Awful from NZ Muslim leader

Shalom.Kiwi has posted: Shocking and Repeated Anti-Semitism, Misogyny by New Zealand Muslim Leader

A shocking video has surfaced containing excerpts of a number of Auckland sermons and lectures given by Shaykh Dr Mohammad Anwar Sahib between April 2014 and November 2016 in which he repeatedly uses appalling anti-Semitic slanders and libels and denigrates women. In one sermon, he calmly calls Jews “the enemy of Muslims” and claims that:

Jews are using everybody because their protocol is to rule the entire world”Shaykh Dr Mohammad Anwar Sahib

Of more concern is that Dr Sahib is the President of the At Taqwa Mosque in Manukau, Auckland (where the comments were made, and from where they were broadcast on YouTube) and is also (according to FIANZ and his CV) secretary of the Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand (FIANZ) Ulama Council and FIANZ Advisory Board. The FIANZ Ulama Council is responsible for religious affairs in the New Zealand Muslim community, including family counselling and dispute resolution. Dr Sahib also claims to be an adviser to the New Zealand government on Halal issues.

And on women:

No woman can dare step out of her house without the permission of her husband” Shaykh Dr Mohammad Anwar Sahib

If that’s some sort of religious directive then it stinks in modern New Zealand.

Shalom.Kiwi has requested comment from FIANZ and the Human Rights Commission. At the time of publication, no comments had been received.

The Human Rights Commissioner responded yesterday:

Intolerant religious speeches are not welcome here – Dame Susan Devoy

The Human Rights Commission says an Auckland man’s speeches condemning Jewish people are appalling and have no place in New Zealand.

“We live in one of the most ethnically diverse nations on earth as well as one of the most peaceful: this is because we are a tolerant nation,” said Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy.

“This kind of intolerance is not welcome here in any form: Prejudice against Jewish people has no place in New Zealand.” Videos of speeches delivered by Shaykh Dr Mohammad Anwar Sahib at the Manukau mosque have been widely viewed online.

“We urge Kiwis to recognise that these are the views of a single person and are not held by every single Muslim New Zealander, however questions need to be answered,” said Dame Susan.

“We’ve been in touch with the leaders of the NZ Jewish Council as well as the Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand (FIANZ), both of whom are deeply concerned about the speeches. We have asked for an urgent response from FIANZ.”

This puts the FIANZ in a difficult position, and also puts ordinary New Zealand Muslims art risk of a backlash.

An appropriate response from FIANZ is crucial.

It needs to be made clear that what Shaykh Dr Mohammad Anwar Sahib has been saying is inappropriate in New Zealand and is potentially very damaging.

It must be made clear that tolerance of people associated with religions – including Jews and Muslims – is an essential quality of New Zealand society.

UPDATE: The Islamic Women’s Council  of New Zealand has responded:

<blockquote>The Administration Council of the Islamic Women’s Council would like to respond to the video containing clips of speeches posted online by Dr Mohammad Anwar Sahib.

Firstly, regarding the comments directed towards Jewish people, these are totally inappropriate and we unequivocally condemn any divisive comments of a similar nature. While we may disagree with aspects of Jewish theology, and may have political disagreements, we see the Jewish people as closely connected to us through the Abrahamic tradition. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had good relationships with his Jewish neighbours & encouraged Muslims to do the same. We are permitted to eat their kosher food, and we offer them our respect. We regularly extend our hand in friendship to the Jewish community in New Zealand, and will continue to do so.

IWCNZ is particularly sensitive to the views represented by the comments towards women. The approach shown is a religious misinterpretation, in our opinion, and we are disappointed that certain religious leaders may encourage this damaging rhetoric. We would like to note that Muslim women are and have always been active inside and outside their households, contributing socially and financially to the community. IWCNZ takes pride in being an example of this and of offering a platform for the independent voice of Muslim Women in New Zealand.</blockquote>

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  1. There are still quite a few sanctimonious Kiwis (though lots in the government and media) who think Islam is no threat to NZ because all the Muslims they know are such nice people.

    But here’s one who’s actually driving the agenda. Sahib is
    – on the ‘religious board’ of the NZ Islamic Development Trust.
    – Member of the Federation of Muslim Scholars of New Zealand
    – President of the Federation of Islamic Scholars of New Zealand
    – Secretary of the FIANZ Ulama [religious scholar] Board of New Zealand,
    – advisor on halal issues to the NZ government
    – founder member, imaam, religious advisor and chairman of the Masjid At Taqwa Trust;
    – The At Taqwa Trust runs an after-hours segregated madrasah. Policies include “Students’ clothes should not have any images of living things on them. Girls’ clothes should be loose and long. Boys’ pants must cover their knees.”

