Reactions to Homelessness report

Government reactions to the ‘Ending Homelessness in New Zealand’ report that was released yesterday amounted to careful endorsement in principle while they claimed they were already doing some of the things asked for by the report.

Prime Minister John Key

Prime Minister John Key said the recommendations were “reasonably consistent with what the Government’s already doing”, but he would read the report and consider whether any ideas should be adopted.

“We’ve been working on this issue for quite some time, but we’ve never said we’ve got a monopoly on good ideas, so if there’s one or two things that come out of it, we’ll have a look at it.”

Social Housing Minister Paula Bennett…

…said some of the estimated costs of homelessness appeared too high, including the $250m annual cost to New Zealand.

“It’s certainly not a figure I’ve seen before…it certainly sounds high, so I’d have to see what that was made up of to see if it had any validity behind it.”

However, Bennett said the Government had already been working on some of the recommendations, while she was willing to consider changes to other areas such as the accommodation supplement to help people pay for housing.

“You have to say that it goes right back to 2005 levels and there’s no way rents are still in line with that, so I’m always willing to have a look at that.”

Finance Minister Bill English

Maori Party leader Marama Fox said Finance Minister Bill English had assured her that he would “seriously consider” any new ideas from the inquiry which the Government had not already implemented.

The Government appear to see the homelessness issue as too important, both as a problem and as a political risk, to reject the report.





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  1. Gezza

     /  11th October 2016

    National’s reaction is right on the button. They’ve got the smarts to not slag it off.

    • Alan Wilkinson

       /  11th October 2016

      Do you think Little might learn something from that?

      • Gezza

         /  11th October 2016

        He indicated a wee while back he was going to be adopting a more positive approach, so I don’t know. Probably not, I would think. Either way, What’s most important to me in that respect is that I’ve got a steak & mushroom pie.

        • Alan Wilkinson

           /  11th October 2016

          You can’t have your pie and eat it you know, G. I think that is Little’s problem too.

  2. Come back in a thousand years and see that there is still a housing problem…
    Lot’s of reasons, not paying rent, destruction of property, breaking agreement rules or illicit drug usage


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