Remember the by-election?

Only Mt Roskill voters get to take part in the Mt Roskill by-election. It may or may not be exciting them, but it seems to have failed to fire up the rest of the country, in stark contrast to the last by-election in Northland.

The election date is 3 December but advance voting begins today.

Electoral Commission: 2016 Mt Roskill By-Election Everything you need to know


GOODE, Richard NAP
LEITCH, Andrew Democrats for Social Credit
NAUHRIA, Roshan NZ People’s Party
PARMAR, Parmjeet National Party
SCHUSTER, Tua Independent
STRONGE, Brandon The Cannabis Party
WOOD, Michael Labour Party

It’s very disappointing to see media giving disproportionate coverage of and promotion for  selected candidates. The latest ones I’ve seen doing this are The Nation who only featured two candidates (saying seven was too many for them to handle) and Radio New Zealand.

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  1. Gezza

     /  21st November 2016

    The Nation is useless. The only time I’ve ever seen Lisa Owen not continually rudely interrupting interviewees with more questions before she’s let them properly answer was this weekend when she pointedly didn’t try that nonsense on Samantha Powell, who just shook her head and told her it didn’t matter how many times she tried to ask the same question in different ways the fact was she had already given a clear answer.

  2. Gezza

     /  21st November 2016

    Not that I expect any of us would place any great reliance on them in view of their notorious unreliabilty in recent times overseas, but has anyone been doing polling on the possible outcome in Mt Roskill? I didn’t watch the debate.

  3. Klik Bate

     /  21st November 2016

    The thing about the Northland by-election, was that there were 3 genuine and credible candidates vying for the seat. The best man won.

    In Mt Roskill, there are seven candidates, of which only 2 are recognized as being credible. So why would anyone want to give oxygen those other 5 clowns ❓

  4. Not sure i can recall the names of 3 credible candidates in Northland ? There might have been 3 who could have won … don’t seem to fit that well under MMP I’m not sure what it is . Even Northland with its “ Send them a message” didn’t really see much change in direction from the Government.

  5. Peters a genuine candidate for Northland? He does not even bother to look after his own whanau. Instead a Pakeha family is acting as “in locum parentus” for this young man who is a great guy, bot the Peters family don’t want to know him. What does that say to you?
    Winnie is all piss and wind.


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