    Sahib: “Because they [Jews] think that their protocol is to rule the entire world.” But you won’t find a Jewish quotation supporting that. Ruling the world is the Islamic goal:

    • “Democracy is a way of life. Islam is a different way of life. The principal idea of democracy is to separate religion from politics so Man can choose his own law on Earth. Islam liberates mankind by putting the whole world under a divine order. Man is submitted to God.” Leader of Tunisia’s Tahrir party, Abdelmajid Habibi
    • “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.” Omar M. Ahmad, Chairman of the Board of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) Islamic conference held in Freemont, California July 1998
    • And so many, many more.

    • ” The principal idea of democracy is to separate religion from politics”

      How’s that going for us do you reckon?

      Might be more correctly stated: The principal idea of religion is to disguise its politics as democracy?

      • I’m afraid I don’t get your point. The real value of democracy in comparison with the Islamic world’s process of governance is that it enables quite rapid moral change, so governments will only be at odds with the populace for a limited period of time. The Islamic world’s morality is unchangeable since it is based on the Koran – the immutable words of Allah – and the actions of its prophet, 1,400 years ago, without the opportunity to change. The defenders of the faith will not permit modernisation, hence the Islamic world’s continuous battle with itself. And other Muslims. And everyone else.

        • @ KitSlater – “The real value of democracy … is that it enables quite rapid moral change, so governments will only be at odds with the populace for a limited period of time.”

          If only that was true! Since democratic governments can clearly be ruled by a Party elite and/or purchased by a military-industrial-financial [ideological] elite, our wonderful form of democracy has actually resulted in moral and ethical degradation: A race to the bottom … material survival, the creation and satisfaction of ‘wants’ …

          To the extent that ours is residual ‘Lords of the Manor and Servant Underlings’, our system may be as unchanged as theirs …? Essentially feudal …

          In a sense the “defenders of the faith” of Western Christian-Secularism will permit NOTHING BUT modernisation … nothing but economic growth … nothing but more and more reliance on technology and materialism …

          Materialism and technology fuelled by resources, reliant on markets … hence ‘Imperialism’ … hence continual battles with resource holders for ‘extraction’ and potential markets for ‘access’ … and Resource & Markets Wars … and everyone …

    • “The At Taqwa Trust runs an after-hours segregated madrasah. Policies include “Students’ clothes should not have any images of living things on them. Girls’ clothes should be loose and long. Boys’ pants must cover their knees.”

      Dear KitSlater :

      I comment on the above phrase:

      1- In New Zealand, you find segregated schools, i.e. boys’ schools and girls’ school – and sounds proved well in the New Zealand community, and not only on it is a typical Islamic Ideology.

      2- The above policy, if you contemplate and pondering it, it is a way of life, when you isolate yourself during the learning process that would last for about an hour or two from this worldly life, and to feel your learning for the other life, it is a matter of purification and perfection, perhaps; you may not able to feel it, because you’ve not tried or attempted it.

      3- What about after this short period of learning process at madrasah? Your find everyone of those participants are wearing whatever they like.

      4- My wife has been condemned by Dr Sahib, when she has complained that I am encouraging my youngsters to wear the most fashionable outfits and ignoring the Islamic uniforms, and he added: “We’re living in New Zealand, and I couldn’t see any excuse or seeks or finds any awkwardly course to give them up of wearing whatever they like to wear.”

      Is this intolerance shown by him? He is an example of a well-tolerated and a modern Islamic preacher, his ideology goes beyond his peers/counterparts, and some of them are very young in age to him.

      Again,is this intolerance and rigidity shown by him in New Zealand Community? Again, he has been misinterpreted, strongly misunderstood, or I can say it is a well-organised campaign against him.

      He is a role model of any Islamic Preacher around the whole world, to apply the spirit of Islam in a very well-sophisticated manner that no one can imitate him.

      I wouldn’t like to say that by this argument we want to divide or polarising our New Zealand Community, but by igniting this topic and to make it public, is a way to entice hate in New Zealand.

      He is a moderate person, a secular person, he is the one who is applying Islam in a way to cope with the life in the community that he lives in. He is a totally well-moderate person in all his teachings. It is only a well-organized campaign against him.

