Non-sexists, non-racist MP ratings

Due to some people apparently being offended by unequal ratings of MPs, especially female and Maori MPs, and especially especially female Maori MPs, here are some alternate MP ratings.

All National MPs – 1 (they get 1 for turning up) – they’re Government and some people are compelled to eat unhealthy food, some people live in tents and some kids get sick s and some people get rich so  all National MPs must be equally crap.

All Labour MPs – 8 – they should all be equal with their leader’s poll rating.

All Green MPs – 10 – they have a perfect balance of sexes, ages and ethnicities so they must be great all of the time (don’t mention Fidel), therefore deserve a perfect score.

All NZ First MPs – 3 – except Winston who is 10 because it would be ageist to damage his ego and his party’s equilibrium.

All Maori Party, Act and United Future MPs – 0 – because they’re invisible. Whoops, Marama is a Maori woman, she gets upgraded to a 10 and Te Ururoa had better have a 5 but the other two are white men so deserve zilch

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  1. patupaiarehe

     /  28th November 2016

    Pete, I must concur. Melissa Lee’s 2/10 should be at least an 8, because IMHO, asian girls are hot 😉
    Seriously though, the Trans Tasman ratings are just an opinion, and the reactions to them are nothing short of hilarious 😀

  2. Alan Wilkinson

     /  29th November 2016

    Make them happy. Give them all a 1. Idiots deserve it and the rest won’t care.


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