Trans Tasman’s MP ratings

Trans Tasman has publi their 2016 MP ratings. These are under subscription but Stacey Kirk has some of their more notable scores in  ‘Our best and worst MPs: Quiet achiever Amy Adams takes top gong


  • Amy Adams 8.5
    “She’s had an outstanding year as Justice Minister. She’s handled a huge workload with calm and confidence, and through it she’s been media-friendly, unflappable and accessible.”
    (see MP of the year – Amy Adams)
  • John Key 8.5Key’s “extraordinary media schedule”, may have seen a more subdued Prime Minister, “no one questions his vital importance to winning a fourth term”. 
  • Bill English 8.5English’s “vast experience” had given much the same quiet confidence Adams was now finding, which mean English had “the ability to take the heat out of issues that threaten to run out of control”. 
  • Murray McCully 8.0Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully had “huge year on the foreign affairs front”, particularly with the UN Security Council. But if it wasn’t for the Saudi sheep deal, he may have scored higher.
  • Chris Finlayson 7.5
    Due to his treaty negotiations.

At the bottom:

  • Sam Lotu-Iiga 4.5
    “needs to be faster on his feet”
  • Louise Upston 4.5
    “poor performer in the media”


  • Andrew Little 6.5
    – leadership was “solid”, which on it’s own meant he had a good year. The transTasman editors said he lost marks for sounding like union leader, rather than alternative Prime Minister. 
  • Kelvin Davis 6.5
    “cracked open the Serco scandal and made the most of it,” but had to be cautious about “going over the top”
  • Annette King 6.0
    “invaluable” deputy leader, who kept the caucus “and occasionally the leader”, in line
  • Phil Twyford 5.5
    He has a tendency to get “over the top”, and loose data based on the number of Auckland houses sold to people with Chinese- sounding names, does not make a story of overseas property speculation.It does make it impossibly hard for his leader and caucus colleagues to defend however, when allegations of xenophobia inevitably start flying.

No rating given but didn’t ‘fare as well’:

  • Jacinda Ardern
    “at risk of losing her lustre altogether”, “pleasant MP who smiles a lot”, but she had done little with her justice portfolio.
  • Grant Robertson
    Labour’s “strongest debater in the house”, but was failing to land any blows on English. “Must get traction in the finance portfolio”.

Robertson and Ardern went close to becoming Labour’s leadership team.

No MPs from other parties rated a mention from Kirk apart from: Winston Peters’ NZ First party to sap up the protest vote in any “Trump” style rebellion at next year’s election.

The NZ First vote probably tends to be more a vote against the others than a vote for them.

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  1. PDB

     /  28th November 2016

    I can see the 2020 election being a battle of the girls in the race to be PM – Amy Adams vrs Grant Robertson.

  2. PDB

     /  28th November 2016

    The fact McCully could score as high as an 8 and Annette King could do absolutely nothing (apart from save money for her retirement) and score a 6 suggests these ratings are rubbish.

    • Gezza

       /  28th November 2016

      She’s the only one in Labour who know what she’s doing in the debating chamber PDB

  3. duperez

     /  28th November 2016

    The post announcing Amy Adams as our ‘top’ MP is up three times. It doesn’t matter how many times it appears, there is one abiding impression I have of the performance of Adams.

    Twice as Minister of Justice, important issues to do with her portfolio have seen “leaks” of information. (The Bain and Poara cases.)

    Often the sources of leaks are hard to pin down. Ironic considering the balance of probabilities of the sources of leaks in a case where a report is substantially about balance of probabilities. Sometimes “leaks” are fairly regarded as strategic releases of information in ways to control the narrative.

    What stuck in my mind was Adams after one of the instances blithely talking about “integrity.”
    Minister of Justice, integrity.

    Still, it is all about winning the game in the end and she has been awarded the top gong.

    When the game is over, the cups and medals handed out and the score is in the book, who wants to think about the eye gouging and head high tackles along the way?

    • Corky

       /  28th November 2016

      Its a nasty business, DZ. Its about putting on a good façade while being ruthless behind the scenes…..I missed my calling.


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