    • All the above mentioned bodies you have mentioned them, it is a massive honour for all of them to have Dr Sahib as board member – because he is the most qualified, professional person amongst them all. The other members of these bodies, they should get deported from New Zealand, because having them in Muslim community in New Zealand is making no sense at all.
      They are ignorant of their religion, only their knowledge and strength is how to strengthen their status quo i.e. only to multiply their financial capabilities in New Zealand, and showing off their status quo when they are approaching to MPs and Ministers of New Zealand, but all are ignorant and embarrassing to be members of these bodies.

      Only they are here to show off, making money, cars, properties, but to ask them about anything in their religion, they don’t all know. Ignorance is their quality.

      Getting them to have Dr Sahib as a board member is to protect them and to maintain their boards, because he is the most g thoroughly informative person in New Zealand to get consulted in any matter or issue related to Islam.

      Dr Sahib is a treasure of knowledge to all Muslims in New Zealand, he is totally got misrepresented by you.

      Raise your hands on Dr Sahib.

    • Again, it is not their own “say”, that Islam to be dominant in this world, no one can say that by his own , but the Creator who has created this world, He, but only; He has said that, God Almighty has said that, no one can say anything from his own, but Only He, God Almighty.
      Don’t take the matter with sensitivity, it is a reality or fact, to accept it or to not to accept it, it is beyond your boundaries as a human being.

      • Gezza

         /  24th November 2016

        The problem is that people believe that Allah actually exists and communicated with Mohammed via the angel Gabriel, and that Yawheh actually exists and actually communicated with the Israelites prophets, and that Jesus actually was the son of God and is part of the Trinity which comprises God, and that there is only one God, and that depending on which God you believe is the correct one the other two sets of believers are wrong, and that the holy scriptures you all believe in are a muddled collection of writings which contain obvious logical and scientific errors which incimpatible with their being the tuth and that you are all unable to see this because your religions threaten you with eternal punishment if you do not believe them to be true.

        All 3 of these religions’ jumbles of scriptures and writings contain passages and verses which are contradictory or obscure and which even today the various religious leaders and scholars who believe them to be have produced multiple sects and schisms which have been used by their followers and their historical originators to justify making war on other peoples and believers of other faiths, and seizing control of their lands and properties and killing, enslaving and dominating them, and even doing the same to other believers in the same non-existent God, who, if she exists at all, and was the perfect being you all claim she is wouldn’t have made such a mess of communicating with the wrong people when they all can’t even agree on exactly what she said, and what she meant, because she came at the wrong time and only spoke to one or two scientifically ignorant people at the time, and why she also demands so many daft rituals tha ancient peoples come up with that are really quite silly and often don’t have any sense to them when you look at them objectively.

        So your Imam Sahib is teaching people what Muslims believe about the end times, and that the other two Abrahamic religions are wrong and that their beliefs and interpretations of their claims of the meanings of their messages from God were corrupted and distorted, and that the Jews are terrible believers and followers of their own religion, and that they and the Christians are really pretty evil and/ or misguided, and that they will one day war against your believers, and that the most loyal and faithful of your believers will win a special place in an afterlife, having a high old time, and the non-believers in some of the nonsense you believe in will suffer lengthy and/or eternal torment. And that some Islamic scholars say this is happening now, and others don’t.

        And so some of the believers in your religion, in various places around the world say you have got it are wrong and they have got it right and are killing and enslaving and generally being abolute shitty to other believers in your religion, and to other believers in other religions, and to atheists, and this is the kind of thing that happens with religions because they are not true, in the sense that obviously the perfect God wouldn’t make such an obvious of communcating with one person in humanity when they could have made it abundantly clear to everybody at the same time that ” this what I expect and if you don’t do what I tell you you are an instant goneburger, because I made everything, and I expect to be praised every day for making it all perfect, and if you don’t do as I say you are out of here -got it? PS: sorry about the earthquakes, and tsunamis and plagues and diseases and droughts n stuff. Nobody’s perfect. I am working on earth 2.0 somewhere else and will use a better comms strategy next time.

        • Alan Wilkinson

           /  24th November 2016

          Superbly expressed, Gezza. It should be required reading in schools.

          • Gezza

             /  24th November 2016

            Thank you Alan, I hoped I might be able to count on your support, and your agreement that I win again.

            • Alan Wilkinson

               /  24th November 2016

              Can’tconfirm the again part after racking my memory but I guess this means you are leaving the plane now?

