Civil war at The Standard

There has been a civil war amongst authors at The Standard today, escalating to the extent that one moderator has banned another – which is kind of funny to me because both of them were happy to have me banned a week ago for doing nothing but participating civilly.

Censorship on ideological grounds and on personal grounds has been common as long as I have been a Standard watcher but I’ve never seen then turn on each other like this before.

Colonial Viper has been ruffling a few feathers there for a while, especially with his pro-Trump, anti-Clinton stances, and that seems to have got a bit too much for some on top of Trump’s win.

I’m not quite sure how it all came about today but weka’s feathers have waggled more draconially than usual, slapping a ban on fellow author and moderator Te Reo Putake after he clashed with her over a post of his that weka deleted.

It seems to have blown up from about here and went on to:

Te reo putake:

Thanks for destroying the post forever, chief censor weka. TS readers should not have filth like that put in front of them. And on a political blog, too!

What’s the world coming to when sensible right wing posts about why President Pussy is Really a Good Thing can’t be published on a left wing blog without being attacked satirically? I feeling faint just contemplating the horror of it all.

Better to burn a billion books than let people make up their own mind. Better to shoot a few cartoonists than let people smirk at the pompous and the precious having their vanities pricked in print.

Yes, there are some posts that are too tricky for the likes of TS readers. Sadly, there are a few of us who are sufficiently sophisticated to make the big calls. You’re doing wonderful work, weka. Pip pip!

[you are welcome TRP. But seeing as how you have brought this to the front end, let’s just be clear about what has happened today. There are now 6 authors in the back end who are in general agreement that both yourself and CV have been causing serious problems for the site over a long period of time and that something needed to be done about that. At this stage I will leave it to Lynn to explain what action has been taken if he wants to.

I didn’t censor your post, and I didn’t destroy the post forever. I removed the post off the front page until such time as the authors could decide if it was going to cause further problems. A copy of the post was and still is available. No-one thought that post should be published, that’s why it hasn’t been.

Please don’t tell lies about me again, it’s against the site rules to do so. Given that I started the day wanting to write a post about the quake and one about the deep sea oil exploration off the East Coast that is happening as we speak, and instead spent the afternoon running round putting out fires you and CV had set, I’m in no mood to have my time further wasted. We can do better than this. Thanks – weka]

Stephanie Rodgers:

I deleted the most recent version you attempted to post, not weka.

CV’s behaviour has been dealt with through the appropriate channels, which you refuse to engage with. It did not need to have gasoline poured on it, which was the only thing your “satire” was going to achieve.

Te reo putake:

You removed the post. That’s censorship. I have never lied about you. Nobody asked you to censor the post. That was all your own work.

You’ve removed the only extant copy of the post, so for all practical purposes, you have destroyed it.

However, you say a copy exists. I’d like a copy of the post. Can you please email it to me? Thanks.

[I deleted the post after you reinstated it to the front page from its Private status, and I offered a copy of the post in the back end. Banned 2 months for telling further lies about me and wasting moderators time at a time when we have all got more than enough to deal with. I’m not going to hash this out in the front end any further, you still have access to the back end and the authors forum, so you can use that if you want to. – weka]

Lanthanide (who posted a link to an archive copy of the deleted post:


[Two month ban for such flagrant stupidity] – Bill

Te reo putake:

To avoid the wrath of Bill, readers might like to pop over to where the matter can be discussed without ban hammery consequences.

Cheers, y’all. The Standard is broken. But it can be fixed.

It looks like it could take a lot of fixing given how intent on message control and commenter banning some of those involved are.

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Another related post: I’m a Racist, a Hater of Women and a Bigoted Troll. But I didn’t vote Trump. Here’s Why.

This is all quite a sad look for The Standard, but not really surprising considering how they have long established history of moderator supported censorship and personal attack against anyone deemed a risk to their comfy bubble.

If ‘NZ’s leading left blog’ can’t handle some discussion amongst themselves, let alone allowing the free flow of a wide variety of views and inputs, then the left in NZ will continue to find a way to lead.

It appears that Colonial Viper has been “demoted from being an author on this site now” – by the collective he used to be a part of.

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  1. Kitty Catkin

     /  14th November 2016

    Tell the navel-gazing buggers to watch the news, see the earthquakes and get a grip on reality.

  2. Gezza

     /  14th November 2016

    Best to stay out of it in case it goes nuclear.

  3. Corky

     /  15th November 2016

    This is the mini rehearsal of a bigger issue I talked of a few months back- the disintegration of the Left after losing the next election. The relentless squashing of everything the Left stands for is starting to show. National for 8 years. Trump as president. And a fightback by normal folk against PC and bullshite minority rights. All are taking their toll. Not to mention a redundant political philosophy.

    Post election is where the real fun will be for sadistic Righties like me. If this tiff ( snigger) at The Standard is an indication, its going to be a vintage year. Lots of utu being returned to spineless, nasty, feral Leftie commentators who have lied, connived and gang-banged across the blogosphere. Time for payback lads.

    • HenryG

       /  15th November 2016

      The infighting will be epic. I don’t mind TRP he is semi ok for been to the left of pol pot.

      • PDB

         /  15th November 2016

        TRP is an idiot. This altercation is like two mental patients fighting over who is most impaired…….

        • I’m the Saviour, no I am. Who are you, I am Napoleon, or am I Lenin, or Marx, or Corbyn.

