Coleman, McCully, Collins and Smith

Prior to the Ministerial reshuffle there was particular interest in what might happen to Murray McCully, who is retiring next year, Nick Smith, who is considered a friend of Bill English and who has struggled dealing with housing in Auckland, And Jonathan Coleman and Judith Collins who challenged English for the leadership.

McCully has kept his Foreign Affairs portfolio to help with transition but will be replaced on May 1. English said:

“I am keen for Murray to stay on for this transitional period to ensure I have the benefit of his vast experience on the wide range of issues that affect New Zealand’s vital interests overseas.”

Jonathan Coleman has slipped down the order from 5 to 7 (to accommodate a promotion for Simon Bridges) but retains his Health and Sport and Recreation portfolios. He had indicated an interest in Foreign Affairs.

English could take over Foreign Affairs when McCully goes, or could give it to Coleman.

Michael Woodhouse has jumped up from 16 to 9 but doesn’t have heavy duty portfolios (he kept Immigration and Workplace Relations and Safety, but had Revenue swapped for ACC), so could pick up Health, a field he has experience in.

Collins has dropped from 13 to 16 and has lost Police and Corrections, picking up Revenue,
Energy and Resources  and Minister for Ethnic Communities.

There is some irony in the latter portfolio, probably not deliberate of English, after a post by Collins promoter and fan Cameron Slater yesterday:

But bizarrely, Little made Michael Wood, the bland white man that parking meters are taller than, the ethnic communities spokesman. Imagine if National had Todd McClay, a man who is whiter than white appointed as Ethnic Communities Minister because he has some brown people in his electorate. That is precisely what Labour have done and there is not even a mention, nor a mutter, nor a murmur about it from the usual outraged suspects. Total silence.

I guess from this that Slater didn’t have advance notice of the appointment of Collins to the Ethnic Communities portfolio.

Wood also has responsibility for Revenue for Labour. He could find Collins tough to deal with.

Media and pundit knives were out for Nick Smith as he hasn’t exactly had a stellar year, struggling to deal with Housing and stuffing up liaison with Maori on both housing issues and the Kermadec sanctuary.

Smith has slipped down the pecking order from 11 to 15, which is a significant drop. But he retains Environment, and Building and Housing has morphed into Building and Construction. What’s the difference between Building and Construction?

Social Housing is a separate ministry, and has been transferred from Paula Bennett to Amy Adams.

Perhaps adding to leadership rivalry, Bennett has taken over Police from Collins.

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  1. Mc Cully is best as Minister in the short term while a successor gets to learn the ropes of a critical portfolio for NZ’s material worth, including learning about what is possible and practicable in global trade. Something Mc Cully knows about. Who in LabGree could compete? This Cabinet shows a determination to work from a sound foundation while bringing on the younger generation after they have served their apprenticeship. Our present status has been achieved by a conservative steady as it goes course. The last thing we need is radical change.

    • I agree. Media and some pundits and some activists with agendas have pushed for radical change but that would be bad government. Tweaks and refinements should be the norm.

    • Blazer

       /  19th December 2016

      whats Murray done in his tenure apart from constant calls to ”show restraint’…..and sheepgate’ …of course?

      • Have a think about the effect he is having on the Israel-Palestinian conundrum. Plus the change he wrought to MFAT’s culture with the
        introduction of commercial and business experience to leaven the undoubted diplomatic skills of the professional diplomats?

    • Imagine Kennedy Graham in the role for a Lab Green coalition….

      He has the background….

      But my god he could drone for the Galaxy in a universe wide competition and have a good chance of winning!!! Methinks a Vogon would quail in face of his share monotony….

      Here is a sample – if you dare face the drone of Kennedy Gollan Montrose Graham… and check out the classic Green patented “little sigh” when a Minister bats away their question…


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