The Nation – Key, Clark, UN

On The Nation this morning:

Patrick Gower sits down with Prime Minister John Key and former PM Helen Clark at the UN in New York.

Audrey Young interviewed Key in New York, including on Clark and her UN bid: John Key among friends in the big apple

And should 17 year olds be tried as adults? The Police Association’s Greg O’Connor and Victoria University law lecturer Nessa Lynch discuss…

  and are on the panel…

and are on the Twitter panel

…at 9.30am on TV3.

From @TheNationZTV3 on the Key interview:

Key says big countries were telling him choosing to debate Syria on the Security Council was a risky move.

Why don’t we do something militarily in Syria? Key says you have to have the military capabilities.

Does Russia have blood on their hands over Syria? “In my view, yeah” Key says.

NZ spies aren’t involved in a co-ordinated team planning airstrikes, but we “gather intelligence where it makes sense”.

Why don’t we do more for refugees? Key says we’re helping with a political solution in Syria to help them go home.

UNHCR says NZ had 0.3/1000 refugees last year, US 0.85/1000, Aus 1.54/1000

Key says his intention is to stay for a whole fourth term… if he wins it.

Key “not as negative” to think a political resolution in Syria is still years away. Big call!

On ‘17 year olds be tried as adults”:

Nessa Lynch from says there’s not the same emphasis on the causes of offending for 17 year olds in the adult system.

Greg O’Connor from says 55% of youth aid workers are opposed to raising the youth justice age

He says it’s a pragmatic concern – that Police won’t be well resourced enough for the move to work.

Dr Lynch says all the data says victims are much more satisfied with the youth justice process than the adult system.

And there’s a “safety valve” for moving serious offenders to the adult court.

O’Connor: New Zealand police “creaking at the seams”. And that gangs deliberately use 16 year olds for things like burglary as there is less risk of severe penalties.

Greg O’Connor says 17 year-olds change behaviour when they know the punishments are worse.. I call bollocks on that.

Some of this comment from O’Connor is pretty out there. Facts or beating it up to prove a point?

Most often based on police officer feedback rather than systematic research. That’s a real flaw.

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  1. Zedd

     /  24th September 2016

    must be a very slow news day ? :/

    • Paddy was in New York, they would have been keen on getting some sort of exclusive story out of the trip.

      But not so exclusive, Q&A is doing the same tomorrow via Corin Dann.

  2. Zedd

     /  24th September 2016

    parliament on hold until 11/10.. so we can all get some sleep 🙂


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