‘Rumours’ about Key

As soon as John Key announced his retirement ‘rumours’ (or deliberate fake news attempts) started to do the rounds.

There were claims that Key resigned just before a book that was ‘very critical’ of him was published, he’d had an affair, he was fleeing a huge earthquake that was about to happen, Key was leaving to take up a job at the head of the IMF. At one stage Key was asked about these claims and he denied them.

The Spinoff listed Theories on why John Key resigned, ranked in order of stupidity:

7. There is going to be a huge earthquake on December 13 and John Key is fleeing

6. John Key had an affair with *insert name of anyone he has ever met here*

5. “Hidden economic reasons” (that only Winston Peters had foreseen)

4. Key was scared of a book AKA The Bomber Theorem

3. John Key wanted to spend more time with family

2. He wanted to spend more time with anyone except the MPs of the National Party

1. He wanted to make way for Prime Minister Valerie Adams

He said he really did want to spend more time with his family. No evidence has supported the rest so appear to be bunkum.

I saw another rumour variation yesterday – that the issue of North and South due out had a damaging article about Key. That has been debunked (by a strong Key critic):

The ‘big, secret story’ in North and South tomorrow is about Scott Watson, not about John Key being a shady bitch

Even though he is stepping down now the Key clobbering machine keeps swinging – and missing, except perhaps where stupid jokes are believed and get social media traction.

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  1. Kitty Catkin

     /  11th December 2016

    ‘Enter rumour, painted full of tongues.’

  2. Blazer

     /  11th December 2016

    ‘spend more time with his family’…sounds like benign b/s.His kids are grown up,he takes many breaks with Bronagh.He has had 8 very demanding years all the same and its good to see the back of him for any reason.

  3. Pickled Possum

     /  11th December 2016

    A Change is Gonna Come oh Yes it will … with or without JK

  4. Corky

     /  11th December 2016

    The feral Left can’t leave it alone. Beaten by Key over three elections they have nothing left to throw except dirty innuendo. Lets hope the voters remember. Funny thing though. I saw a clip of Key on his last offical engagement. He was addressing a group of workers. These workers whom the Left say ‘hate him’ had their cameras out filming him and smiling.

    • Blazer

       /  11th December 2016

      Key has ‘star quality’ Corky….rubber Billy ..does not….thats the ..good news.

    • Gezza

       /  11th December 2016

      So patu, the folks on the shop floor, who are they voting for at the next general election. Have they said ?

    • Gezza

       /  11th December 2016

      That’s about the level of depth of political analysis one gets from Katie Bradford.

  5. Its perfectly really.

    Key has thrashed them soundly 3 times at the polls and it showed no sign of stopping.

    Williams tried the H Fee gambit – failed. The Greens tried various ploys: pony tail gate, Malayasian Diplomat etc etc… all failed.

    Labour tried all sort of crisis talk and it failed.

    Now all these pathetic little smear attempts based on zilch

    Now after beating and defying them for over a decade, after being constantly framed as a lightweight and useless by the Left but still rising up and delivering – Key exacts the final victory by walking away without his opponents being able to beat him or force him out.

    Oh how it must stick in the craws of nasty Left – no chance for any revenge and their are left humiliated.

    Just perfect

    • Blazer

       /  11th December 2016

      except history will judge Key as a superficialpretender with no legacy worth mentioning.He is yesterdays news,today and tomorrow,upward and onward without this invented, popularised sound bite.Natz in trouble ,English is dour and a loser,Bubbles is over rated and will be found out.Let the goodtimes..roll.

      • PDB

         /  11th December 2016

        ….and Andrew Little is still just tired old ‘angry’ Andrew Little……..where’s your knight in shining armour when you need him?

        Instead you just have a donkey who acts like an ass.

  6. Blazer

     /  12th December 2016

    @Al,Gezza and panter….yes I watched the BNZ banker supporting his corner ,using the word complex’ frequently.He is full of it.The survey stands alone despite vested interests trying to downplay the obvious factors.Record profits for the banks,RE agencies,great biz for media re advertising,mortgage brokers…..but the end of the kiwi dream for NZ’ers.

    • Gezza

       /  12th December 2016

      Yes, Interesting that he states that he agrees with “those in the industry” who state that the problem really is one of supply, as the government maintains, without being asked to define who “the industry” is made up of. Also that overseas lenders will be less keen to lend at low rates because our debt level is too high, and interest rates will now start to climb again.
      So, is this the key policy for Labour to focus on – or jobs, jobs, jobs, do you think?

  7. Blazer

     /  12th December 2016

    by diverting investment into productive enterprises,jobs are created.Property ponzi is lucrative for the banks and a few others but is not an efficient use of capital.The property issue is NOT complex or about supply.The remedy is quite clear.

  8. Kevin

     /  12th December 2016

    Has Bradbury provided any evidence of this “book”. Any at all? Nope, didn’t think so.

  9. Blazer

     /  12th December 2016

    John Keys reason for resigning is a commonly used and not very convincing.I see the recommendations of the Shewan report have still not been implemented.My guess is that the Panama papers detail or some other conflict of interest with his finances will surface ,sooner rather than..later.Key allowed NZ to become a money laundering centre and tax haven.

