UK Conservative conference and EU exit

A UK report from Missy:

Highlights from the opening day of the Conservative Party Conference.

As indicated this morning Theresa May has confirmed that she will be repealing the 1972 European Communities law, and that Article 50 will be invoked no later than the end of March next year.

Theresa May also used her speech to the Conservative Party Conference today to attack those MP’s that want to stop Brexit through delays, a second referendum, and trying to stop it in Parliament. She said that the country has voted and Brexit means Brexit. She went on to say that the UK can now truly be a global country.

Theresa May made it clear there will be no opt out of Brexit for any of the four nations in the UK, it was the UK that had the referendum and it will be UK that exits. This will be yet another blow to Nicola Sturgeon who has continually put forward the option that Scotland can remain in the EU.

The Brexit Minister, David Davis, has hinted at a hard Brexit by insisting that Britain must be able to control its own borders and curb immigration. He also confirmed that the rights of EU citizens will be protected in Britain only if the rights of Britons living in the EU get the same rights, this has been consistent line that May has taken since she threw her hat in the ring for the leadership. No guarantees are being given on EU citizens outright until they have secured the rights of Britons in the EU, this is contrary to many MP’s who think that the rights of EU citizens in the UK should be guaranteed regardless of what happens to Britons overseas – an interesting view for them to take considering EU citizens cannot vote for the UK Parliament, but Britons in the EU can.

Boris made a joke at the expense of the European Council President, by saying that Britain will now be able to speak up more powerfully, leading the world, as they are now currently on imposing a ban on ivory – which the EU are trying to veto despite having a President called Tusk. A bit of a lame joke, but there none the less.

Priti Patel has stated in her speech that British international aid money will be closely scrutinised in order to control waste and corruption, she also said that aid projects the UK invests in will be monitored and those that are not deemed not delivering will be scrapped. She also flagged increased aid funding to be spent on Afghanistan, in a move that is expected to make Britain safer.

A full round up from the Telegraph below:

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  1. Missy

     /  3rd October 2016

    Another short bit from the conference. The conference was opened by the Party Chairman, it has been reported that in his speech he paid tribute to David Cameron (met with applause) and George Osborne (met with silence), and that there was a standing ovation when Theresa May was introduced.

    Also, the Left have shown themselves as the Nasty side of politics again with a protest outside the conference sporting a number of signs promoting violence and death to the MP’s. They show their stupidity though by demanding a snap election, somehow they think they would win however the polls indicate that the Conservatives would be back in with a larger majority than they have now.

  2. Awesome to see May commit and fire a shot across the bows of the lets run more referenda until I get the result I want mob. People have spoken time for the politicians to execute the best deal for the UK and take back control of their borders & legal system

    • Missy

       /  4th October 2016

      Indeed it is, her speech was welcomed by many, especially those who feared she would delay and procrastinate on Brexit. She is coming across as being decisive in her decisions, and she also comes across as a potentially tough negotiator.

      From what I read of her speech, and other things she has said, she is very aware that immigration and more so control over borders, as well as sovereignty, was the big motivator for Brexit. She also seems to understand (unlike many who supported Remain) that the decision was not racially motivated by most, and that it wasn’t about closing borders – just controlling them.

      Theresa May is certainly going to get the best deal she can, but I don’t think she will let the EU bully her into allowing free movement. The next steps are as much a test of the EU as it is of Theresa May, they can work for a good deal for all, or they can be stubborn sticking to their ideology and potentially screw the EU member countries in the process.

      • Alan Wilkinson

         /  4th October 2016

        The EU negotiations will be a three way contest between the UK, EU bureaucrats and EU politicians. The EU bureaucrats stand to be the big losers.

  3. Great to see BRexit gathering momentum (pun unintentional but happy to leave it there). Looking very much to Britain as a stand alone sovereign nation, in a much as any country can stand alone.


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