            • Gezza

               /  24th November 2016

              Sky diving is invigorating, certainly gets you focussed on a few essentials. 👍

      • Gezza

         /  24th November 2016

        PS: Sorry there are a few typos and missing words and maybe the odd punctuation error in there but I imagine a few scholars analysing it all will be able to sort out exactly what I mean if you’re not sure, and if you like I can break it down over the next 23 years and add some bits and delete some bits like the satanic verses if they don’t serve my purposes any more because I have changed my mind about some small points about what I want you do or understand. Thanks.

      • Dear Mr El-nabi

        “By education most have been misled, so they believe, because they so were bred.”

        At least non-Islamic religious schools bring up children with Western values and offer no threat. Not so madrassahs, which have an appalling record of indoctrination in a culture that has failed in every civilisational value, as global index after global index shows. If it weren’t for oil money and failed African states, the Islamic world would drag along the bottom. Secular democracy is the world’s most successful process of governance, notwithstanding complaints. Its greatest threat is Islam which insists on rule by its god.

        Muslims migrate in unprecedented numbers to the Western world because of Islamic nations’ failures. And to conquer it with its appalling uncompromising ideology because of its supremacist fancy. Islam polarises EVERY country it has a presence in. It is the most violent religion in the world today. This is why Islam must be resisted in the West – pre-emptive containment to maintain civilisational standards.

        “Intolerance and rigidity” – very well-represented features in the Islamic world – must not be conflated with the West’s determination (at least for those well-informed) to avoid religious conquest. Defence of the world’s best values from the self-evident barbarism of Islam requires compromising some of its cherished principles for the greater good.

        Islam’s growth over the next few centuries in the West can have a variety of extremely unappealing results: civil war, attrition of resistive will, capitulation, and Islam’s hegemonic control over every aspect of life; civil war and the expulsion of Muslims with severe compromises of safety and security; or the growth of independent, growing and unstable Islamic microstates within each country built up from ‘no-go’ zones.

        My preferred solution, far more fanciful and unlikely than the above, is that a revised and strictly enforced Westernised Islam is developed which owes little or nothing to the prevailing doctrine.

        The essentialist, supremacist and primitive doctrine you and Dr Sahib espouse must not gain a foothold in New Zealand. For New Zealand’s sake.

        • “My preferred solution, far more fanciful and unlikely than the above, is that a revised and strictly enforced Westernised Islam is developed which owes little or nothing to the prevailing doctrine.”

          God luck for that reform coming from within Islam itself. Any relatively modern changes have been short-lived, and at the moment fundamentalism is in the ascendancy. Muslims deserve the same rights, and the respect of all New Zealanders. They deserve this not as Muslims, but as human beings free to worship, but they must mutually accord other citizens respect. Their religion should not be treated specially and sects disregarding rights and doing so parallel to our civil and criminal laws must be stopped. Why do we continue to tolerate preaching that runs counter to our civil liberties and laws, and why do we extend tax breaks to extremists? (this includes BishopTamaki!)

          Very notable the NZ Greens, Labour and the left wing blogs remain silent. The exception is TDB. “Cotton Socks” discusses the issue by referencing Anwar Sahib’s Wahhabism e.g.” (a)reflection of Wahhabism being devoid of actual Islamic scholarship”, for some unknown reason they ramble on about Whaleoil, and perhaps, predictably, the illegality of Israel. Worth a look nonetheless.

      • @ Mohamed El-nabi

        Mr El-nabi says “Again, it is not their own “say”, that Islam to be dominant in this world, no one can say that by his own , but the Creator who has created this world, He, but only; He has said that, God Almighty has said that, no one can say anything from his own, but Only He, God Almighty.”

        There, in a nutshell, is firstly the source of Islam’s implacable supremacism, that Islam represents the will of its god; secondly it encapsulates Muslims’ assumption that they live by, act upon, and impose this will; thirdly, that Muslims accept no other exegetical interpretation of life on earth; and fourthly it is an expression of theistic determinism, grossly inappropriate in the modern world.

        This obsession Muslims have, that they alone in the world are privy to the Absolute Truth, is what makes Islam the most egregious manifestation of evil in the 21st century and a harbinger of cultural destruction the like of which Western civilisation – for all its faults the acme of social progress – has never seen before;

        Mr El-nabi’s intensity of belief – “yaqeen” – is an extremely dangerous component of the Islamic faith, the equivalent of which is lost and forgotten in the secular Western world. This is why Islamic expansionism must be resisted. To keep civilisation safe from the predations of barbarism.

