McCully standing down

Earlier this year Murray McCully announced that he would not seek re-election in the East Coast Bays electorate.  Yesterday he announced that he would not seek re-election on the list either, but will remain until next year’s election.

McCully first stood for Auckland Central in 1975 and was narrowly defeated by Richard Prebble. He stood in 1984 in East Coast Bays and was defeated by Gary Knapp, but came back to defeat Knapp in 1987.

He has been influential in the National Cabinet. His exit will help Bill English name a bit of a changed line-up on Sunday if McCully drops out of Cabinet.

Presuming Brownlee doesn’t also step down the only certainties in the new Cabinet are:

  1. Bill English – Prime Minister
  2. Paula Bennett – Deputy Prime Minister
  3. Gerry Brownlee (still listed as Leader of the House)
  4. Steven Joyce – Minister of Finance

And so far we know of these MPs who won’t stand in the next election so could be left out of the next Cabinet:

  • John Key (was 1)
  • Hekia Parata (currently 9)
  • Murray McCully (currently 12, Minister of Foreign Affairs)
  • Peseta Sam Loti-Iiga (currently 18)
  • Craig Foss (currently 20, Minister outside Cabinet)

So far three back bench National MPs have indicated they won’t stand again – Maurice Williamson, Lindsay Tisch and first term MP Jono Naylor.

Two other current MPs face challenges for nomination in their electorates, Paul Foster-Bell in Wellington Central and Todd Barclay in Clutha-Southland – neither are likely to be considered for Cabinet anyway.

McCully recently in Parliament speaking about his controversial Saudi sheep deal:

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  1. Matthew Hooton has been very vocal about English and his Cabinet, but has changed his mind through the week.

    Matthew Hooton ‏@MatthewHootonNZ

    Re McCully: I am starting to think Mike Hosking & I may owe @pmbillenglish an apology on @NewstalkZB on Monday morning. Hope so!</blockquote.

  2. Klik Bate

     /  16th December 2016

  3. Blazer

     /  16th December 2016

    McgillyCully….the Natz ,Jonathan Hunt=gravytrainer.

  4. Missy

     /  16th December 2016

    Lots of happy MFATers around today I bet! My understanding is he wasn’t a popular Minister.

  5. Blazer

     /  16th December 2016

    Hooten on McCully-‘ if he could find a way to run a sausage sizzle for local hospice corruptly he would do so’…..what a legacy Murray will leave.Foreign Affairs to Coleman= the payoff for pretending to stand for P.M.

  6. duperez

     /  16th December 2016

    Whose name will be on the nomination form for whichever one of the Honours McCully will be put up for? Won’t be a Knighthood, that will be for his boss.

    • I think New Year honours are too soon for any of the recent exiters. It takes a while to go through the process.

      • duperez

         /  16th December 2016

        I realise that. I am expecting an Unhappy New Year 2018 list or Queen’s Birthday 2018.


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