When’s the last time Greens dazzled anyone?

Danyl makes some curious comments at Dim-Post in the post And so it goes as well as in comments.

It’s conventional wisdom on the left that Key et al are morons, and the left is morally and intellectually superior, and I’m not sure how this squares with Key and his party constantly doing very smart things, and the left’s parties and leaders mostly, consistently being pretty dumb.

Ortvin Satapuu queried this:

The Greens don’t count as part of the left, right?

Danyl responded:

I think they do. When’s the last time they dazzled anyone with their strategic acumen?

If I remember correctly Danyl was on the campaign team that succeeded in getting James Shaw into the co-leadership position.

And Insider said…

Oh I dunno, maybe when they made appointments to their campaign committee…

…and linked to Voluminous disclosure from 31 March this year when he revealed:

Rob Salmond and Matthew Hooton had a discussion about commentators and ‘paid political operators’ and conflicts of interest, which seems like a good time to disclose that I’ve recently done a bit of paid contract work for the Green Party (research, writing).

Also, and possibly more significantly, as of last week I’m a member of the Greens’ Campaign Committee, which is tasked with planning and implementing the party’s 2017 election campaign. So I will not be a totally disinterested commentator when analysing the upcoming campaign or politics in general.

I don’t really do any of the mainstream media political commentary that Hooton and Salmond do. And no one in the Greens asks me to write or say certain things on the blog. (They have, in the past, but the requests were so lame I did not comply.) I find that my bias is mostly one of omission.

I get confused about what I know that is and isn’t confidential, so I basically mostly say nothing about the Greens so I don’t get in trouble. If the party somehow becomes so newsworthy that I have to write about them, and I have to check what I’m writing with the staff or leaders I’ll make sure I disclose that. Otherwise they’ve got nothing to do with any of my pontificating.

I haven’t seen if Danyl is still on the Greens’ Campaign Committee, but whether he is or not he seems somewhat disillusioned with their lack of progress given his “consistently being pretty dumb” and his questioning of their “stategic acumen”.

Shaw has not set the political world on fire. Are he and his supporters not strong enough to influence the direction that the Greens are taking? Are they marking time? Are they resigned to being kept out of power by Labour’s lack of promise?

Whatever, it seems that the Green camp is not exactly united or enthusiastic.

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  1. Kitty Catkin

     /  6th October 2016

    Well, they do seem to believe that if you can’t blind ’em with science, baffle ’em with bullshit-does that count ?

  2. Corky

     /  6th October 2016

    Lets hope Marama can add to the discord. Provided Key gets into power again, the real entertainment will start post election. The Left will hack each other to death as they disintegrate. Duncan Garner joked Aunty should come back and regain control of Labour. Not something Andy and I would wish for. But then what Andy thinks will soon be besides the point.

  3. Alan Wilkinson

     /  6th October 2016

    Ortvin Sarapu was 20 times NZ chess champion whom I played several times and respected very much. I don’t like seeing his name mangled.

    The funniest recollection I had of him though was when he won the highest placed NZer in the Canterbury Chess Club Centennial Tournament in 1966 (Yuri Averbakh, the Russian GM won the tournament) and was rather intoxicated at the prize giving. We had the local National MP and Finance Minister at the time, Bert Walker, there as well as the also local Labour MP and leader, Norm Kirk. Ortvin made a very embarrassing speech about how much he liked Labour and didn’t like National until we managed to get him off the microphone..

  4. Zedd

     /  7th October 2016

    ‘When was the last time the Greens dazzled anyone ?’

    Everyday ! 🙂

    “When was the last time ‘Team Key’ disappointed anyone ?”

    Everyday !! 😀

    how many downticks will I get on this one.. :/

  5. Gezza

     /  7th October 2016

    I reckon 8, Zeddo. Maybe 9 because it’s a Friday. I won’t give you one. I’ll check @ midnight. Downticks after that don’t count. Ok? 😳

    • Gezza

       /  7th October 2016

      Aw, no, might be less. This is a yesterday’s thread. Might fall off the recent comments list.


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