‘Maxwell’ versus Rachinger

A comment appeared here in the middle of the night which, due to some unsubstantiated claims and some familiar flags hasn’t been released from moderation, but it raises some points about Ben Rachinger that I don’t think should be suppressed.

‘Maxwell’ wrote:

This kid is still wasting everyone’s time with his delusional thoughts of grandeur – he’s tweeted/deleted too many lies, befriended/backstabbed too many people, been caught in his own lies way too many times…

The court action isn’t Rachinger’s choice, Slater made the complaint to police that led to yesterday’s court appearance and guilty plea – which avoids a five day trial.

This may have had some validity a year or two ago, they are certainly common criticisms of Rachinger from certain people in the past – but dredging them up when there is no sign of any of this now seems irrelevant and petty – or targeting something.

Yet, in the face of all this – he’s continued to the bitter end, and, yet again, like clockwork, instead of delivering another much promised ground-breaking revelation (he claimed for months he will reveal a bombshell at trial) – we get another whimper of another failed Rachinger fantasy – Guilty…….after all this crap fighting the system & getting compensation – in his own twitter words; “You will never understand the meaning and importance of freedom until you are fighting to keep it.” – https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0833a8faf3ac607b4f104877c596275baa812bbe83cf9368f360af69f5c00f61.png

Some contradictions there, not the least being the reference to bitter.

And as much as .Maxwell’ may like, this isn’t the end of it. That may be why the attempts to discredit continue, but that may reflect more on the attacker than the target.

Speaking of twitter…

Unsubtantiated claims deleted.

His LinkedIn profile..

Pointless attack.

Ben Rachinger is a pretender, a fake, [deleted], a nobody trying to be somebody – his biggest achievement is nothing.

So why all this attention? If he had done nothing nobody would care – or comment.

Rachinger has exposed Slater further, hence the ongoing attacks at Whale Oil.

There might be one or two others worried about exposure. Why else would he not be ignored?

No meaningful contribution to humanity, just a waste of time & hate to go with the name Ben Rachinger – will he finally understand?

Rachinger made things difficult for himself, but ‘Maxwell’ seems to be more in the ‘waste of time’ and hate camp here (hate is something I haven’t seen expressed by Rachinger).

I don’t think so, my comment will fall on his deaf ears.

Seems to be an attacking and threatening sort of comment ‘Maxwell’, trying to discredit Rachinger and is if you’re trying to warn him off. Off what?

Given the degree of Maxwell’s bitterness this doesn’t look like the end.

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  1. Corky

     /  13th December 2016

    Maxwell, not smart?

  2. Pete Kane

     /  13th December 2016

    Sorry if I’ve missed this – has ‘Maxwell’ commented on this issue prior to ‘the middle of last night? (And the question is not designed to suggest a lack of validity in all aspects of the points he/she makes, but to clarify if this is a new (very) contribution to the subject.)

  3. Anonymous Coward

     /  13th December 2016

    You’re analysis of that is somewhat off the mark.
    “The court action isn’t Rachinger’s choice……” That passage is a fairly accurate rundown of Rachinger and what he does, it say’s nothing about court. It’s about his character.

    “Some contradictions there, not the least being the reference to bitter.” You must have a different dictionary than the rest of us, how is that a contradiction. Was the bitter end actually sweet?

    “So why all this attention?” Maybe because you’ve done 4 posts on it in less than 24 hours.

    “Rachinger has exposed Slater further, hence the ongoing attacks at Whale Oil.”
    Actually he’s done the opposite. By pleading guilty he’s avoided having to outline his side of things coherently in public. He’s not only avoided exposing Slater more, he’s avoided the possibility of exposing himself. Which is more likely, as cross examination would have been embarrassing for him. He’s also allowed Slater to avoid getting in the dock to give evidence.

    [I presume there are sound legal reasons for pleading guilty. That doesn’t rule out outlining things and trying to expose Slater and others later. PG]

    It’s painfully obvious who you think maxwell is, it’s not very clear how you came to your conclusions from what they wrote.+

    [You’re painfully wrong, I don’t know who Maxwell is. PG]

  4. Reads very suspiciously like contributions over the whale

  5. PDB

     /  13th December 2016

    I find it amusing why Ben is so loathed in some quarters considering he was just a young guy that did some really dumb shit. Of course Slater is mad because he was duped into believing his bull but really, who gives a toss what Ben thinks or says?

    Some people need to get a grip.

  6. PDB. I don’t see Ben as any sort of a “young guy that did some really dumb shit’. It doesn’t mean I don’t admire his chutzpah, but he’s no innocent.

    • PDB

       /  13th December 2016

      He was immature and egotistical…………hardly a reason to hang, draw and quarter the guy.

      The guy is hardly worth discussing, so I won’t.

  7. Thanks PDB for not adding any further comment as we need to wait for the next chapter. Hopefully it will the closing of one door and the opening of another for Ben who needs, and probably deserves, a fair go. Ben has confirmed to me my assessment of who “Rawshark” actually is, and that may be factor in some of the hate speech that I deplore. Time will tell.


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