Key claims TPP is 50:50

Yeah, right.

John Key said yesterday that he thinks there is a 50:50 chance of the Trans-Pacific Partnership getting passed by the US congress in the lame duck period (after next week’s election and before President Obama’s term expires on 20th January 2017).

Audrey Young: John Key says TPP has a 50:50 chance of being passed in Congress lame-duck period

Prime Minister John Key believes the TPP still has a 50-50 chance of being passed in the lame-duck Congressional period after the November 8 presidential election.

He says a lot would depend on the direction given by Congress’ top ranking Republican, Speaker Paul Ryan, and whether Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton won the election.

“I think if Donald Trump wins it’s got no chance But if Hillary Clinton won there is a possibility and a window.”

But there was definitely a view out of Washington from some people that it would go ahead.

“I think it’s a bit 50-50 myself.”

I think that’s a bit optimistic. There is a possibility it will pass through Congress in the next three months. There is also a possibility sanity will prevail in the presidential election. Both seem like extreme long shots.

Trump and Clinton both oppose the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal among 12 countries and signed in New Zealand in February.

It could pass in the lame duck period. Ryan said in August that the numbers weren’t there although “Inside US Trade” reports that the Obama Administration is close to a solution on the biologics part of the TPP deal that has upset Republicans.

If Clinton wins but there would be an uproar from Sanders supporters and Trump supporters, and probably extreme pressure on both Republican and Democrat representatives.


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  1. Corky

     /  1st November 2016

    Tim Groser will be a bitter man till the day he dies. For John Key it will be water under the bridge. The sweet sea breezes of Hawaii will take any hurt away.

  2. Blazer

     /  1st November 2016

    this shitty ,crappy deal is dead in the water…thank God.NZ can negotiate trade deals country by country,without pandering to the interests of globalisation by multi nationals.


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