Local bodies try political activism

The new Dunedin City Council has continued it’s predecessor in political activism, influenced by a new intake of councillors and ongoing activist pressure and lobbying.

The council voted by 9 to 4 to call on the Government to place a moratorium on deep-sea oil and gas exploration and extraction.

ODT: Council green as grass on oil exploration issue

The incoming Auckland council did similar recently – see Auckland Council votes against deep sea drilling.

Not exactly core business for councils, nor a productive use of their time and council resources.

As these symbolic moves can in no way be seen as representative of all city residents the Government can safely ignore them, and they probably will. They are local body and activist posturing on national issues.

Another attempt was made with the Southland regional Council yesterday but was voted down – but a Southland Times article hides that in what looks largely like an activist promotion.

Stuff: Environment Southland urged to oppose oil and gas exploration in the south

Environment Southland has been urged to oppose oil and gas exploration in the region.

Opponents of oil and gas exploration addressed councillors at an Environment Southland committee meeting on Wednesday, saying the fracking industry in the US was damaging natural resources, contaminating drinking water and using exorbitant amounts of water.

Invercargill resident Nathan Surendran, speaking in the public forum of the meeting, said councils around New Zealand were opposing the government’s oil and gas exploration block offers in their submissions.

Those councils opposing the Government have done so without a mandate from their residents and ratepayers.

Reverend Denis Bartley, a former oil industry engineer for 30 years, supported Surendran, telling councillors an increasing number of community groups and organisations had divested from the fossil fuel industry for environmental, climate change and economic reasons in the past four years.

Peter McDonald told councillors that environmental and social risks shadowed the drilling industry; he questioned whether the drilling industry shared Environment Southland’s vision for the region.

Jenny Campbell told councillors the biggest contributor to the global temperature rise came from the burning of fossil fuels.

When they had finished speaking, Environment Southland councillor Robert Guyton moved a motion for the council to oppose the Government’s 2017 block offer proposal for two oil and gas permits in Southland.

This is how it is done – orchestrated activist lobbying, and they claim popular support because they outnumber people who don’t get involved – most people have no idea about the political games being played.

He received voting support from councillors Maurice Rodway and Rowly Currie, but they were out-voted by councillors on the strategy and policy committee.

So while they get most of the article publicity they failed in their bid.

Environment Southland chairman Nicol Horrell, who believed there were insufficient substitutes to fossil fuels at this stage,  said if the council opposed the Government’s block offers now it would take it out of discussions further down the track.

“It’s appropriate to remain neutral at this stage.”

Southland, Dunedin and Auckland would be stuffed if they didn’t have ongoing supplies of fossil fuels. We should do what we can to reduce use, but we are a long way from the activist ideal of being oil free.

And ‘oil free’ is what activists want. From the ODT:

Oil Free Otago’s Brooke Cox said her group was relying on councillors to be ”a voice of reason”, to take a strong stand and say ”no” to the block offer.

”It’s time to think about how you are remembered as a council.”

And it’s not just activists outside councils. Stuff:

However, a council staffer said the council would still be able to make submissions on the issue in future.


Council corporate policy manager Maria Ioannou said in a report councillors resolved in 2015 to call on the Government to place a moratorium on exploration in New Zealand waters.

”However, this position may no longer reflect the views of the new council following local government elections earlier this year.”

What is a ‘council corporate policy manager’ spending time working on ‘oil free’ activism?

The Christchurch City Council has also voted to oppose offshore drilling.

There appears to be increasing attempts by local body councils to lobby Parliament on behalf of small activist groups with the growing involvement of Green and Labour parties.

Most people don’t know and/or don’t care so the activist groups and activist councillors get to promote their agendas, which is not the core business of local bodies, nor a good use of their time and resources.

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  1. artcroft

     /  17th November 2016

    Then the council meeting adjourned and they all went home in the rain on their bikes. Then faced with the prospect of preparing from scratch a meal from locally sourced produce they said stuff it and ordered a pizza, which they watched in front of a TV made from oil based plastic products and delivered across the globe by ship, rail and truck. They tucked themselves in bed promising themselves they’d fight the good fight again tomorrow. Might drive to work though, as the weather still looked shit.

    • Corky

       /  17th November 2016

      You’d have an empty magazine after that shoot-up, Arty. There’s so many bullet holes in their hypocrisy it could be used as a mung bean planter..

  2. PDB

     /  17th November 2016

    It is why the left put so much time and effort into local body elections – easy to highjack positions on a council due to the very low voter count and from there attempt to push left-wing mantra onto the masses who in large don’t believe in their politics.

    • artcroft

       /  17th November 2016

      Spot on.

      • artcroft

         /  17th November 2016

        Trouble is they have no interest in the bread and butter issues of council which ends up neglected and poorly run.

        • PDB

           /  17th November 2016

          Auckland is a classic example of where funding has gone away from core services for some years and over time the fundamental services and infrastructure that Council provides has been underfunded & maintenance has fallen away. This will come back to bite the Council big time, especially as they have pretty much extended their debt as far as it can go.

  3. Chris

     /  17th November 2016

    These self appointed do gooders should put their own money where their mouths are and try to survive for a year using only products that have no oil content in them. They would need to move from the cities on their bikes( not the flash carbon fiber ones but the good old steel bone shakers) or horses to the country and survive on their own grown veges and fruit, with no computers, cell phones or modern technology. Need to become like the Mennonite communities and get back to basics. But I know for a fact they wont give up on their luxury lives

  4. Zedd

     /  17th November 2016

    Dn. Green-leaning council.. YAHOO !!

  5. Why, in a town struggling for business, with a port suitable to support exploration would a council take this stance?

    Arrant stupidity. Dunedins loss Bluffs gain no doubt.

    If they find gas in quantity it would be a huge boon for NZ and especially the South but never mind. I suppose the council deem this more important than making sure drain and pumping stations work in the low lying areas of the city or sorting the DCC Audit processes ensuring the good people of Dunedin know where their assets are…

  6. Thou shalt not criticise Fast Food if thou eatest food of any kind …

    I’m sure there are examples of ‘conservative’ councils passing remits calling upon central government to act in conservative ways … Perhaps ‘temperance’ was an example …? [No time to research it now] … Does anyone think ‘Citizens & Ratepayers’ isn’t a nationally co-ordinated conservative, right-leaning ‘Party’ … Virtually the ‘National-ACT’ of local body politics?

    Do we want local government completely disconnected from central government? Isn’t democracy [supposed to be] about information and ideas flowing upwards from the populace?

    @ PDB – If putting a lot of time [money] and energy into an election campaign [regardless of voter turnout] results in what you assert it does, then Donald Trump has “hijacked” the US Presidency …


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