          • Kitty Catkin

             /  15th November 2016

            I’m a wine biscuit and my arm’s just crumbled off. Oops, no, I’m Lord Nelson and my arm was shot off.

            It’s easy to see that not too much that’s real is going on in their lives.

  4. It is those voting the other way you need to convince, not those in your echo chamber. The Standard and their railing against centrist or pragmatic responses are legendary. You’d think they’d have noticed by now their methodology is counter productive.

    The theme running through CV’s thread is interesting as it mirrors the whole relevancy of the left’s relevancy. The moral superiority and entitlement these people feel is staggering. Where they call themselves liberal, I see autocratic – and where they trumpet Progressive when I see closed minded.

    Bill commenting in that thread brings to mind what many are finally admitting is the very real problem of the left in their battle for hearts and minds. Identity politics. Bill says:

    “Are you saying that unions ought to listen or become irrelevant? Are you saying the anarchist community, the feminist community, the indigenous communities, the alphabet community and all of a 1001 and more other expressions of political thought that’s generally regarded as being of ‘the left’ ought to listen to stuff coming out of Fox News or become irrelevant?

    I’m telling him, …yes!

    Herding cats is easier than trying to appease “1001” interest groups in a typical left wing cabal. There’s no room left for listening to, let alone understanding your detractors. Taking the pulse of the proletariat when you’re forever putting out fires in your own tent city is impossible. We’ve seen it for years in the Labour Party here and Australia, and it’s now reached ridiculous proportions in the Corbynista’s world, and the Occupy Democrats in the USA.

    Way I see it Bill, is that any political movement worth their salt should indeed listen very carefully to the “stuff coming out of Fox News”, the US’s biggest news source. You need to know an enemy, and know it well to formulate arguments against it. It is simply no good the left indignantly dismissing the right as “deplorables”. Devoid of practical methodology and inclusiveness their myopic ideology will not deliver a magic Kingdom. How the hell they’ll manage the “1001” interest groups within the hoped for Utopia escapes me, as it clearly does the voters.

  5. I wonder if Colonial Viper is a right-wing troll winding up the Left?

    • Er, yes. That’s my argument in a nutshell.

      He used to be sort of leftish, but ever since he failed to depose Clare Curran as the Sth Dunedin labour party candidate he has gone off on a weird tangent. I’m reasonably convinced he’ll stand for ACT next election, because his attitude mirrors that of the right of the labour party in the early nineties. Once they lost control of the party post Douglas/Lange, their true colours were revealed. That seems to be the path CV is on.

      • It’s true he’s been playing Devil’s Advocate of sorts, but is that a bad thing !

        TS is all very platitudinous sermonising and unwavering subservience to a bewildering array of predictable causes.

        Be nice if principled opposition was enough to influence wider hearts and minds. It’s not and CV recognises it.

        • Actually, TS has no defined line on anything. The authors are all over the shop, with all kinds of left wing ideas represented. It’s pretty anarchic. However, it is a (broadly) left wing site, so when an author starts writing deliberately offensive right wing tosh, there are bound to be issues. It’s not like I haven’t gone out of my why to rark readers up, either. A lot of my posts have a tongue in cheek element, which often gets some strong reactions. However, it’s still pretty obvious that I’m a leftie and I don’t spend my time there abusing women, minorities, the Labour party, the rest of the left etc etc ad nauseum. There’s already Whaleoil for that sort of stuff.

  6. SPLITTERS!!!!

  7. left for dead

     /  15th November 2016

    I was quite close to some of that, being a member at that time, that was not the case, however we did wont to expose CC for what we felt her unsuitability in the role of MP for South Dunedin, not least losing the party vote to National, what astonish me was the lack of Party, if not general knowledge of our history: i.e. which Prime Minister is buried in Waimate, I kid you not, I saw and heard (or in this case) fail to answer that Question.

  8. ” Sir William Jukes Steward. M.L.C. who died in 1912 is buried at Waimate and the Rt. Hon. Norman Kirk headstone. [Toe Te Kupa, Toe Te mana Toe Te Whenua]. The proverb means: “When the work is established, the mana is established and the land is secured”

    I suspect it is a spelling mistake / transcription error – harder to correct on a headstone than on paper! Toi tu te kupu, toi tu te mana, toi tu te whenua: This proverb was spoken by Tinirau of Wanganui. It is a plea to hold fast to our culture, for without language, without mana (spirit), and without land, the essence of being a Maori would no longer exist, but be a skeleton which would not give justice to the full body of Maoritanga (maoridom).”
    For the record!

  9. Chris

     /  16th November 2016

    “Colonial Viper has been ruffling a few feathers there for a while, especially with his pro-Trump, anti-Clinton stances”

    It’s disingenuous to characterise Colonial Viper as having a “pro-Trump” stance. You’re simply repeating the unfathomably shallow and one-dimensional take on what people at the TS have been saying about CV. I cannot believe how stupid people over there are if that’s really what they believe CV is saying.

    • I haven’t been following what he has been saying closely, but he has been accused of being pro-Trump by the Standard establishment, which Weka seems to be taking control of. He is clearly anti-Clinton. He has also been labelled a far righty, but that’s meaningless there, they tend to call anyone who doesn’t fit within a narrow ideology or contests their group think a righty or RWNJ.

      • Gezza

         /  16th November 2016

        Remain a distance from that quarry of brimstone, PG, lest ye be pulled into the pit & suffer burning & eternal damnation for your sins against the saints.


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