What is LeftWin?

It’s a blog that thinks that New Zealand’s Revolution is coming.

Almost everywhere is seems that radical projects are bringing new life into the radical left. Across the world, protest movements have been reborn. Movements like Occupy and other union, community and environmental struggles have brought forth new energy. This has also come together into new political parties and organisations. While each new project faces its own challenges and opportunities and limitations, the diverse political experiments can make New Zealand seem uninspiring in contrast. Could we see a revolutionary shake up in sleepy New Zealand?

New Zealand will have dozed right off if they read right through that post. I’ll skip to the end.

For the left as it exists, the challenge isn’t to have all the answers for how the world will play out, but to grow the strength and confidence of activists today. Building struggle in our unions and movements can create the layers of confident activists that makes this kind of organisational break possible. And for such a project to be possible, we need to build layers of people that first and foremost have the confidence and practical  and political skills of organisation to push at the boundaries of what is possible in capitalist society. 

Leftwin as described by themselves.

In recent years the world has been rocked by dramatic political upheavals such as Occupy and the Arab Spring. We see new left political formations uniting new layers of activists across Europe, and in Latin America social movements have captured governments and embarked on radical political experiments across that continent.

LeftWin is a blog dedicated to fighting for, and winning, these kinds of progressive political changes in New Zealand/Aotearoa.

This blog believes in a movement and a politic driven by popular participation, that actively supports the struggle for Tino Rangatiratanga and that seeks to build an more equal and environmentally sustainable Aotearoa.

Who is the ‘we’ of leftwin? “You can contact LeftWin at ben@unite.org.nz”.

I don’t think modern politics is about one political ideology ‘winning’ and by implication inflicting a loss on others.

Capitalism versus socialism or progressivism or whatever anti-capitalists call themselves these days is a futile argument. We have and will always have a blend of ideologies in practice. The challenge is to get the best possible balance.

Working together to make improvements for as many people as possible seems to me to be a better approach to fighting to win an un-winnable fight. It has to involve compromises, something that’s necessary whenever you get more than one person in a society.

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  1. Damn we might lose all the entertaining lefties who post here and uptick each other……

  2. I’m sorry that you’ve given up hope in changing the world.

    For those that are wiling to think about how we can go beyond the neoliberal political process that is presented as the only option, I hope leftwin can be a useful resource.

    • I haven’t given up hope of changing the world. I have a different view on how the country and the world should be changed. I don’t think political polarisation is a winning approach.

      Being dismissed as ‘if you don’t agree with me you have nothing’ is a common attack, but it lacks awareness, especially of alternatives.

      Can you explain what “the neoliberal political process” is?

      Why do you think it is “the only option” being presented?

      • I think there is bipartisan support for a common economic orthodoxy that has cut corporation taxes and deregulated markets at the expense of the majority of people. I think so much of our political, media and economic systems grant more power to those with more money, which means that politicians pander to donors rather than what could improve equality, hence only this neoliberal orthodoxy is presented within formal politics.

        I believe political and economic systems don’t need to favor the rich, but can be rebuilt to work towards a fairer society.

        I think the key to achieving that is building confidence among people in the possibility of political change.

        • Alan Wilkinson

           /  3rd November 2016

          How do you think cutting corporate tax is at the expense of the majority of people? Any increase in profits is either distributed in additional taxed dividends or is retained to fund corporate growth and more jobs or investment.

          • Corporations rely on the state through providing infrastructure, schooling to have technical workers, etc. For a corporation to make money, it requires a whole community to be functioning. When profits flow only to those who ‘own’ the operation, that is exploiting the work of others. We have a right to say what proportion of the wealth created by society goes into popular infrastructure like public housing. We have a right to say that in the face of a housing crisis that this is more important than building $30 million dollar mansions in Coatsesville.

            • Alan Wilkinson

               /  3rd November 2016

              All that was completely irrelevant to my comment. To reiterate, profits not taxed as corporation tax are anyway taxed as income in the hands of shareholders or are invested into growing the company which benefits the community and job-seekers.

              It seems you don’t know what you are talking about but that doesn’t trouble you.

            • Kevin

               /  3rd November 2016

              Do you post at The Standard? Your style and reasoning reminds me of a commentator there. Actually a lot of commentators.

  3. Kevin

     /  3rd November 2016

    It’s like some authors from The Standard were let loose and decided to create their own blog.

  4. Ray

     /  3rd November 2016

    There seem to quite a few left wingers who yearn for “the revolution “.
    Check out the old comments at the Standard or Russell Brown’s Public Address when there were riots in the U.K. or the genuine uprisings of the Arab Spring.
    I presume they feel if only the sheeple would rise up they could grab control and run things as they know is the proper way.
    Notice it is not them who take the risks
    And history shows us what really happens with North Korea being one of the latest lessons.

    Not sure what rabid righties dream about but they have enough sense to keep quiet about it!

  5. Leftwing does not persuade me one bit that there is a conspiracy of the Rich” to rob the “Poor” in New Zealand. Nor do I subscribe to any attempts to claim we are a society divided. We still have elections every three years and have a history of replacing the incompetents. We also believe in giving everyone a fair go, and are easily persuaded to help out those in need. Please don’t try and import the crap that we see in Europe, the UK, and the USA and Russia and China that tries to define a classified society. Here in NZ, you get a result from your inputs – education, family support, innovation etc etc. The mere use of a divisive symbolism “The Left” as a means to convey a claim of “Corporate ” control of the Economy is a farce.. It is the arguments of a Marxist Socialist and has no credibility in a balanced and assured New Zealand that is happy in its own skin. Piss off “Left wing”, or present some logical facts backed by rational analysis about where New Zealand is at.


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