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The Daily Blog is unusual in how many bloggers/authors they have (most have one or a few).

They have just announced the addition of four more ‘bloggers’:

  • Paralympian Aine Kelly Costello
  • Artist and social commentator LaQuisha St Redfern
  • New Green MP and anti-TPPA campaigner – Barry Coates
  • Arts reviewer – Genevieve McClean

They add to an interesting list of current bloggers:

  • Palestinian rights activist – Leslie Bravery
  • Cannabis reform advocate – Chris Fowlie
  • Human rights, justice and equality activist – Donna Miles-Mojab
  • Environmental activist – Christine Rose
  • Author and political commentator – Chris Trotter
  • Enfant Terrible of NZ First – Curwen Rolinson
  • Head of Pacific Journalism at AUT – Dr David Robie
  •  AUT School of Communication – Dr Wayne Hope
  • Chairman of the Otara-Papatoetoe Community Board – Efeso Collins
  • Investigative Blogger – Frank Macskasy
  • Green Party MP – Gareth Hughes
  • Human Rights Activist and anti-rape campaigner – Jessie Hume
  • Political Activist and Teacher – John Minto
  • Unionist Rights Activist – Kate Davis
  • Former Green Party MP & Human Rights Campaigner – Keith Locke
  • Economist – Keith Rankin
  • Labour Party Candidate and lawyer – Kelly Ellis
  • Homeless rights advocates – Lifewise
  • Labour Party MP – Louisa Wall
  • Political Cartoonist – Malcolm Evans
  • Blogger and Broadcaster – Martyn Bradbury
  • Human Rights Lawyer – Michael Timmins
  • General Secretary of Unite Union – Mike Treen
  • Deputy Mayor of the Auckland Super City – Penny Hulse
  • Public Academic and TPPA campaigner – Prof Jane Kelsey
  • Actor and commentator – Simon Prast
  • Child Poverty Action Group Economist – Susan St John
  • Unionist – Tali Williams
  • The Nomad – The Nomad
  • TV reviewer – Tim Selwyn
  • Wellington Activist – Sam Gribbon
  • Auckland based human rights activist – Siân Robertson
  • Unionist – Joe Carolan
  • Living Wage Campaigner – Annie Newman
  • Labour Party MP – Sue Moroney
  • Sex worker rights advocate – Ruby Joy
  • Co-leader of the Maori Party – Marama Fox
  • Protestor – Josie Butler
  • Prisoner Rights Advocate – Arthur Taylor

However most of them are not daily bloggers, they post occasionally at best.

The Daily Blog has a core of regular authors and the rest pop up every now and then.

Having such a big lineup of authors provides diversity of topics and opinions. This can detract from the personality side of the site, which is something some blogs thrive on.

However the diversity is concentrated on one side of the political spectrum. Their About describes their leanings:

The Daily Blog Unites Top Left-Wing Political Commentators and Progressive Opinion Shapers

The Daily Blog is supported by UNITE, the Rail and Maritime Transport Union (RMTU) and the New Zealand Dairy Workers Union (NZDWU).

The Daily Blog unites over 42 of the country’s leading left-wing commentators and progressive opinion shapers to provide the other side of the story on today’s news, media and political agendas.

‘Opinion shaper’ may be a better description for their moderation, which has tended to filter out opinions that aren’t welcome there.

Editor, Martyn Bradbury says one of the primary objectives of the blog will be to widen political debate in the lead up to the 2014 New Zealand election.

It’s easy to forget about updating your site ‘About’.

With their fairly narrow emphasis on ‘left wing’ and ‘progressive’ they probably don’t do much widening of political debate, as they didn’t do much widening of left-wing and progressive support in the 2014 election.

“Global trends continue to point to blogging and social media as key influencers of mainstream media reporting as well as public opinion. With so much at stake in 2014 we plan to use this online platform to fortify the collective voice of the left and progressive opinions, and enhance the quality of debate across the political spectrum,” says Mr Bradbury.

Some initiatives have been worth trying, like Waatea 5th Estate, they have hardly set the quality of debate on fire on the left let alone across the political spectrum.

Like most blogs The Daily Blog caters for a useful niche in political discourse, but that just a small part online discussion.

Most online authors don’t last long, but if The Daily Blog gets more ongoing contributions it will help with their aims.

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  1. Iceberg

     /  24th September 2016

    If there was a government agency called Department of Impotence and Futility, this would be their watch list.

  2. Corky

     /  24th September 2016

    They are to encouraged. Let them debate peanuts, while the Right eat grapes and drink wine.

    I see Aruffa even made the list. Diversity at its finest.

    Prisoner Rights Advocate – Arthur Taylor

    • Gezza

       /  24th September 2016

      The one thing I like about Arthur is nothing.

    • Nelly Smickers

       /  24th September 2016

      Wayne reckons that lawyer *Kelly Ellis* is probably quite good value……two for the price of one XD

      • Kitty Catkin

         /  24th September 2016

        Kelly Ellis is one person, that’s her own name, not the name of the firm.

        It’s Kelly Ellis, not Kelly, Ellis.

        Does he think that Arthur Taylor is two people ? Tell him that everyone has two names that they use all the time and most people have three. Forget the last item, it’s too complex for his tiny mind.

        • Nelly Smickers

           /  24th September 2016

          *Waaay* over your head Kitzy ❗

          Wayne sez you should just stick to accumulating stamps on that *Loyalty Coffee Card* XD

    • Corky

       /  24th September 2016


    • traveller

       /  24th September 2016

      Please let’s call Taylor for what he is – a lifelong recidivist criminal.

      What a list of malcontents and disenchanted cherry pickers on that list. With the exception of Mr Trotter, there’s not a one I credit with the ability to convince others that their arguments are worthy of consideration. Maybe Bradbury edits them, I can’t say, or maybe he simply chooses contributors whose anger and bias match his own. Either way he has a record of both backing the wrong horses and of failing to read and understand middle NZ and their political drivers. Long may his blog continue, despite his small niche. I suspect he is as widely read for the guffaw factor by his detractors, as he is by acolytes.

      • Corky

         /  24th September 2016

        ‘What a list of malcontents and disenchanted cherry pickers on that list. ‘

        I’d give you post of the day.

  3. Gezza

     /  24th September 2016

    They’ve got tons more bloggers than commenters.

  4. Alan Wilkinson

     /  24th September 2016

    How many are in jail?


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