Dirty deal in Mt Roskill by-election

The Nation had a debate on the Mt Roskill by-election, but as is common with media they only featured two of the candidates. This is very disappointing favouritism donated to the two biggest parties, one reason why they remain large.

New candidates and new parties are at a major disadvantage as it is due to parties in Parliament abusing their taxpayer funded resources to electioneer.

Paddy Gower introduced the debate as “democracy time” and also mentions dirty deals. Unbalanced exposure is a dirty deal for the candidates they leave out.

The Nation is openly favouring established parties.


Michael Wood says he won’t stand for any other electorate or enter parliament on the list

Parmjeet Parmar says she won’t stand anywhere else if she doesn’t win Mt Roskill

Parmar also said pointed out she stood in Mt Roskill last election.

I tweeted to @TheNation about their dirty deal for the other candidates. They responded:

Seven people standing we just can’t fit everyone in

That’s a poor excuse. It is a dirty deal for the other candidates. Democracy isn’t supposed to be at the media’s convenience.


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  1. Alan Wilkinson

     /  20th November 2016

    The MSM hasn’t given up on its mission to determine who should govern us.

    • Gezza

       /  20th November 2016

      I’ve stopped using capital letters for the msm because, frankly, they just don’t deserve it. 😠

  2. Gezza

     /  20th November 2016

    After watching Lisa Owen bumble her way through an embarrassing interview with Samantha Power ( Sam really needs to do something about that hair, she looks like a hillbilly), and hearing Patrick Gower describe it as a very good interview I decided not watch any more of the Nation.

    Jessica did a pretty good job on Q&A interviewing Justin Lester & The Big Guy about the esrthquakes, Government response, Civil Defence Response glitches, Wellington – whether Justin was too hasty getting people back into the city etc. Justin was a bit wobbly & obfuscated few times, but I guess not too bad for a newbie at getting a media grilling.

    Gerry acquitted himself very well, I thought.

  3. Zedd

     /  20th November 2016

    all parties pay the same fee to get on the ballot paper & they should all get equal time in msm ! 😦

  4. patupaiarehe

     /  20th November 2016

    One could be forgiven for thinking that there were only two presidential candidates in the US, when there were actually four. That is if one relied on Fox news, or CNN for information. Yet the MSM still wonder why more & more of us are turning off our TV’s…


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