Hekia Parata won’t stand next year

Hekia Parata announced today that she woudn’t stand again in next year’s election, but in the meantime would continue as Minister of Education as long as John key wanted her to.

It was reported (NBR) that Key had been advised of Parata’s decision some time ago but kept it under wraps until today’s announcement.

There was some surprise expressed, and some jubilation – National ministers of education are generally unpopular on the left no matter how competent they might be.

Opposition education spokesperson (the one in Parliament) Chris Hipkins tweeted:

Hekia Parata has announced she won’t contest the next election. But will she remain Minister of Education until then?

I don’t agree with much of what Hekia Parata does, but I do acknowledge her passion and commitment to education and to kids.

I wish Hekia Parata well in whatever she chooses to do next. I’m sure she will continue to contribute to New Zealand in some way.

In Hekia Parata gives John Key a ‘white guy’ problem Patrick Gower says:

As both a woman and a Māori, Parata gave the ministry a real point of difference. More importantly, she was there on merit too.

Parata on Facebook:

Kia ora
Today I’ve announced that I will not be standing in the 2017 election. I told the Prime Minister earlier this year after making the decision with my family over the summer, and now is the time to let everyone else know.

This is not my valedictory. I’m not signing out just yet. My focus and energy will be unwavering for as long as I am Education Minister. I look forward to continuing the work underway to make our education system even better than it already is.

It’s been an honour and a privilege serving the John Key-led Government as Education Minister and I will continue to serve in this role for as long as the Prime Minister wishes me to. When I came to Parliament, I set my sights high on becoming Education Minister – it’s my dream job and I’ll continue to approach it with passion and pace.

This role requires a lot of tough decisions which haven’t always been popular with everyone, but at the heart of every decision is always children and young people. Nothing has ever rattled my focus on doing what’s best for Kiwi kids and their education, and that won’t change for as long as I’m in this role. I know from personal experience that education can transform lives and I remain committed to making sure that every child and young person gets a great education in our fabulous country.

I am also keen to see a fresh candidate nominated in the marvellous seat of Mana and to provide voters with a strong contest at the next election! It has been a privilege being the List MP for Mana and I’ve particularly enjoyed seeing the growth of the Porirua Youth Awards which I established in 2010.

There is work still to be done with quality and participation in early learning, the embedding of our Communities of Learning, better provision and practice of inclusion and learning support, implementing digital technologies, continuing the funding review, passing the Education Act update legislation… so folks I’m still on it!

Nga mihi, Hekia

I would expect Parata to be moved out of the Education role in his pre-election reshuffle, and that may well be this year so new Ministers have time to get up to speed ready for election year.


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  1. Kitty Catkin

     /  19th October 2016

    It’s the ministry that nobody can win with-whatever they do is wrong, like the old man and the donkey. Health must be a hellish ministry, too. They probably all are, and the money would not make anyone do it. Only one of the ones I have known would have earned more as a minister than in their other profession. For the rest, it was longer hours (who else routinely does 18 hour days), more stress and less money than they were earning before. Anyone who thinks that they do it for money has never known one, and I’d like to see them have a go at it. The one I have known best loved it and found it very exciting, but even he ended up worn out by it.

    • patupaiarehe

       /  19th October 2016

      As cynical as a lot of us are about politicians & their motives Kitty, I believe one really needs a passion for the job to do it well. For example, a lot of people complain about how much money Real Estate agents earn, but they do work all weekend every weekend, and are constantly ‘on call’. So, given your comment above, are you going to be talking a bit more nicely about Winston in future??? 😉

      • Kitty Catkin

         /  20th October 2016

        I say so when he has an idea that I like, but I will never admire his racism. His idea of writing off so much of doctors’ student loans for every year in a rural area was excellent, if a variation on an old theme-teachers had to do country service. My mother knew a girl who was aghast and in tears to hear that she was being sent to Raetihi for hers.

        Yes, when it comes to some sales, agents do seem to earn the money ! One agent flatly refused to deal with a client again, she was about to retire and would have liked the money-but not badly enough to deal with the client from hell again. I know the client, an unlucky friend married her, and any estate agent who deals with her earns every cent.
        I think that her last sale may have been a private one as nobody wanted the money badly enough to earn it that way.

        I believe that there are a few politicians whose motives are less than selfless, there must be, but their political careers are probably short.

  2. duperez

     /  19th October 2016

    Is there shortly to be a report/announcement about Rangiora High School which has precipitated the Parata announcement?

  3. Zedd

     /  20th October 2016

    I hear Parata might be, just the first of a crowd from ‘team key’ heading for the door in 2017 ?! 😀

    • Kitty Catkin

       /  20th October 2016

      Yes, we know that she’s leaving. That’s what this discussion is about. It’s hardly a state secret.

      In every election there are some who decide that they have done it for long enough.


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