‘War on drugs’ funding boost

The Government has announced a $15 million boost for anti-drug initiatives.

Stuff: PM John Key announces $15m of initiatives for war on P and other drugs

The Government has announced the funding for 15 anti-drug initiatives, coming from money and assets seized from criminals, as part of its Tackling Methamphetamine Action Plan.

User pays initiatives.

The funding includes $3m for a joint initiative by police and health officials to reduce demand for P in Northland, as well as a $2.1m programme to better identify P use among new prisoners and trial a treatment programme. 

The Government is also spending $2m to tackle the flow of P into New Zealand from the Americas and Asia, along with $732,000 to get more intelligence on overseas gangs importing the drug.

Key said official advice from surveys suggested the number of people using P was declining.

However, extra resources for police and Customs had led to more high-profile seizures, while those “at the hardened end” were using more of the drug.

“Certainly, meth has become I think a drug of choice of some of these more hardened users.”

Key said New Zealand’s status as one of the most expensive places to buy P was a “huge incentive” for those who wanted to import or manufacture the drug.

Limiting supply pushes up prices which makes it more lucrative to supply. A vicious supply circle?


NZ Drug Foundation executive director Ross Bell said the Government appeared to have a better balance between law enforcement and health-based interventions than in previous announcements.

“It’s not just all about law enforcement, it’s not all about getting tough on gangs, it’s not all about stopping drugs at the border – you have to provide help to people who need it.”

However, Bell said drug and alcohol treatment services had been underfunded for many years, and “a much more significant injection” of cash was needed to tackle the demand for drugs.

“As long as there are people who are demanding drugs, people will find a way of supplying those drugs,” he said.

Keeping people off drugs and getting addicts off drugs must be the most important focus.



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  1. Take the heat off the medicinal herb marijuana … There’s a saving of up to $400 million to start with …

    Nowadays I automatically think I’m being manipulated. It’s become my default position …

    Why now? Why would the National government want “drugs” back in the limelight now?
    Are we talking here about just “drugs” or about addictive substances?

    Is there any similar initiative about alcohol? It’s far-and-away the most harmful intoxicating, addictive substance in our society?

  2. @PZ

    This just confirms this Govt. still have a basic ZERO-tolerance approach to ‘drugs’.. BUT ignore the facts around Alcohol related harm; likely the most harmful.. but creates massive tax revenues. as could cannabis regulation…..

    I was looking at some old info. on alcohol prohibition in USA 1920s. They finally accepted it was a failure in 1933 & repealed it. BUT the main difference was that ‘users’ (drinkers) were usually NOT arrested, only the manufacturers/suppliers.

    Definition of INSANITY; constantly repeating something expecting a different outcome !! 😦

    • @ Zedd – Well, yes … unless the insanity fulfils some other purpose or purposes? The corruption, ‘graft’ and lobbying that is now rampant and epidemic throughout American politics and bureaucracy found its zenith and true entrenchment during Prohibition.

      Essentially, based on a doco I saw, the government and organised crime got together to all make the most money they could out of the situation. The corruption went all the way to the top.

      The problem inherent in ‘industrialisation’ is that crime, policing, courts and penal ‘systems’ all became industries too … [that’s what we really mean by “organised” crime, right?] … with all the competition, lobbying and pressure that being an industry entails … especially if, like the last three of those, the government (hence taxpayer) provides all the funding …

      In short, its all become a money-go-round … and money-go-rounds tend to fight like Billy-Oh to preserve themselves … :-/

  3. This; in light of another cannabis medicine being approved.. ‘Tilray’

    Also; the item on ‘Story’ TV3 about another ‘celeb’ who is advocating for med-cannabis, to treat her fathers Alzheimers. BUT the CBD oil she imported, is still illegal & denied in NZ (more narrow minded ‘marijuana’ B-S) 😦

    • I guess the fear is that medicinal approval gives some kind of associated or derived justification for decriminalising and legalising recreational use?

      So it should IMHO …

      To borrow from another thread, the situation we have now is a bit like saying, “No, you must not eat fresh home grown food, meat and vege, you must go to MacDonalds, KFC or Burger King and consume highly processed halal butchered meat products with minimal canned or preserved veges, full of preservatives and flavour enhancers and containing little or no nutritional value, to the point where it might actually harm rather than nourish you … ”

      Go figure eh …?

      • @PZ

        I agree.. the WAR on Drugs is really about supporting corruption, the ‘Prohibition Industry’ & the monopolies that currently benefit from the status quo.. NOT reducing ‘drug related harm’ else they would, level the playing field & regulate/decrim. all drugs.

        Allowing Alcohol & Tobacco (most harmful) but not cannabis, just proves it to my mind ! 😦

  4. Klik Bate

     /  18th October 2016

    Perhaps we could take a leaf out of Rodrigo’s book ❓

    • Zedd

       /  18th October 2016


      are you serious.. what are you on ?? :/

      • Klik Bate

         /  18th October 2016

        I’m real serious – just a shame the Governments not 😎

        • Zedd

           /  18th October 2016

          I remember hearing that ‘reefer madness’ propaganda, claimed that cannabis use caused ‘BLOOD LUST’

          Im certain Duterte has got it (f@cking mass murderer) 😦

          KB.. maybe you have caught it too ? (either ‘reefer madness’ OR BLOOD LUST !!!!!!)

        • Klik Bate

           /  18th October 2016


          • Zedd

             /  19th October 2016

            Ho HO HO hum…. 😀

            btw; what are those leaves you used as ‘garnish’ ?


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