The Nation on immigration and wrongful convictions

This morning on The Nation:


Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse and Green Party co-leader James Shaw on migration levels. Are the Government’s move to clamp down on a some categories this week a knee jerk reaction?

Immigration Minister says this week’s changes to immigration rules won’t affect the pressure on Auckland.

The data about health care costs used when the Govt closed off the migrant’s parent category is 3-4 years old.

Gower says that the parent category changes look like a cheap shot.

The community felt that closing the parent categories is to shut out Indian and Chinese parents.

Gower says that the changes look like a reaction to polls and to public pressure. Woodhouse denies it.

James Shaw “we think the country needs a more sustainable immigration policy” and would make immigration numbers 1% of the population, which is around 45,000 but that would include returning New Zealanders.

Shaw saws that the top line net immigration figure would be 17,000 (down from 70,000).

Shaw says they will turn the tap on and off to balance Kiwi movements. I don’t think immigration is easy to adjust at whim.

“The whole idea here is to smooth out the peaks and troughs”.

Immigration figures would need to be eased down slowly to prevent negative effects on growth.

Now Shaw says they would need to “manage it down slowly”.  He talks about “smoothing it down”. I think that’s easier in their than in practice.

Shaw says Labour “seems comfortable” with the Green plans. Is Labour on board with the Green’s new policy? “You’d have to ask them”.

There is a petition online from the Chinese community wanting the Government to reconsider the parent category


Wrongful Convictions

Is the way our justice system deals with wrongful convictions good enough? has a story you won’t want to miss

Lawyer Julie-Anne Kincade says tunnel vision can sometimes be a problem for Police.

And they remember Helen Kelly.

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  1. Corky

     /  15th October 2016

    To little, to late. We will live with the consequences.

  2. Who is Gower, and why does he/she have any contribution to make? What is Chuang’s case for preferential treatment of parents in immigration matters?

  3. artcroft

     /  15th October 2016

    At least the Left in NZ want the ability to control immigration. Much better than the EU Left who want an open doors policy. The Greens 1% might or might not be the right level but I approve of the idea.

  4. aWanderer

     /  16th October 2016

    Stopping the parent category throws a proverbial wrench into the NZ Chinese immigrant socio-economic model hence the twitter protests etc.

    The grand parents come over (via the parent category visa) to look after the kids meanwhile mum and dad go back to China to make some money, after 10 years the grand parents get rewarded for their child rearing efforts with a free pension.

    Up to now their hasn’t been a whole lot of pressure for mum and dad to make a go of it in NZ but if they have to stay in NZ to look after the kids rather than the grand parents then the pressure to make the economics work in NZ will amp up considerably or people might just go back to China.


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