked closely with MacGregor):

Storr said MacGregor often spoke to her about their boss.

“She went on about Colin to me on a regular basis, how wonderful he was,” Storr said.

MacGregor confided in her about a personal loan Craig and his wife had given her.She said she accumulated a lot of debt after leaving her job at TVNZ and that the Craigs had not only helped her escape that, they had helped her with a new budget and she was “turning over a new leaf”.

“She said she would be forever grateful for the opportunity that Helen and Colin had given her.”

She told the jury she saw a text MacGregor sent her boyfriend after a trip away with Craig for work. In the text, she said, MacGregor told the boyfriend that Craig had been “mean” during the trip.

“In my work with Rachel I saw that she was close to Colin and thought very highly of him. I observed Colin was kind, caring and understanding towards her.”

Lawyers will discuss trial matters on Monday and then closing arguments will be heard by the jury on Tuesday.

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  1. Kitty Catkin

     /  23rd September 2016

    The Conservativezzzzzzzz……

  2. MaureenW

     /  23rd September 2016

    Interesting that this case should be unfolding in Court, in the same way it appears to us bystanders

  3. Corky

     /  23rd September 2016

    I’m never interested in what an opponent can dish out. Its what pressure an opponent can bear that is of prime importance to me. In my opinion most people have the equation around the wrong way.

  4. Gezza

     /  24th September 2016

    I’m Party voting Conservative next election I think. We need to get more marurity, values, honesty, & decency back into politics❗️

  5. Gezza

     /  24th September 2016

    “Kevin Stitt, who was a part-time administrator for the Conservative Party”
    Pretty sure if I was Kev I’d have changed my last name by Deed Poll as soon as I was legally able to do so. Must be hell on the females in the family.

    • patupaiarehe

       /  24th September 2016

      I’m guessing they like to get married as soon as they are old enough G. I once knew a lady whose last name was ‘Ramsbottom’.

      • Gezza

         /  24th September 2016

        That name’s more of a probbo for blokes, I reckon.

        • patupaiarehe

           /  24th September 2016

          I reckon any young bloke with a surname like that would grow into a good humoured & thick skinned man 😀 GTG G, got things to do in the morning

  6. Gezza

     /  24th September 2016

    Yeah I better pack it in too Patu. I think I might be waking up soon. 😄
    Ka kite ano, brother. Keep fighting the good fight. I know I will. 😎


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