Green MPs standing down

The Green Party has added to the retiring MP announcements. Stephan Browning and Catherine Delahunty will remain as MPs until next year’s general election but won’t seek re-election.

Delahunty is currently ranked fifth and Browning twelfth amongst Green MPs.

I doubt that many voters will miss them, they haven’t had big profiles.

This will give the party a chance to refresh a bit more – they have already had two replacement MPs during this term with Russel Norman and Kevin Hague retiring.

Catherine Delahunty in Parliament recently:

Green Party PR:

“I’m very proud of my eight years as a Green Party MP, and the many, many years I spent before that as an activist fighting for women, our environment, and the rights of tangata whenua,” said Ms Delahunty, who holds the water, education and te Tiriti o Waitangi portfolios.

“It has been an honour to represent the Green Party and our supporters in Parliament.

“I feel particularly proud of the work I’ve done around building a quality, more inclusive public education system, leading our Party’s nationwide campaign for swimmable rivers, speaking up for the people of West Papua, and working for a national register of contaminated toxic sites.

“I intend on spending the coming months campaigning hard on these issues, which I know many thousands of New Zealanders care deeply about.

“After that, I am looking forward to continuing my lifelong commitment to activism and community building, as well as spending more time writing and being with my family,” said Ms Delahunty.

Stephan Browning recently in Parliament:

Green Party PR:

Mr Browning, who was elected to Parliament in 2011 and holds the pesticides, organics and food safety portfolios, among others, says he is pleased to have played his part in advocating for change.

“Holding the organics portfolio has meant that I’ve been working alongside some of the most innovative New Zealanders, who are creating a more sustainable future for our country, today,” said Mr Browning.

“Another personal highlight was my Spray Free Streets and Parks campaign. It’s really struck a chord with communities around the country who want a pesticide-free future for their kids.

“I’m also thrilled that just last week my Consumers Right to Know Member’s Bill was pulled from the ballot. New Zealanders should have the right to know where their food is from and how it’s produced – and, if it passes, it’ll be great for our local growers and suppliers too.

“I’ll be continuing to work hard on those kinds of issues, and more, after I finish up my time as an MP,” said Mr Browning.

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  1. PDB

     /  16th December 2016

    The country could save some money by not replacing them and no one would know the difference.

    • PDB

       /  16th December 2016

      Blazer: “it makes you wonder why Green Party members are subjected to such ridicule”.

      I have no idea?? – take the retiring Stephan Browning for instance………

      NZ Herald: “Green MP Steffan Browning has been stripped of one of his portfolios after he suggested homeopathy could be trialled for curing Ebola”

      • Blazer

         /  16th December 2016

        a suggestion only not taken up.I’m sure you prefer robotic yes men,like Bubbles,and so many other Natz M.P

  2. Blazer

     /  16th December 2016

    it makes you wonder why Green Party members are subjected to such ridicule.Is wanting to preserve the environment for future generations such a crime,just because it gets in the way of corporate profits and multi national vandalism ?
    As for’ missing’ M.P’s….McCully ,Lotu-liga,Key,Shearer,and co…who will really miss them!

    • PDB

       /  16th December 2016

      Green MPs have gone so far from their environmental roots that I personally know of many ‘greenies’ that would never vote for them. Nowadays the Greens are basically extreme left-wing Labour in drag.

      Greenpeace is a classic example of an organization that started out with honourable intention but in short time where taken over by disaffected socialists who were needing a vehicle to jump onto once communism fell over.

    • Alan Wilkinson

       /  16th December 2016

      Because the Greens have broadened the issues about which they know nothing from the environment to economics.

  3. Blazer

     /  16th December 2016

    you will always have disaffected anecdotes.Video was interesting,but lost me on the ‘Golden Rice …potential’!

  4. n grey

     /  16th December 2016

    I maintain the first requirement for any PUBLIC OFFICE, especially as an MP, is common sense. Delahunty failed dismally on this right from the start and throughout her time in Parliament. She stood for the East Coast 3 times with an insignificant result, and still seems unaware of why voters found no reason to vote for her. After these dismal failures to stimulate any voter interest in 3 elections, her illogical and strange reasoning about every topic you could name continues and she leaves Parliament proudly claiming to have done some worthwhile things!. She may not realise what an object of derision she was and still is. Her future plans seem like further illogical stupidity after leaving Parliament.
    I just hope my taxes are not paying for any of it any more. [I don’t doubt that the Green party will have a secret celebration hearing the news of her resignation from Parliament.]


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