State shouldn’t fund boxing bout

Newshub reports: Revealed: Top-level Cabinet talks over funding Parker fightRevealed: Top-level Cabinet talks over funding Parker fight

The Government have held discussions at the top level about putting up taxpayer cash to keep Joseph Parker’s world heavyweight title fight in New Zealand, Newshub has learned.

A request from event promoters Duco for a cash subsidy was discussed by ministers at their weekly Cabinet meeting on Tuesday.
Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce put it on the agenda, after talking through the application under the ‘Major Events Fund’ – with officials from the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment in the morning.
Steven Joyce outlined one potential condition: that if Duco, a private company, makes a profit, it would have to pay the taxpayer back.
“It depends on the agreement that we sign,” he said.<
“That is something that we could consider in this instance – for example, in the Under-20 World Cup they made some money and some of it was returned to taxpayers [and] some of it was returned to promotion of the football code in New Zealand.
“We’re just literally not interested in funding somebody just because they turn up and ask for it – it’s got to be about something that otherwise wouldn’t happen. We’re not interested in just paying somebody for an event that they’re already going to run.”

I don’t think taxpayer money should go towards a fight like this, or towards any fight. A ‘sport’ based on trying to bash someone senseless and virtually guaranteed to inflict brain damage shouldn’t be encouraged, and certainly not with public money.

And boxing championships have become a confusing farce haven’t they? Who is the current world heavyweight champion? I have no idea and don’t care. It’s a mug’s game.

Parker seems a decent sort of guy, but taxpayers shouldn’t finance and attempt for him to make money out of bashing someone. His sport is well past it’s use-by date.


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  1. Kitty Catkin

     /  25th October 2016

    It’s a gladiator sport.

    I read in the 1887 Family Herald how much the ‘prize-fighters’ as they called them then could earn-it was a massive amount. As the answers vary so much, I see liitle point in trying to equate money then to an equivalent now, but an ordinary prize-fighter could take home as much for one match as a farm-labourer (they were poorly paid then) could earn in a year, and the ones at the top were earning vast amounts. Some things don’t change.

  2. Klik Bate

     /  25th October 2016

    It will show who’s the smarter of the two, event promoters Duco – or the National Government. If I was a betting man……..

    • Blazer

       /  25th October 2016

      Lonergan…showing ‘keylike’ ability….’Despite some errant reporting in the media, we aren’t looking for taxpayer funding’!

      • Corky

         /  25th October 2016

        You’re back Blazer. I was expecting your grand entrance after Hillary won the presidency.
        I guess things aren’t so cut and dry now.

        If Duco sign on the dotted line guaranteeing a handsome taxpayer dividend, go for it.
        That’s true ‘keylike’ ability.

  3. John Schmidt

     /  25th October 2016

    These guys are known crooks. You can bet your bottom dollar they will figure out a way to avoid making a so called “profit” and somehow the organisers and the boxing teams will come out of this with a lot of money in the bank. Dodgy as hell are these guys.

  4. Gezza

     /  25th October 2016

    Pro boxing’s a business making money for the boxers, promoters & various types of investors. If it can’t pay its own way let it fail.

    • Blazer

       /  25th October 2016

      to be fair so is Americas Cup yachting..and its an indulgence of the idle rich.

      • Gezza

         /  25th October 2016

        Same attitude to that too. If they can’t make it on the sales of red socks and private sponsorship too bad. Don’t give em any taxpayer money. Did anybody ever do an analysis of the real return on taxpayer investment when the cup racing was held here? If it paid off, ok maybe consider it next time they win the damn thing. Otherwise, forget it for future challenges.

  5. I’m surprised nobody has mentioned that Parker is Judith Collins nephew. He’s not just some random boxer.

    There are absolutely zero good reasons to fund Judith Collins nephews boxing career advancement. She already got the benefits of millions of litres of our water for a few hundred bucks, escapes any criticism for running Police and Corrections into the ground and – most importantly – her relationship with admitted criminals like Slater (Has something like 4-5 convictions for things from procuring criminal acts to breaching suppression) who abuse suppression laws is beyond the pale for someone who we send as our representative to anti-corruption summits.

    She HAS to know where the bodies are buried. There’s no way a smooth operator like Key would be taking the risk of keeping her around unless the fallout from deleting her from National was supreme. He needs to grow some balls or he will find his legacy – such as it is – will be one of direst acrimony.

    This little hide-the-skeletons game has got to stop. It’s damaged so many and benefitted so few.

    • The Newshub report mentions Collins.

      “Newshub has also learned Police Minister Judith Collins stepped outside Cabinet during the talks because she has a conflict of interest as Parker’s ‘aunty’ – he is the cousin of her husband, David Wong Tung.”

      Regardless of Collins stepping aside if the Cabinet approves taxpayer funding of a Parker bout it is easy to see perceptions of dodginess becoming prominent.

      Key is away overseas so won’t have been in the cabinet meeting.

      • Agreed re. perceptions of dodginess. There’s something really ironic about possibly funding JuCos nephew to fight when the New Zealand taxpayer was funding Serco who were allowing Fight Clubs between prisoners to take place.

        Nothing much happens without Key or his CoS knowing about it.


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