Q & A – immigration and medical cannabis

On Q & A this morning:


NZ First leader Winston Peters on the Government’s immigration changes, his plan to move Government departments to the regions and what to do with that surplus.

James Shaw was interviewed in The Nation yesterday on immigration. NZ First responded: Greens Agree with New Zealand First on Immigration

Greens Agree with New Zealand First on Immigration – Who Would Have Thought?

It was like April Fool’s Day all over again this morning, with the Greens revealing they agree with New Zealand First that record immigration has been a strain on the country and its people.

“So, now we have Labour and the Greens, who have been the primary movers behind massive immigration, along with ACT, National and United Future, acknowledging New Zealand First had it right from the start,” says New Zealand First Leader and Northland MP Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“We just witnessed a session of comedy and hypocrisy on TV3’s The Nation as Greens co-leader James Shaw told viewers that record immigration was a drag on the economy, and put pressure on housing.

“He wants it to drop to 17,000 a year from net 70,000.

“The Greens have always stood on a pedestal, looking down their noses, claiming the high moral ground as New Zealand First warned that immigration was strangling our public services, cutting Kiwis out of jobs, and helping push house prices up.

“Only a month ago, commenting on record work visas, the Greens said, ‘they certainly weren’t rushing into any decisions on immigration’.

“What a turnaround we saw today. The party that claims it’s for as much diversity in the population as we can get reveals there are problems with a soaring population.

“Who will call who racist and xenophobic now?

“Apparently, according to commentator Bernard Hickey, New Zealand First argues for lower immigration on a cultural sense implying others simply have an acceptable concern for the economy. So, it’s still one rule for us and one for the others.

“It appears the Greens, like Labour, have had a Road to Damascus experience on policies they pushed for decades.

“But you simply can’t trust them.”

Medical Cannabis

A group working to get more cannabis based medicines approved has had a big victory this week – watch their story this morning.

See Cheaper medicinal cannabis product approved

They also focus on Helen Kelly in relation to her use of cannabis to treat her illness, and on her legacy in a wider sense.


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  1. again the journos. muddying the waters of the issue by calling it ‘medical MARIJUANA’ (a slang name).. they also keep using words like ‘the bong brigade’ (their comment) are clouding the topic, when in fact these people DO support all regulated use, including med-use !

  2. aWanderer

     /  16th October 2016

    Comedy policy making from the greens.


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