Boxing bout bid bombed

Duco Events has withdrawn their bid for Government funding for the upcoming Joseph Parker boxing bout. I can’t remember the name of his proposed opponent, and I have no idea where the bout fits into the tangled web of world boxing championships titles.

Duco co-owner David Higgins said issues around the funding bid had become “political dynamite” and there had been a lot of criticism on social media.

Perhaps they misjudged public sentiment about boxing. Two people trying to hammer shit out of each other has gone out of fashion as a sport. And public sentiment about corporate handouts is a bit shaky too..

It certainly looks like Duco either hadn’t done much homework on what sort of even qualifies for ‘Major Event’ funding, or thought that their event would be looked on differently than the type of events that usually queue up for years to get a bit of financial assistance.

I suspect that while some in Cabinet support the event that some were also quite averse to giving a handout to an event that may have lasted for half an hour, or may have lasted for half a minute, and would have had far more than half their voters giving them a major ear bashing.

Perhaps the bid was never expected to succeed in getting a handout – it has succeeded in gaining some more publicity for the bout.

Talking about the bout, can anyone explain where in the boxing ‘championship’ pecking order this bout is? I have no idea, and I must admit I’m barely interested.

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  1. Ray

     /  29th October 2016

    According to Bob Jones, who is a real expert, it would struggle to rate in the top 10.

  2. Gezza

     /  29th October 2016

    It never came near meeting the criteria & I doubt any Cabinet Ministers would’ve seriously supported the bid: it would’ve gone down like a lead balloon with we of the pleberati. Never had a snowball in hell’s chance, imo. I’m inclined towards your theory it was a publicity stunt, PG.


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