    • Klik Bate

       /  12th December 2016

      It was rumored yesterday that ‘North & South’ magazine are about to release a story that had been originally embargoed until late January….although haven’t heard anything since?

    • I’m inclined to agree with you Blazer …

      Despite how useless we’re constantly told they are, our investigative journo community is hunting down reasons and ‘something’ will emerge …

    • PDB

       /  12th December 2016

      Even after he’s gone the obsessive Left-wing are still trying to find dirt on John Key…………the comments above are pretty sad really – over a decade of looking for dirt to no avail.

      The guy should be commended for moving on once the fire in the belly had gone, no doubt family concerns and the fact many of his International leader friends had gone/are finishing up helped make the decision all the more easier. Successful teams change when things are good and continue to challenge themselves and evolve – Labour leadership changes when in the shit & even then doesn’t evolve at all and instead becomes stagnant.

      I believe North & South have come out saying their ‘big’ story is actually related to Scott Watson, not Key.

      • Gezza

         /  12th December 2016

        Martyn’s the man to watch. Bomber’s on the job. He’s not often wrong. 🙄

  10. First, maybe there are “reasons” [plural] for his resignation? Family may be one …?

    But Key is also ‘the keeper’ of a number of National promises, notably not to raise the retirement age … So perhaps this policy can change now?

    National are the keepers of New Zealand’s oldest and most sacred promise on behalf of ‘wealth & power’ … not to tax people on the capital gain income they make from unadulterated property speculation, the “value increase” of which is largely provided by the community … So this policy is unlikely to change anytime in the foreseeable future.

    Funny really … The way to maintain political power in Aotearoa New Zealand is simply NOT to tax people fairly and equitably …


    • Pickled Possum

       /  12th December 2016

      Morena e hoa hope you all good, over where you are, where ever that it.
      We are told ad nauseam and somewhat force fed by friendly Key media that he is the most Popular Preferred Prime Minister in all of the Land.
      Butt according to my friend Frank he isn’t, who would have thought eh.

      According to polls John Key as preferred PM
      Oct-Nov 2008 36.7%
      Oct 2009 being his best at 55.8%
      August 2016 36.7%. back where he started

      tho’ the National Party most recent poll has them still polling high
      Roy Morgan: 49.5%
      Colmar Brunton: 50%
      Reid Research: 45.1%
      “National has been consistently out-polling it’s own supposedly “popular” Prime Minister.”
      Get back to me on this with your super political intuitive mind. 😉
      Raining cold then sunny hot weather all in a space of 1 hour … just can’t make up it’s mind what it wants to do here.
      Just like the 41.9% of people polled in August who didn’t know which guy to vote for or said Some one Else rather than JK.

      • PDB

         /  12th December 2016

        You haven’t really thought this through PP………..

        Look at Andrew Little single-digit ratings and he polls about a third of what Labour polls at any given time. Winston often polls over NZL First’s polling whilst the Greens leadership (even when their ratings are joined together) poll well under the Green’s polling. The large % of ‘don’t knows’ or ‘don’t care/don’t have a preference’ affect the results of all parties.

        At the end of the day for a late 3rd term PM to be polling at around 37% as most preferred PM whilst the next best is in single digits is unheard of & unprecedented in this country.

      • Kia ora Possum taku hoa. Same sort of very changeable weather over here today …

        It will certainly be fascinating to see what transpires between now and the election without John Key. What are English and Bennett’s popularity ratings by comparison?

        And what, if anything, arises because of John Key, with regard to why he left … assuming there is more to it (which I think its safe to assume where politics are concerned)

        To my mind Key’s legacy is one of massive political capital underspent both ‘positively’ and negatively … like investing “a quid each way” … National are playing the game of ‘staying in power’ more than anything else … hence no “courageous and necessary” reforms … the great weakness of our present form of democracy regardless of which ‘side’ you are on.

        What it will take to elect a government capable of making the reforms that are truly essential and brave is anyone’s guess … In deference to friend Zedd below, cannabis law reform is but one of an enormous raft of things …

        What’s needed is a ‘raft’ (metaphorically) the equivalent of the massive seagoing outrigger waka – some 100ft long or more – which brought Polynesian immigrants to Aotearoa at speeds [and with navigation skills] Captain Cook would have envied 6 or 7 centuries later …

  11. Zedd

     /  12th December 2016

    ..OR does he just fear LOSING in 2017, along with other natz, also looking for the door !

  12. Come on team, we can do better than this. We need objective analysis backed by pragmatic assessment of the facts. Chief amongst that is where we will stand over the next ten years in terms of wealth. If the countries expectations for income is $X. Then our outgoings, supply needs to be limited to $X plus new income creation, plus dividends from investments. To get total supply to grow we need to be regarded a trusty, good payers for Government debt and for our Private debt which is out of control. What are the real priority areas for growth in NZ?

    • Less reliance on growth …? Particularly if it’s unsustainable …

      Perhaps start with the question: Why is private debt out of control?

      • Alan Wilkinson

         /  12th December 2016

        First question: Is it and how would you know?

        Second question: What are the incentives to save rather than spend?

        • Blazer

           /  12th December 2016

          there are NO real incentives to…save.

          • PDB

             /  13th December 2016

            Well not if Gareth ‘tax all assets including the kitchen sink’ Morgan has his way……