  2. “We urge Kiwis to recognise that these are the views of a single person and are not held by every single Muslim New Zealander…”

    Why variations on the theme of “(these views) are not held by every single Muslim NZer” needs to be added to hate speech uttered under the umbrella of Islam, I don’t know. Hate speech is just that. You certainly don’t see that explanation when a Christian, Hindu or Atheist or common old garden racist is cited by the HRC.

    It’s simply not enough for us to object politely from the sidelines. These men, and they are largely men, need to be dragged kicking and screaming from the shadows and margins of their hate-filled meeting rooms. They need to be forced to publicly defend their positions.

    Why is it that we have become a country where those who should investigate and inquire fail in their obligation? Why aren’t our journalists actively pursuing and aggressively interviewing relevant and prominent leaders of the Muslim Assoc of NZ? Why is it that this ghastly man occupies such a prominent position in FIANZ.

    Come on journalists – a little less tweeting about the satanic Donald Trump and more on the turning back of the clock on basic human rights and freedom happening under your nose.

    • Alan Wilkinson

       /  22nd November 2016

      Strange and concerning that the Herald seems to be ignoring this story. Hopefully it is because they are researching it rather than burying it.

  3. Gezza

     /  22nd November 2016

    The only surprise here is that this seems be considered a surprise. As muslim communities grow you get more of this. It’s just how it is. Something to do with the religion being based on bollocks, but being believed to be true, and being a supremacist ideology.

  4. Alan Wilkinson

     /  22nd November 2016

    Seems to me Muslim schools need to be rigorously audited and monitored to prevent major second generation problems.

    • Yes, well, why not? We did it to our ‘Native Schools’ …

    • Kevin

       /  22nd November 2016

      Indeed. What I’d like to know is how someone like this got to be in a position of authority. Something is seriously wrong there.

      • Klik Bate

         /  22nd November 2016

        What I’d like to know, is why they would let someone like this into the country in the first place ❓

        Heads should roll.

        • It goes back to selling sheep meat and some beef to Islamic States. The Indonesians changed the rules and the Malaysians followed requiring a qualified muslim to carry out the hal al procedure instead of the trained Muslim slaughter-men. There was a big argument about what humane slaughter techniques were permitted under Islamic law as well that nearly prejudiced our meat trade to the Middle East and SE Asia. The thing that gets my goat is that we have to pay a fee for each animal killed under the hal al system and this finds its way back through channels to pay for dakwa (preaching/proselytising ) so the infidel gets to fund. Ironic, but that is business the Muslim way.

          • Klik Bate

             /  22nd November 2016

            Sorry to hear they got your goat bj 😡

            We can only hope it doesn’t end up in a place like this…..

          • Mohamed El-nabi

             /  23rd November 2016

            I agree with you that is an indirect way to make business. Of course, the word ‘Halal’ has attracted a lot of businesses in New Zealand to make deniable portion of profits and made a lot of people to get rich and rich.
            Thanks for your comment.

            • Maaf Mohammed El -nabi, I seak as an elder of New Zealand who despairs at the continuing attempt of Muslims to try and dominate the way of life of peoples who have been on this earth for centuries before Mohammed (SWT) was last with us. To dominate others on the basis of religious doctrine is not acceptable. Remember when the real fight begins, it was Islam’s attempt to conquer the world once again that started this fight. The last two attempts resulted in failure. Do not try to subjugate free people. Enjoy your stay in New Zealand, as our guest but don’t take our hospitality as a sign of weakness.

            • Our strength is our tolerance – or at least it should be. And our acceptance of different cultures and religious beliefs.

            • Pete, your comment will be welcomed, indeed, relied upon, by those wishing to take advantage of us and our post-Christian naivety to impose their alien culture. It’s a process I’ve given a name to – vicinal arrogation.

              Check out our future prospects by noting what’s happened in Hamtramck, Mi. USA on, or in France on, or simply think about why it is that so many people in so many Western and Asian countries are objecting to Muslim immigration. They have very good reason.

            • You can cherry pick around the world as much as you like but it ignores the New Zealand reality – we don’t have a problem with religious groups generally in New Zealand. I think our future prospects are great, relatively. Scaremongering targeting various groups has happened since colonisation.

              The character of New Zealand has changed markedly over the last two centuries but it is still secular based and the envy of many, hence our popularity as an immigrant destination.

