CV’s ideal Labour

Colonial Viper has been under fire at The Standard lately because he is prepared to challenge the Labour status quo, and  establishment Labour activists don’t like their boat being rocked. CV has had his author rights removed and there have been a number of calls to shut him up at The Standard altogether.

CV is a past Labour candidate (2011 in Clutha/Southland), and as a party member has clashed with Clare Curran in Dunedin South.

His disillusionment with the current version of Labour is obvious.

Last night he summarised his ideals:

I’ll support Labour 100% and Andrew Little 100% if he:

1) States that it is time to turn NZ away from free market neoliberalism and apologises for the role the 4th Labour Government played in wrecking the country.

2) Says that there will be a total clear out of the no-hopers out of caucus, Labour Parliamentary staff and consultants who have led Labour to electoral losses over and over and over again.

3) Commits to transitioning the nation to a livable UBI and/or living minimum wage within Labour’s first term in government.

Give me a call when it happens.

It is actually common to see those ideals expressed by current and ex Labour supporters, although not usually together like this.

This is a similar sort of leaning to Jeremy Corbyn’s UK Labour, and to Bernie Sanders’ preferred style for US Democrats.

I see one big problem with this in New Zealand. If Andrew Little and Labour took this path they would only be representing a part of Labour, and that would struggle to be a half of the party.

The CV type Labourites want to ditch their centre and focus to the left. Another comment at The Standard yesterday, swordfish on ex Labour member Nick Leggett’s possible move to National:

Yep, absolutely a Blairite. Along with his good chum, Phil Quin, Leggett’s a core member of the extra-Parliamentary wing of the old ABC brigade, very close to Shearer, Goff and Shane Jones, has written for the on-line presence of the lavishly-funded Blairite ginger group, Progress, and so on. Utterly opposed to anything resembling true Social Democracy.

Some in Labour have been happy to see Jones, Goff and Leggett  leave the party, and want Shearer out too. They try to drive away any suggestion of centrism from their discussions.

But it’s more complicated than this. Colonial Viper has been labelled a Right Wing Nut Job because he has been challenging the Labour establishment.

Some in Labour seem to want to paper over the cracks, or chasms, and pretend they are a united major party.

Andrew Little seems to be caught in no person’s land. He has managed to dampen down public dissent in the Labour caucus, but not at The Standard – Little supporter Te Reo Putake was recently banned from The Standard in what looks like an uncivil war.

Little’s uncertainty and lack of confidence is hurting Labour, but so is the fractious bickering amongst the troops.

Can Labour continue as a single party? If they do and ditch their centre they are likely to continue to shrink.

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  1. Alan Wilkinson

     /  26th November 2016

    Labour has abandoned the people who know how to do things in favour of the people who only know how to talk. Doing things means you have to understand and work with others. Talking doesn’t.

    • Blazer

       /  26th November 2016

      you really have to be in Govt to ‘do things’ Al.Lately I was sure you had been recently baptised in the river of common sense.

  2. David

     /  26th November 2016

    Judean People’s Front vs. People’s Front of Judea

  3. Corky

     /  26th November 2016

    Please Sir…can I have some more? It starts with the leader and Labour has refused to change theirs at the 11th hour. That’s nearly a wasted year going no where but down. Whenever I see Andy on TV I want to reach through the screen and throttle him. He comes across as a disaffected sniveling whiner..

    • Gezza

       /  26th November 2016

      But that’s because you’re such an aggressive sort of bloke Corky. Whatever shortcomings poor old Andy has in getting support for his policy aims and aspirations I don’t think he comes across as snivelling, or even necessarily as a whiner.

      • Corky

         /  26th November 2016

        I have to disagree. But that’s a matter of individual perception. And I’m sure in real life he’s OK.
        But that’s the problem, politics isn’t real life. Its about presenting the public with bullshite.

        • Gezza

           /  26th November 2016


          • Gezza

             /  26th November 2016

            … continued …
            I don’t entirely disagree with your last statement, but if you COULD reach through the screen when you saw Andy on TV, by now you’d be doing a long stretch, possibly without parole.

            • Corky

               /  26th November 2016

              Ok, Andies upper body would be dangling out of my TV set. Yes, he would be bloodied and his glasses would be dangling from his head.
              He would look up and say something like. ” Did Grant pay you, son?”
              I would say ” nah. this is a freebie Andy.” He’d go oooohh…then expire.

              But would that be bad for the Labour Party? Hell no!!! New leader. New hope. New policy.

  4. Kevin

     /  26th November 2016

    Author rights removed? Wow. Who decided that? LPrent I presume.

    Anyway looks like CV has had enough of his fellow leftists:
    “Colonial Viper
    23 November 2016 at 5:09 pm
    The left fancies itself as being fair, but with regards to Trump that’s nothing but a conceit.

    Millions of Trump voters decided that they had enough of left wing bullyshaming and intimidation, and decided to keep their preferred choice of candidate to themselves.

    So y’all got a nice election surprise.”

    I don’t why he bothers with The Standard and the constant bullying. He’d do much better at WO or here – places where commentators are actually nice to each other. I think he’s completely wrong about Labour moving to the Left (they should do the opposite) but he’s been dead on about Trump.

  5. spanish_tudor

     /  26th November 2016

    “No person’s land”?



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