A curious tweet

A curious tweet yesterday.

I wonder what provoked this.

I don’t spin for anyone, I post information and allow people to comment.

I have reported on past Ben Rachinger communications here to put them on record and allow discussion.

Rachinger has commented here from time to time – this is a fairly open forum that allows that (although I have deleted some of his comments for legal prudence reasons).

Like anyone else Kemara is also free to comment here, if he follows the guidelines of minimising personal attacks and legal risks.

Perhaps he might be able to explain his tweet.

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  1. Kevin

     /  13th December 2016

    Well obviously he doesn’t like Ben.

    • Klik Bate

       /  13th December 2016

      Looks like someone else may not like Ben either 😎

      • PDB

         /  13th December 2016

        To be fair Ben was a braver man than I in having ‘liaison’s’ with Jessica Williams……awful woman.

      • MaureenW

         /  13th December 2016

        Entirely agree with the first tweet about cutting off the oxygen.
        For what its worth the entire Dirty Politics story and it’s cast of loony characters all need their oxygen cut, they’re no longer newsworthy imo.

  2. Anonymous Coward

     /  13th December 2016

    And maybe it’s possible that Rachinger has a habit of trying to spin things. And maybe he used TV3 for that in the past. And maybe it’s been noted that Yournz is the only site that is not only sympathetic to Rachinger but allows him a voice.
    It’s not very hard to parse.

    [‘It’s been noted’? Or just asserted by you. Yes he has been allowed to comment here. So have you, and that doesn’t make me sympathetic to you. Rachinger has chosen to comment here while abiding by site rules, he could comment elsewhere as well for all you or I know – I think he has used twitter quite a bit at times.

    You seem to have a bit of a thing about him being able to do just what you are able to do here. PG]


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