              Out biggest societal problems by far are not brought here by recent immigrants, they are things that have been here for decades, like our awful rates of violence, our awful imprisonment rates and our awful suicide rates, none of which have much at all to do with religion.

              Chicken little immigrant bashing is a relatively minor problem but demonstrates insidious un-Kiwi intolerance.

            • Seriously, Pete, do you believe in this sort of New Zealand exceptionalism? That somehow NZ is excluded from or immune to the noxious combination of Islamic immigration (its doctrine of ‘hijrah’) and proselytising and neo-Marxism’s cultural repudiation? Islam doesn’t operate in three-year electoral cycles, it thinks in terms of global hegemonic domination and centuries or millennia until the Day of Judgment. The problems you list are not fixable by Islam but by democratic change.

              Insulting people who are aware of the threat Islam presents to the world with terms such as “insidious un-Kiwi intolerance” shuts down this sort of debate and opens the door to conquest, Pete. As a representative of NZ media, why is your short-term vision so good but your long-term vision so appallingly obscured?

    • Conspiratoor

       /  22nd November 2016

      Yes Al, mix an angry imam and his evil ideology with the sons of immigrants and you have a lethal cocktail

  5. Corky

     /  22nd November 2016

    ”This puts the FIANZ in a difficult position, and also puts ordinary New Zealand Muslims at risk of a backlash.”

    What ordinary Muslims, Pete? Sooner or later you will have to concede Islam is a toxic commodity we don’t want or need in our beautiful sanctuary. Incidentally, this type of preaching has been happening since the 2005. It was reported by Ian Wishart. This Muslim prick, Anwar Sahib, is helped with his doctrine of hate by other hard-line Muslim clerics who seem to move in and out of our country with impunity.

    As for FIANZ, they are part funded by organisations associated with the virulent Wahhabi strain of Islam. A quote from their press release:

    “When it comes to women, I fully believe that the Islamic Women’s Council of New Zealand has made it very, very clear where we stand on and the way FIANZ promotes the treatment of New Zealand,” he said.

    “The relationship between men and women in Islam is much much bigger than this.”

    “However, he agreed that women should not leave the house without informing their husband.”

    Yep, Muslim Taqiyya for the dumb Infidels to lap up. You can just hear them chanting: ” Islam is a religion of peace.”

    • All your comments are an example of how to hate and how to discriminate, and I prefer to give up.

      • Gezza

         /  24th November 2016

        Well I think it is possibly a good thing that you give up but I would be happy to continue a discussion here with you about Allah.

        • Conspiratoor

           /  24th November 2016

          I think you might be a little tangential there G. My understanding albeit limited, is that Allah is a sky fairy. I would be asking Mohamed about his prophet Mohamed. To explain to us why we have it all wrong and he was not the genocidal, pedophile rapist we kafirs think he was. Cheers,c

          • Gezza

             /  24th November 2016

            No I like mandarins. Tangerines are little too acidy for my taste. The problem starts with people believing the 3 different versions of the same Sky Fairy spoke to or through various leaders and prophets in the past and told them things that made some of them think they were supposed to invade people’s lands, and kill, enslave and murder those who are not the Sky Fairies beloved believers.

        • Klik Bate

           /  24th November 2016

          Interesting to read where ‘Orange County GOP Official and Trump Campaign volunteer, Mary Young’, made HER feelings clear when she posted on Facebook…. ..”I DO NOT WANT ANY TYPE OF MUSLIM IN OUR COUNTRY, PERIOD”

  6. I’ve updated the post with a response from the New Zealand Islamic Women’s Council who condemn the videoed speech.

  7. Alan Wilkinson

     /  22nd November 2016

    Sahib claims he has been misrepresented and clips were taken out of context to do so by WhaleOil. His response and links to complete speeches are here:

    • Dr Sahib has been fully misrepresented and misinterpreted by your comments. These clips were taken out of full speeches made by him. To get him judged, please refer to the whole context of the speeches and not just excerpt from his speeches.

      Dr Sahib has not said anything from his own philosophy or his own doctrine as you are alleging, only says what Allah Almighty has said.

      Before condemning Dr Sahib, go and condemn the One who has created everything and fully knows everything, Allah Almighty; go and see him first, and then come back and condemn Dr Sahib.

      This is a well-organised campaign against him, being as a well-distinguished preacher in New Zealand, against a person who knows best in the New Zealand Community as a Muslim preacher.

      Again, Dr Sahib, has fully misrepresented and misinterpreted by the Media, and deserves a due apology.


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