Labour’s annual conference, offline

I think Labour is having their annual conference this weekend and will mark 100 years since the party was founded, but it’s hard to tell from their online presence.


Oddly I can see no sign of this on the home page on their website.


The ‘latest’ is last weekend’s news.

I got the 100 years graphic from their Facebook page, but remarkably there is no obvious sign of their conference there either.Under Events:


That August campaign launch is presumably for the local body elections. No mention of any event relating to the Mount Roskill by-election, and more remarkably, no sign of their centenary conference.

I also see that there’s a gap in the history montage, no Norm Kirk from the 1970s, nor David Lange from the 1980s.

“New Zealand Labour Party does not have any upcoming events.”

Remarkable. Is this a result of the exodus of communications staff from Andrew Little’s office? Or under the Memorandum of Understanding do they leave social media to their Green Party branch?

No sign of any posts  about the conference at The Standard yet either.

Someone must have thought to tell a journalist though, as 1 News have reported Labour to mark centenary, look to future at annual conference.

Do they see no future in online promotions?

Labour will celebrate their past and their future when as many as 600 delegates head to Auckland for their annual conference this weekend.

This year marks 100 years since the party was founded and while marking the milestone the event will focus on the campaign to win government in 2017, President Nigel Haworth says.

“We know it’s going to be difficult because we’ve got a well funded, well resourced government in power,” he told NZ Newswire.

“We’re feeling very comfortable we’ve got a strong campaign.”

“I think the way it’s come out over the last year we’ve dealt with most of the hard issues, this year is very much about campaigning,” Mr Haworth said.

Maybe that strong campaign will be launched at the conference.

“It will be an opportunity for us to reiterate our platform about New Zealand being a place of genuine opportunity for everyone regardless of the circumstances of their birth, and I’ll have a policy to announce relating to jobs,” Mr Little said.

The Party is expecting between 500 and 600 delegates to attend the three-day event which kicks off with a President’s welcome from Mr Haworth tonight.

It starts tonight. Maybe they notified some of their members by snail mail.

Mr Little will address delegates in the main event on Sunday afternoon.

Will Little’s policy on jobs include a new opportunity for someone to promote the Labour Party online?

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  1. Pickled Possum

     /  4th November 2016

    They send an email each week to people who want to know their policies and this week Dr David Clark tells us why this Government has let us down

    “National’s $1.7 billion worth of cuts to the health budget are starting to hurt: we have patients who can’t get the treatment they need when they need it, our health workforce are exhausted and overworked, and important medicines aren’t being funded”.

    and 2 days ago Andrew Little sent an email saying
    “This weekend, Auckland is hosting Labour’s 2016 Conference. I’m looking forward to speaking there on Sunday afternoon”.

    The build up to their annual conference was full of their 100 years of doing business in NZ but if you aren’t interested in what they are really about; you won’t know or even apparently want too.
    It seems that Labour are using social media to inform the interested. As well as asking for money to carry on.

  2. Blazer

     /  4th November 2016

    ‘everything Key does seems to turn to gold…’…Flag referendum,Shewan report,Northland bye election,pony tail pulling,Jason Ede,Fletcher ,GCSB,…ETC,ETC…he’s more lucky than anything…won 2 W.C’s.

    • PDB

       /  4th November 2016

      You make your own luck in this world Blazer………..I guess you were just *born* unlucky?

    • Conspiratoor

       /  4th November 2016

      @blazer, 3 erections and sleepwalking to a 4th. Says more about the oppos than it does about his luck don’t you think?

      • Blazer

         /  6th November 2016

        I put it down to very clever marketing actually.Lynton Crosby ,take a bow.


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