Ireland 40, All Blacks 29

Is history going to be made at Soldier Field in Chicago? UPDATE: Yep, a great day for Ireland!

Ireland has comprehensively outplayed the All Blacks in the first half of the test and lead 25-8 at half time.

The ABs have made too many stupid mistakes, including several dangerous tackles, one resulting in a sin binning – and Ireland scored two tries during that ten minutes. Their lineout has barely functioned. They have turned over mall ball and except for one try have failed to make much of an impression.

In contrast Ireland have played smartly and with determination and passion. Three tries to one is an emphatic clobbering, so far.

There’s another half to go, but if Ireland can keep things up and the ABs fail to fire again in the second half then Ireland could make history today.

Ireland started the second half with another try to lead 30-8. The ABs played quite a bit better from there and closed the gap to a few points. But mistakes crept in again and the Irish finished better, scored another try late in the game to score 5 tries to the AB’s 4 to clinch the game.

Ireland 40, New Zealand 29

A well deserved win for Ireland, their first win ever against the All Blacks..

It’s great for them, and good for world rugby.

And it won’t do the All Blacks any harm. This makes their European tour much more interesting, with games against Italy, France, and what should be a riper of a return match against Ireland.




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  1. Conspiratoor

     /  6th November 2016

    Never say never but it looks like history will be made today pg. We are missing the two big men big time

  2. Missy

     /  6th November 2016

    between that and the league, I am not having a good bonfire night!

  3. Missy

     /  6th November 2016

    The ABs are clawing back, now 33-22 to Ireland. The Kiwis not so good, down 14-4 to Aus.

  4. Gezza

     /  6th November 2016

    The AB’s feckin lost ⁉️
    Written warning for Hansen.
    If it happens again, he should be out on his ear. 😡
    (I blame the government.)

    • Well done Ireland 111 years too long to wait for a thoroughly good game and a well deserved win. Set the clock back to zero, and take that monkey off the ABs Back!

  5. Conspiratoor

     /  6th November 2016

    For those whose memories go back to 1978 this is not the first time an Irish team have beaten the all blacks. A black day for our national game that plunged the country into a week of mourning

    • Blazer

       /  6th November 2016

      Munster is not Ireland.

      • Gezza

         /  6th November 2016

        Why are you coming here to stir up a ruckus, Blazer? Bj may be hoping for a resurrection but I’m not convinced about life after death.

        This a wake thread. We’re in bloody mourning. Show some respect. 😠 🎩

      • Conspiratoor

         /  6th November 2016

        Neither is Dogtown, Alabama. And your point is…

  6. So do we arrest the Irish coach and charge him with Treason? Of course not, we shake his hand for seizing the day and the occasion. He has achieved immortality in Ireland. No need to grieve Gezza. I have shares in Guinness of course!

  7. Superb pressure game from Ireland. Targeted our tight 5 and they came up a bit short with out Whitelock and Retallick on the field. The AB’s execution was way off in the first half – but that was down to the predictable Irish fire and brimstone approach of hard running and punishing rush defense

    But I have to say 10 minutes for a good tackle means the laws are seriously stuffed in my view. That binning had huge impact out of all proportion to the supposed crime. I reckon a minor and a major yellow need introducing of 5 and 10 minutes, with more frequent use of 5 minute sin bins to penalise persistent offside and ruck.tackle ball infringements. Save a 10 minute yellow for more serious misdemeanors

    All in all, great effort Ireland executed the game plan with skill and vigour – a deserved victory. For the AB’s a good lesson to absorb – its an 80 minute game and you can’t stake teams leads and expect to always run the opponent down in the last 20-30 minutes..

    Dublin should be fun – especially if Brodie is back, things will be more even upfront then and the AB’s should be seriously amped for revenge

  8. Blazer

     /  6th November 2016

    Smith was a let down and shouldn’t have started.TJ had the form.

  9. Jeeves

     /  7th November 2016



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