Saudi sheep report

The Attorney General’s report into the Saudi sheep deal looks mucky for Murry McCully, but the AG said that while McCuly didn’t act illegally and there was no corruption there problems with how it was dealt with.

Inquiry into the Saudi Arabia Food Security Partnership

The Auditor-General’s report Inquiry into the Saudi Arabia Food Security Partnership was presented to the House of Representatives today.

In June 2015, we received letters and asking for an inquiry into the Saudi Arabia Food Security Partnership. Concerns were raised about money that the Government had paid to a foreign businessman, and questions were asked about whether the payments amounted to corruption or bribery. In August 2015, we announced our decision to inquire into the spending of public money on the Partnership and set our terms of reference for the inquiry.

In our report, we outline the complex history and background to the arrangements entered into as part of the Partnership. We also consider whether:

• the arrangements were made within the law;

• the business case for spending public money was robust;

• good process was followed; and

• value for money was obtained.

Read the full report on our website.


Some are claiming that McCully must have lied to Cabinet and lied to Parliament. He at least was far from forthright enough for a Minister.


McCully doesn’t look very comfortable.

John Key seems to be standing by McCully but this doesn’t help the perception of third term-itis.

Somehow I don’t think ‘Look, I wasn’t caught doing anything actually illegal’ is going to cut it this time.

Felix Marwick: For those that want to see Foreign Minister Murray McCully’s stand up on the OAG report on the Saudi sheep deal

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