Michael Wood MP they presume

Michael Wood was appointed as Labour’s candidate to stand for the Mt Roskill by-election unusually early in June, just after Phil Goff announced he would vacate the seat if elected mayor of Auckland.

Goff has just been elected mayor and has just resigned, four months later, so this was all a bit presumptive.

What looks even more presumptive is this draft page on Wikipedia, that heralds Wood as a ‘New MP’ and says that Wood is “a New Zealand politician and a member of the New Zealand House of Representatives”.


National’s presumed candidate Parmjeet Parmar has her own Wikipedia page but this hasn’t been updated for nearly a year and doesn’t mention anything about the by-election.

The Mt Roskill page hasn’t even been updated yet about the by-election:

Goff is expected to resign after contesting and being elected Mayor of Auckland in October 2016 in the Auckland mayoral election, 2016. His resignation will necessitate a byelection in this electorate.

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  1. Kitty Catkin

     /  12th October 2016

    Poor old Stanley ! He’s been ridiculed ever since that remark was reported-the Victorians had a field day.

    It doesn’t seem to have occurred to anyone then or since that he might have been being ironic-who else could it be ?-or that really, there’s not much else that one could say that wouldn’t sound silly when reported. I could imagine Stanley doing it in a funny way with a great flourish and Livingstone responding in kind. ‘Why, yes-how did you know ?’

    I like the story of the telegram that simply said ‘Peccavi’ after the battle of Hyderabad when Sind was taken, even if, as is now claimed, someone else said it-not Napier. Brilliant wit, no matter who said it.


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