Housing in Mount Roskill

It looks like the Mount Roskill by-election campaign may feature in Parliament over the next month. Today Andrew Little put a few local housing questions to John Key.

Building and Housing, Minister—Confidence

1. ANDREW LITTLE (Leader of the Opposition) to the Prime Minister: Does he have confidence in his Minister for Building and Housing, given the nearly 8,000 shortfall in new houses in Auckland in the past year?

Andrew Little: What impact has the $273,000 increase in Mount Roskill house prices over the past 2 years had on young people there hoping to buy their own home?

Andrew Little: Given Quotable Value says that the median Mount Roskill house has increased in value by $2,300 each week for the last 2 years, how are young people meant to save for a deposit for their first home?

Andrew Little: Why, under his Government, are 80 percent of adults under 40 in Mount Roskill renters, with just 20 percent owning their own home? What is there to celebrate about that?

Andrew Little: Talking of special housing areas, how many of the exactly 18 affordable homes that have been built in Auckland special housing areas are in Mount Roskill? Would he be surprised to know that, actually, it is zero?

Key wriggled and diverted with general replies to the first four questions, then suggested Little’s numbers were dodgy on affordable houses.

Then Nick Smith stepped up to hit back at Labour.

Hon Dr Nick Smith: Is the Prime Minister aware that the Three Kings Quarry housing project would put 1,300 new homes in the Mt Roskill electorate, a large portion of which would be affordable, and that the lead opponent of these homes over the past 5 years has been the former chair of the local board, Mr Michael Wood, the Labour candidate?

Rt Hon JOHN KEY:  I was aware of that, actually. I was aware of that and, you know, I would not expect anything different, because it is the same Michael Wood who does not believe in dodgy deals, except he has done one with the Greens to get himself over the line—or, at least, he wants to but because his potential leader is so worried, he is offering $1.4 billion worth of light rail, which, actually, the former member for Mt Roskill does not even support.

So where did that come from? Here’s an indication: Three Kings development “rammed through”

Two local board members have accused Environment Minister Nick Smith of “bullying” the community to back a Fletchers proposal for 1500 homes in the old Three Kings quarry.

Puketapapa Local Board deputy chairman Harry Doig and member Michael Wood, a Labour candidate at the last election, said Dr Smith’s decision to join a legal case over the housing development in support of the developer represented “central government bullying and stand-over tactics”.

Labour will have to be careful that some of their campaign strategies don’t backfire.

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  1. Hey Michael, I’m asking questions in the house about housing in the Mt Roskill electorate. You ever opposed any builds there? Me Boss? No never….. all good………………………………………………………. OH MICHAEL!!! Yes Boss????



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