Labour Party conference opening

Labour’s annual conference opened tonight in Auckland.

The 2016 Annual Conference will be held at the ANZ Viaduct Events Centre, Auckland Central commencing 8.30am Friday 4 November and concluding by 3.00pm on Sunday 6 November. In addition to all of the usual policy discussions, workshops and sector activities, this year’s Conference will also continue our centenary celebrations and feature an interesting fringe programme.

Friday: Sector meetings, policy workshops and the conference opening.

Saturday: President’s address, Policy Platform amendments debate, CTU President address, Finance Spokesperson’s address, NZ Council elections, hustings and voting, campaign plan briefing, workshops and Mt Roskill campaign.

Sunday: General Secretary’s address, NZLP Annual Report and incorporation discussion, announcement of NZ Council election results, Policy Platform amendments debate continued, life membership awards, Deputy Leader’s speech and the Leader’s Speech.

Andrew Little’s opening speech. Also James Shaw speaks to the conference.

And, ah, neither Ten Guitars nor male opera singing rate highly in my musical preferences, but when the two are combined it’s really not my thing.

Thank you to @nzlabour for having @metiria and I along to your conference tonight.

@jamespeshaw @nzlabour @metiria @NZGreens Great to have you both there and thanks for your kind words.

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  1. Pete Kane

     /  4th November 2016

    Gareth a guest speaker?

    • No sign of him in person but I heard his name mentioned from the crowd when Shaw said Labour+Greens were cat friendly.

      • Gezza

         /  4th November 2016

        Why does Jacinda Arden call her future victim Andrew Liddil, and always say sumpthink when she means something?

        • Pete Kane

           /  5th November 2016

          That really is one overrated (and media pampered) cat. (Meaning J not A.)

          • Gezza

             /  5th November 2016

            It’s sumpthink I haven’t been able to figure oudeitha, as she would say. I guess it’s just a measure of how little talent everyone else can see in their caucus.

            I know she’s upbeat & smiley & excitable & “passionate about” whaddeva id is she’s talking about (that last one must be about the most hackneyed & unconvincing phrase in their PR guidebook ) but I don’t think she has what it takes for a Ministerial portfolio, let alone a party leader’s job.

        • Blazer

           /  5th November 2016

          akshully nuzilders are not bothered by this…maybe she wants to be…P.M!

  2. PDB

     /  5th November 2016

    Sums up the Labour party – stuck in some sort of nightmarish time-warp……….


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