TPPA trumped

Meanwhile, in New Zealand the Trans Pacific Partnership legislation is down to pass into law today …….

Stating the obvious:

BREAKING NEWS – John Key admits TPP will not happen in the short-term with Donald Trump in the White House

John Key is doing well articulating the future NZ relationship with Trump: we don’t have to like it, but we do have to make it work

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  1. Alan Wilkinson

     /  10th November 2016

    Well, giving the US veto rights over it was never a good idea. Time to bring China in and redress the balance.

  2. Gezza

     /  10th November 2016

    Key will be desperately trying to set up a golf game with Trump, do you think? 😳

  3. Alan Wilkinson

     /  10th November 2016

    Back in the real world from Lefty journalist doomland, the stock markets have already recovered entirely from MSM-induced shock and are climbing towards record levels.

  4. Unfortunately, it is too soon to pronounce Cultural Marxism dead and buried. It is wounded but will soon fight back in order to continue to dominate Education (Primary to Tertiary), Ideology, Politics, Economic theory Social sciences, culture and militancy. The socialist incubators need to be monitored and real community efforts put into the design of the curriculum and syllabus followed by our children so we develop discerning, well-educated individual thinkers rather than pump out puppets able to repeat and recall the garbage taught, rather than demonstrate a logical independent problem solving mind with an understanding of commonsense, morality and clear logical thinking not dulled by emotive propaganda. Unfortunately, I do not believe our teaching profession has sufficient people who understand what I am talking about, so the consequences of cultural marxism march on until we get the Trump message.

    • IMHO you describe teaching people to think OF themselves beejay, rather than for themselves. Train that wicked socialism out of them eh?

      The clear indication of your prescription education is that any thinking which is not individually “independent” and “logical” is ‘cultural marxism’, socialist, emotive propaganda and garbage …? Does this apply to the military, surely about as totalitarian socialist an organisation as can be imagined?

      Your ideal ‘individuated’ education – which takes place in 30+ pupil ‘communal’ classrooms at schools where X number of 30+ pupil classrooms interact in a Lord of the Flies playground – in other words en masse – presumably rules out any communal, collective, mutual, neighbourly or cooperative thought and ideals? Team sports are allowed though …

      Empathy, caring and compassion are “emotive” beejay. Morality is communal and common, and even common sense. The thrill of the team winning, or consolation of losing? ‘Wholistic’ health at the collective or community as well as individual level …

      What exactly is the Trump message anyhow …?

      • PDB

         /  10th November 2016

        Strangely enough ‘Trumps message’ isn’t important. It’s the message the people have sent in not voting for Clinton that is important.


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