By-election day in Mt Roskill


A huge win with a very small turnout, about half that of the general election in 2014.

More than enough Labour voters turned out to vote, National voters couldn’t be bothered, or busy with Christmas shopping, or simply didn’t see the point.

2014 general election votes: 33,933
2015 Northland by-election: 29,590
2013 Christchurch East by-election: 13,726
2011 Botany by-election: 15,421

So Northland was an exceptional turnout for a by-election.

The Mt Roskill result in 2014:



Today is by-election day in Mt Roskill, although about five thousand people have voted in advance.


Advance votes:

  • Mt Roskill 2014 general election – 7,218
  • Northland 2015 by-election – 13,869
  • Mt Roskill 2016 by-election – 4,969

By-elections generally have much lower turnouts but that’s significantly less.

I think that we are not supposed to discuss aspects of the election, the candidates or the parties involved on election day although it was fine while early voting took place.

If you are a Mt Roskill voter: Information for voters in Mt Roskill
– includes polling place locations.

Please don’t comment on here until after voting closes at 7 pm.

Results should become available some time after that and unless it’s close a final election night result should be known by 10 pm.

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  1. lurcher1948

     /  3rd December 2016

    Go NZ vote hard or go home……

  2. Vote counting time. I can’t find any news site that has a live blog on results, I guess they will start popping up in a while.

  3. duperez

     /  3rd December 2016

    Posted at 8.00pm
    If the so called quality of his candidate matched the number of votes he intimated she deserved, David Farrar would be all over the by-election live, results booth by booth .

    He will use the John Key approach, “We didn’t expect to win” etc., etc. “The high quality of our candidate and a very good campaign show the difficulty of the task,” etc., etc.

    • PDB

       /  3rd December 2016

      Well National winning this seat would be a story worth following as that would be a rare thing in a by-election (as history proves), but considering its always been a safe Labour seat since inception it isn’t much of a story.

      Of more interest will be the election next year to see if Wood can turn around a losing party vote in the electorate which was a huge embarrassment for a long-term Labourite in Goff.

      Also of note is the very poor vote the people’s party look to have achieved.

  4. Klik Bate

     /  3rd December 2016

    Looks like most of Roshan Nauhria’s votes would have been from family.

  5. PDB

     /  3rd December 2016

    Andrew Little will be disappointed in the result………….on current polling he could use a few less electorate seats to better secure his place in parliament from the list.

  6. artcroft

     /  3rd December 2016

    A good win for Labour. They closed it off with a decent margin.

    • That had to win it and did everything they could to ensure they did.

      National put in a lacklustre effort and got the result they deserved.

  7. duperez

     /  3rd December 2016

    The result is of virtually no significance or relevance to the general election. Probably the main impact will be that by the time the election rolls around Wood will be an ensconced MP.

    My previous point is that Farrar placed a pathetic plaintiff piece about Parmjeet Parmar and dissing Wood. Christmas shopping, irrelevance of a by-election or not, one could have expected more to support such a marvellous candidate.

  8. ‏@nealejones

    Mt Roskill campaign in numbers:
    900 volunteers
    30k doors knocked
    11k phone calls
    95k pieces of direct mail
    Avg donation $30

    Labour people power for sure. But not an uprising of the people.


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