Earthquake – update information

Key facts from RNZ:

  • A 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck near Hanmer Springs at 12.02am on Monday.
  • There have been two confirmed deaths. One person died in a house that collapsed in Kaikoura, and a second person died at a house in Mt Lyford, inland from Kaikoura.
  • Scores of severe aftershocks have hit.
  • Kaikoura is still cut off from the rest of the country, with major landslides blocking the roads in and out.
  • Six people suffered moderate to serious injuries in Kaikoura and were airlifted to hospital; another 18 were treated for minor injuries.
  • Most of Wellington’s CBD will open as normal on Tuesday morning, with parts of Featherston St cordoned off.
  • People living near the Clarence River were told to evacuate after a dam breach. A group of kayakers, and another group of 16 rafters, have been found safe.
  • Tsunami warnings have been cancelled, but people are advised to stay vigilant near coastal waters.

Morning update (Tuesday 15 November).:

  • Mass evacuations are due to begin this morning from quake-hit Kaikoura, on the South Island’s east coast.
  • The town is cut off by road and rail, and the navy ship HMNZS Canterbury has been sent to help bring supplies and get people out.
  • 1200 tourists are believed to be stranded in Kaikoura, and RNZ News has been told as many as 50 helicopters will also help evacuate them.
  • Large aftershocks have continued to rattle buildings and nerves overnight in the town of about two-thousand people.
  • Civil Defence says only three days’ supply of fresh water remain.
  • The Takahanga Marae deputy chairperson, Major Timms, says the town’s concrete water tank has split in two. The marae yesterday fed about 700 people in the aftermath of the quake and is expecting large numbers again today.
  • A team of specialist engineers will begin inspecting earthquake-damaged buildings this morning.
  • The Civil Defence national controller David Coetzee (could-seer) says about 50 buildings in Wellington need further assessment. And the engineers will also carry out assessments of several buildings in Kaikoura. Mr Coetzee expects it will take a couple of days to get a complete picture of the extent of the damage.


  • You may be able to head back to work today, but you should check with your boss to make sure you can go back to your building – and use your commonsense.
  • Commuter rail services in Wellington are expected to return to normal schedules today after yesterday’s quake related suspensions operator Metlink says.
  • The capital’s bus services are running but are diversions are in place in the central business district  to allow inspection of buildings for quake and wind damage.
  • The Fire Service says there were no major callouts in the capital overnight although Civil Defence said there were some instances of broken glass being dislodged by last night’s winds.
  • Some areas of the CBD remain cordoned off due to the risk of further glass and debris being dislodged by strong wind.
  • Civil Defence says Central Wellington will be open for business today  but people will need to use their commonsense and check with their employers whether their building has been inspected and deemed safe to enter.
  • A KiwiRail spokeswoman said two freight only Interislander ferry crossings of Cook Strait were made last night but passenger services were yet to resume.’s-7-point-5-quake

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  1. ‘Earthquake lights’ were caught on camera – Newstalk ZB claims ‘Explained: Flash of light in skies connected to earthquake” bujt there is not much of a definitive explanation:

    A geologist has explained the flash of light that lit-up skies following yesterday’s 7.5 magnitude earthquake.

    Professor Mark Stirling said scientists agree the flash of light is connected to earthquakes, but they have several theories as to how the phenomena forms.

    “It’s to do with ionisation – fault rocks are rubbing together, and producing electrical discharge, which goes out into the atmosphere as light, and ionises it.”

    “There is of course this healthy scientific debate about the exact cause” he said.

  2. “The coast road – State Highway One – is a main project. We will try to get the inland road open to supply Kaikoura.”

  3. Gezza

     /  15th November 2016

    The 4.6 (strong) 4:22:19 am 10 km east of Seddon one woke me in North Welly, mainly a shaking, no rolling.

    Good explanation of the different types of seismic waves generated by an earthquake. Surface Waves do the shaking and the damage. The ‘click here’ animations are particularly good for understanding how the waves travel and the different effects they produce.

  4. Klik Bate

     /  15th November 2016

    Off to a good start…….

  5. Klik Bate

     /  15th November 2016

    According to Ian Wishart on Facebook, Ken Ring predicted the quake about a year ago….the only thing he got wrong was the magnitude ❗

    • PDB

       /  15th November 2016

      Cherry-picking – make enough ‘predictions’ as Ring and you’re bound to be right at some stage.

    • Gezza

       /  15th November 2016

      Ken Ring predicts earthquakes in multiple places and ill-defined areas for something like every 2-3 days and claims success if one happens anywhere in NZ at full moon, 1st Quarter, New Moon, 3rd Quarter, and several days either side of those phases, in a country that gets 4+ mag earthquakes all the time. If you believed Ring and lived anywhere in NZ you’d be staying home every day.

      • PDB

         /  15th November 2016

        Considering the earthquake was mag 7 even his ‘successes’ ain’t too accurate.

        • Kitty Catkin

           /  15th November 2016

          Some fundie predicted that the big one would hit Wellington-the date (year !), damage and loss of life were all wrong, and so was the magnitude, but apart from that it was spot on and uncannily accurate.


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