The House shaken

Ironically, and disconcertingly for some, while Bill English was answering questions on dealing with earthquakes a sizeable quake rocked the house. English paused briefly, then carried on, but some around him looked around with obvious concern, including John Key.

At about 1:20 there was a 5.8 shake 15 km east of Seddon (it’s about 70 km from there to Wellington across Cook Strait):

Earthquake, Kaikōura—Economic Impact

2. MATT DOOCEY (National—Waimakariri) to the Minister of Finance: What advice has he received about the economic impact of the Kaikōura earthquake?

Hon BILL ENGLISH (Minister of Finance): At this point, the priority is on getting assistance to those who need it, and restoring services to affected areas. There is no funding constraint on that; the job just simply has to be done. Treasury has provided some preliminary advice, which is that the Kaikōura quake is significant, but it is going to be quite difficult to get a clear picture of overall cost.

Matt Doocey: What steps is the Government taking to respond to the earthquake?

Hon BILL ENGLISH: The shorter-term steps have been outlined by the Prime Minister, and the Minister in charge of earthquakes—[Earthquake]

Hon David Parker: It’s working.

Hon BILL ENGLISH: It is working. So we know that repairing roads and other utilities is a costly and long-term solution, which is likely to have an impact on Government expenditure and will have some impact on tax revenue.

Matt Doocey: How well placed is New Zealand to deal with the consequences of the earthquake?

Hon BILL ENGLISH: This time I will be more careful with what I say. Ha, ha! The economy is generally in good shape. Government debt is relatively low. We have budget surpluses. We are in about as good a shape as we could be to deal with this natural disaster.

Matt Doocey: What financing options does the Government have to respond to the Kaikōura earthquake?

Hon BILL ENGLISH: There is a range of pretty straightforward options. The Government has capacity to borrow, to the extent that we do not actually have cash surpluses, and we want to make sure that financing is not an impediment to the rapid recovery, particularly for the vital transport links that have been so affected by the quakes.

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  1. Kitty Catkin

     /  15th November 2016

    The newsreader who carried on regardless has been widely praised.

    • Gezza

       /  15th November 2016

      Al was there and he said nothing. I kept posting to Patu. Where’s my effing praise?

      • Kitty Catkin

         /  16th November 2016

        I haven’t seen any here, but I have read it elsewhere. Her voice shook a little at times, but she was amazingly unpanicky (not like some of the rest of us, had we been there under the circs)

        I remember once when the newsreaders took off when one came as they were reading the news-I don’t blame them !!!

        As my dog woke up (and woke me) right on cue, I wonder if animals can sense and possibly hear these things when humans can’t.


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